introducing a new Aesthetic Clinic - The Urban Clinic

Sep 1, 2016
At first blush, the Aesthetic industry could be thought to cater only to glamorous celebrities in the spotlight. Visiting an aesthetic doctor for skin treatment wasn't something on my wishlist till a year ago, when my skin condition got really bad after using products from IDS clinic. And I got to know Dr Yanni Xu at DRx clinic, who fixed my major skin problems a year ago. And now I do have to admit, once we hit certain age, for me that's probably 35, or maybe even 32 (just that I was busy with kids and didn't really realize that), our skincare products do not work wonders and we need non-invasive or even invasive treatments to turn back the clock!

This week, Dr Yanni's new clinic, The Urban Clinic has officially opened at City Hall area. I am so delighted to become her customer once again.

The Urban Clinic has a fantastic location which is extremely convenient for me. It's just 2 train stations away from my office, so I can easily pop by for those 30 minutes quick fix during my lunch break.

If you are a frequent visitor to local aesthetic clinics, The Urban Clinic will give you a very different feel, as you won't see consultants walking around in white uniforms, or white backdrops at reception area. The interior is a lot more chic, yet very cozy and comfortable.

To me, the most important thing about choosing your right aesthetic clinic, is to find the right doctor who knows how to give you best advice based on your need. And Dr Yanni is definitely one of them. Like I mentioned in my previous post on my experience with her at DRx clinic a year ago, she is extremely patient with her clients and she listens so well! I can't tell you how important it is to have a skin doctor who listens to his/her client!!!

You might find your frown lines annoying but your doctor might think you need to have those freckles on your cheek treated immediately.  But at the end of the day, what if you have a clear cheek that is freckle free but your lines are still bothering you?!

That's exactly why I love Dr Yanni so much! She can easily point out all my skin problems based on her professionalism but instead, she asked me what is my number 1 concern about my skin. And based on my needs, she recommended 2 treatments which I managed to do within 3 hours in one afternoon.

BTL Exilis Elite - for my saggy skin, to target on jowls, forehead lines, heavy double eyelids, double chin

How it feels?
It feels like a hot stone massage. The targeted areas are usually jowls, eyes, forehead and neck. The aesthetican will run the applicator multiple times on the targeted area in certain standard motions, and moves on to the next targeted area once one area is fully treated. It can get a little bit too hot around certain part of your skin such as jaw bone, eyebrow area. The heat is bearable and you can let the aesthetician know if you find it painful, she can lower down the degree but rest assure that it still delivers the same great result. No numb cream is required for this treatment.

How it works?
It's using  radio frequency to stimulate collagen at deeper layer of our skin. It's recommended to take 2x 1 hour sessions 1 week apart for optimum result. Thereafter, a 30 minutes maintenance treatment can be done as and when you feel the need. This is a different treatment compared to the famous Thermage treatment, I can't really compare the 2 as I've never tried thermage before. All I know is that Thermage is a lot more expensive and the treatment is rather painful even with numb cream. So personally I am definitely more comfortable with Exilis since they both deliver similar result.

What to note?
Drink plenty of water as all radio frequency treatment will dehydrate your body

What's the cost?
I can only share the price I know for now as I am not sure if there's any other promotion coming up at The Urban Clinic, please note that all price quoted here are excluding 7% GST. 
1x session (1 hour) - SGD$780
2x session (1 hour each) - SGD$1480 (recommended for 1st time customer and the 2 sessions must be done 1 week apart)
1x session (0.5 hour for maintenance) - SGD$390
10x sessions + FREE 2 sessions (0.5 hour each) - SGD$3900

Lasemd - To treat my redness problem. This is what they called Korean baby skin treatment, to improve on skin texture based on individual needs.

How it feels?
It feels like a razor running through your skin so if you were to ask me how painful it is, I would say it's totally painless. Some people might describe it as a mild tingling or prickling sensation.

How it works?
A consultant will cleanse your face and put on a exfoliator from their clinic brand - TUC, which is Dr Yanni's formula, to purify your skin. Then doctor Yanni will come in to perform the actual treatment procedure, which includes a few steps.
- Ampoule incubating, Dr Yanni will open a brand new ampoule to keep the solution as fresh and pure as possible, it is selected by her after consultation. I was given TA ampoule to treat my redness problem, The machine will "spin and stir" the powder and solution in the inserted ampoule which is called "incubating"
- Lasemd procedure, your eyes will be covered and Dr Yanni will use a handpiece to run through your entire face, to create multiple laser microchannels
- Ampoule is applied into the skin along with the laser treatment
What's more? You get to bring home the leftover for self maintenance, but it has to be kept in cool and sheltered place (can be put in fridge, but when you take it out from the fridge, you need to shake it well before applying). Together, a moisturizer is also given to be used at home.

What to note?
Apply sunblock to keep your skin well protected after all laser treatment. Lasemd is like combining a fractional laser + ampoules, so I was told that some patient who's been doing fractional CO2 laser frequently, find Lasemd a much better alternative as it helps with pores just like CO2 laser.

What's the cost?
Please note that all price quoted here are excluding 7% GST. 
5x session (1 hour each) - SGD$1850 (recommended package for optimum result)
1x session (1 hour) - SGD$420
** Opening speical **
1st trial session - SGD$210

P/S: please do take note that price might subject to changes so please do not quote me on that, I'm just sharing what I was told as I know my readers would want to know such information. Please just use it as a guideline.. With my previous experience at IDS and DRx, the price at Urban Clinic is indeed very reasonable, and trust me, you won't want to bargain on things used on your skin... ^_^

As for the result,  here are the photos taken inside the treatment room:

I looked really haggard in the picture on the left, immediately after the 2 treatments, my skin looked rejuvenated and lifted up in the picture on the right.

For the following 3 days I started to notice more and more obvious result on my skin, I'm totally sold and especially for Elixist I must say the uplifting effect is quite remarkable. I was told by Dr Yanni that the result will get more and more obvious in time to come and probably lasts for 6 months to 1 year.  So I will definitely take photos frequently and share more details in the near future.

What I really love about The Urban Clinic, is that the treatment are quick and there's no downtime at all, it's best for us mummies who do not have time for ourselves during the weekends or after work. And Dr Yanni said she's offering treatments that are more affordable for everyone, which is totally true because when I used to visit her at DRx, the packages easily cost over 3k but here at The Urban Clinic, instead of encouraging clients to sign up for full packages, she recommends customized solutions which are way more economical, and if a good one time treatment that costs S$200 - S$400 can give you much better result than skincare products within less than an hour, why not?!! 

Here's detailed information about The Urban Clinic if you would like to find out more:


Contact Info
252, North Bridge Road, #01-15, Raffles City Mall S (179103)  (next to the taxi stand facing Chijmes)
Phone: +65 62540407, +65 62540419