Review: Popular BB Cushions from Korea

Jul 22, 2016
So, it's been a while since I shared review here. This time I decided to be a bit more hardworking and share with my readers about my experience with a few popular Korean brand BB cushion.
Well who doesn't have a BB Cushion, right?!

So yes I'm quite a big fan of BB cushion because I am not a powder person. I prefer my makeup to look natural and dewy with minimum coverage so BB cushion is always my best bet.

Although a lot of you might feel the pictures do not do much justice, I still decided to apply 5 different brands of BB cushion on half of my face (seen in rights side of the photos), on the very same day, under the very same lighting. The left side of my face (in picture) has no make up at all so hopefully it helps you to see the effect of respective BB cushions this way.

I used these 3 products on my skin, a toner, a serum, and a moisturizer. I did not apply sunblock or liquid foundation as I just want to show you all, how my skin looks with the  BB cushion on top of my very basic skincare products.

So do take note that I only applied BB cushion on half of my face, which you can see on the right side of all the photos below.
Etude House
My first ever BB cushion. As you probably can see, I just opened a new refill pack for this review, because I've stopped using this brand for a long time. The coverage is pretty impressive, a big part of it might be because it's a brand new piece. The texture is rather drying for my skin type. Oh yes I have dry and sensitive skin. So my pores and lines are pretty visible after a couple hours. It gives a matt finish so you can't see much radiance on my cheek area, whereas the opposite side of my face with zero makeup, has this natural glow especially around cheek area. Hence I find the "heavy makeup" result is a tad too much for my liking. And I know it's too dry because my skin gets a little itchy and irritated by it after some time. The color is a perfect match for my skin color though. And the price is extremely affordable although I don't even remember how much it is.

Thought I've found the best BB cushion ever when I switched from Etude House to Innisfree. It doesn't oxidize and is pretty long lasting. It's quite hydrating and light weight, which leaves my skin radiant and dewy. But there's almost no coverage at all. You can see the 2 sides of my face looks pretty much the same in this case. And do take note that as their products are made with eco-friendly materials, they are less durable and appealing.

Laneige BB Cushion
I've tried quite a few different brands before I decided to get the Laneige BB cushion in N13 True Beige color. It's moisturizing so the coverage isn't fantastic, but most of the time it works perfectly fine for me when my skin condition isn't at its worst. In fact compared to the opposite side, you can see my redness below nose area was pretty much concealed with Laneige BB cushion. What I love about this product is that it does NOT oxidize! It gives this dewy and bright look and lasts for almost a day. Usually I just need to touch up on my tzone area. And it feels really lightweight, not drying till it makes my lines and pores more obvious, and not too moisturizing till it feels a bit sticky on my skin. In fact if you compare this with the 2 picture above, it does give the skin a more transparent and clear look.


I picked the color with glitters so it turned out a little bit sticky on my face. It doesn't provide any coverage, and the color has a bit of greyish tone. I am not sure if you can tell from this picture but I sure can see that. And based on my experience, that could be caused by wrong color shade or tone. In this case I think the BB cushion is in a rather cool tone but my skin is in a slighter warmer tone, hence the mismatch. I used it as highlighter on Tzone before. So do get other type instead of the Shimmer type as it comes with just one color, and it's a tad too light even for my relatively fair skin.

This is a highly raved brand so I was extremely excited when my friend helped me get it from Korea. The packing is simply gorgeous! Upon first application, I felt my skin looks flawless! It's a little bit sticky and gives a relatively "strong" make up feel, as it provides pretty good coverage and doesn't look completely natural. YOu can see from the picture in fact, especially around my nose area, the coverage is pretty good on the right side of the photo. The stickiness of this BB cushion bothered me quite a bit because same as any other sticky products, it actually dries up my skin eventually after a couple of hours. So I had to give this a miss although I really liked the effect at first. Also, I realized the color I picked, might be slightly darker for my skin, that's why it looks a little dull.

So after trying a few different brands, I found out why even the best raved BB cushion might make your skin looks horrible, because you are not getting the right color!!

Yes the wrong shade of BB cushion makes my skin look patchy, especially after the makeup settles in for hours. And when you choose the exact right shade that suits you the best, it will blend very well into your skin and melt in, that, will even out your skin tone and makes your skin look supple, radiant and natural!

And another tip for you, when you feel the BB cushion is not working miraculously like it used to, it's time to replace the refill then!