beauty products that aren't worth the hype with - PART I

Jul 3, 2017
My space has been really quiet and I am sorry that when I finally decided to write, my dear readers have to hear my nagging but I promise, I am going to share something many of you would love to read about.

I am sure you have a list of products that everyone else tells you they are holy grail and you simply must try! But for various reasons, they just don't live up to their grand claims.

Here's my own list of much-raved-about beauty products which I've tried, not because I think they work wonders, but because everyone else on the internet (especially those beauty bloggers or vloggers) is talking about them, unfortunately, they just don't live up to the hype, in my personal opinion.

Anessa whitening essence facial UV sunscreen aqua booster SPF50+ PA++++
Many of my girl friends purchased this from Japan, and I got super excited when I found out the local Waston's stores actually carry this product, as it is probably the most popular sun screen in the market.
It has a refreshing light scent which I totally love, the texture is quite moisturizing and not too thick nor sticky. So I was pretty impressed initially, till I layered on my usual makeup base, and bb cushion or foundation cushion, it starts to cake up and ball up and it almost feels like I was playing with my boys' Plasticine and accidentally dabbed some on to my face. I thought it could be caused by those products I layered on after the sunscreen, so I tried with different combinations, for example to use only the makeup base instead of both the base and the cushion, or to skip the makeup base completely and using foundation directly after the sunscreen. In fact, I even changed different products but nope, nothing really works with this sunscreen and I just have to use it alone. It went straight into my dustbin before I could finish half of the tube. I don't think it happens to everyone but I am very certain I am not the only one, because I have a friend who is facing the exact same problem as I do!
A better alternative? Check out the Innisfree perfect UV protection cream long lasting for dry skin SPF50 PA+, it's cheap and good!

Sofina Primavista Ange Long Keep Base UV c
I am not sure if we can find this brand in Singapore, it's so famous that indeed I've heard about it since almost 20 years ago, nope I am not kidding!

But I only got to try it when my girlfriend bought me the Taiwan version when she's there for holiday. It's a lot cheaper than the original Japanese version. The packaging looks almost the same except for the color of the bottle, and the added word "ANGE". The Taiwan version is pink in color and rather dry in texture, where the Japanese one is ivory and more moisturizing. I am not impressed by the Taiwan version of the base, as it makes my skin looks rather dull and greyish. By the way I learned from a Korean beauty show that pinkish undertone makeup might turn grey in color on certain skin tone. Guess that's what's happening to me when I use this base. After removing it, my skin isn't really smooth which is a big no no to me when it comes to picking a good makeup base.
A better alternative? Just get the Japanese version, it's more expensive for a good reason apparently.

Dr Jart+ V7 Vitalaser 2.1
This ointment look-alike tube is highly concentrated to convey the ingredients that performs whitening, tone improving, moisturizing, elasticity care efficiently. 7 kinds of vitamins, A, B3, B5, C, E, F and H, are capsulated using nano liposome technology for safer delivery of nutrition. Sounds too good to be true right?! So trust me readers, next time if you get to hear about a product which delivers many skin care benefits, skip it if it's costing less than 200 dollars. I am serious, how is that possible that such a cheap product can promise you so many things at one go, when other reputable brands are selling a basic moisturizer for 100 bucks and a normal whitening serum for 250 bucks?! When I said cheap, it's because I got it from Korean at 35 SGD, in Singapore it's retailing at about 70+ in Sephora, if I am not wrong. I won't call that cheap if I were to purchase it in Singapore.
I have no idea what this products has done to my skin, I totally didn't see any visible effect, and upon application, it gives my skin a slight sheen, but not in a positive way. Because it somehow makes my skin looks yellowish, I know this doesn't sound right but I feel almost like I just apply a layer of glue on my face. 
A better alternative? Well, you need not just one, but a few products to achieve the result of what was being promised by this product so please read positive reviews of other products, especially serums on my blog. 

MKUP Real Complexion cream 
If you have not heard of this crazily raved product, or seen the magical videos of how it changes any dull and horrible complexion into a flawless looking one in mere 3 minutes, then you probably are not a big fan of beauty industry. Yes this cream is just THAT POPULAR!!
MKUP boasts of this cream as the products ladies need, for EVERYTHING! Yes they claim that it's a skincare + makeup product. For 30+ dollars you get all you need for your skincare/makeup regime? Day and Night? You kidding me?!!!!!!!!

Okay so I am trying not to be bias or set any high expectations here, instead, I decided to just use it as a normal makeup base, I have friends who find it amazing, they said their skin is much brighter and glowing after adding this cream before their daily makeup routine. Well I must say if you have a flawless skin to begin with, maybe it's a true statement but most of us don't. So it doesn't cover all those blemish, dark eye rings, pigmentation, acne scar etc. I won't even say it helps in evening out skin tone. All it does is to make my skin look a little rosy. And the biggest concern I have about this cream, is that potentially it might clog pores, I am not good with ingredients but just by looking and feeling about the texture of the product, I can roughly tell it's going to be the case.
A better alternative? I honestly cannot find a better option with such kind of price Christian Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin is a product with similar benefit as MKUP real complexion cream, but it costs 5x the price. I didn't purchase it but I tested it out at their counter. Again all I can say is  this kind of product isn't too bad for those with flawless skin, otherwise, don't fall for such a trap. 

Stay tuned for my post on PART II please... I have more to share rant!!