Review: My true experience with Victoria Face Lift

Mar 18, 2016
It took me a long time (nearly 4 months) to decide, on sharing my first and definitely the last experience with this facial salon at the newly renovated Whitesands shopping center.

I first got to know about this place through Kiss92. As my family is royal Kiss92 fans, I've been hearing their special offer of this "FREE NON-INVASIVE FACE LIFTING FACIAL" deal. All I need to do is to message my particulars to Kiss92, and true enough, I got a call from a consultant at Victoria Face Lift (Whitesands Branch) and fixed my appointment on a Friday afternoon.

The salon looks pretty gorgeous and I felt very comfortable the moment I stepped in. The service was nice although, I wasn't feeling good when I saw 3 or 4 consultants chit chatting at the reception area. I was then brought into a private room to meet my consultant. She's pretty with beautiful skin, and has this very chatty and bubbly personality. She's friendly yes, but over friendly for my liking. I knew she's going to be pushy the moment she took out a piece of paper and started listing down the steps of my facial.

Okay, so...
Do not ask me about the name of the facial.
Do not ask me about the duration of the facial.
Do not ask me about the machines used.

Basically, I was not told any details about the above, all I knew was, the "FREE" session I got through Kiss92, consists only 4 steps which is the super basic cleanse, extract, tone and moisturize. So, how would you call that a face uplifting facial if the steps are so basic? And guess what, to enjoy their 12 steps signature facial (which is exactly the reason why I was there), I need to top up an additional amount of S$288, and that's still before GST (which I only found out upon making payment)!!! Alright I do not blame Kiss92 for this at all, I am sure they've done their job by informing us "T&C applies", but still, this is the exact reason why I decided to share my own experience now.

Feeling like being placed on a chopping board, I didn't have much time to reconsider before agreeing to the top up amount. The consultant did a scan of my skin and described it as "completely lost elasticity". I've tried out so many different kind of skin analysis before, I know how collagen looks, they should be diamond shaped and although it's true that certain parts of my face, the "diamond" looked rather out of shape, overall it's definitely not as bad as she described. But I guess that's the only way to make me believe in their service, so I am not too bothered.

Then, I was ushered into the facial room, which to my disappointment, is a single room but rather small. The facial itself took around 1 hour+. My consultant is fast but a little rough so I won't say I enjoyed the whole process. And the result? Yes I do see a little bit of lifting result when she compared my before and after photos on her machine. But, the photos are my bare face photos which, by simply washing and massaging my face for no more than 10 minute, I probably can achieve the same kind of result. Okay, right, maybe not as great but I am just trying to say, the result from their facial will wear off within a short period of time, so it's NOT permanent! And i have absolutely no confidence that it will stay permanent even if I were to sign up for their 3k+ package and visit them regularly.

Yes here comes the steep price tag. I would say it costs as much as, or probably even more, than my laser package with Drx clinic. But hey, even if it's cheaper, I am in the good hands of professional doctors with Drx. So I totally could not see the point of paying such a huge amount for a facial package that has totally nothing to impress.

Let me be honest, the worst part of the facial experience, must be post treatment when I was asked to go back into the consultation room again, and the consultant whipped up with all sorts of permutations based on the standard package price. When I said no firmly to every single item she's trying to sell me. Within 5 minute, she provided me with different special offers, from 100 dollars top up for 1 more treatment, to 100 dollars top up for 2 more treatments, then to 12 dollars top up for just 1 more treatment, and finally to another absolutely FREE treatment, which by now, you should have known that there's definitely no such thing as FREE with them. I left the place eventually after grabbing the free sample of 3 signature products from her, seriously I couldn't remember how I managed to step out of that room anymore.

So I know this review might raise a lot of concerns but I am just being honest with my readers here. I searched on the internet for their reviews and true enough, most of the feedback is that this salon is very hard selling so, I am not saying their treatment is not good, in fact all their before/after pictures are extremely convincing. Personally I just feel Le Queenze wins hands down with their facial service for sure!


Anonymous said...

Omg!! I wished i had seen this sooner. First heard of it through the same radio station and went to the same outlet. Met the first consultant and was hardselling to me fot an hr. Eventually bought 15 sessions at 3k plus. The same consultant was hardselling to me at my 2nd session and i was so stressed after that despite not buying anything. They hardsell at every session but the other consultants werent as stressful as her. Just had my 4th session and purchased $90 ampoule after i showed them that my credit limit is not sufficient to purchase their recommended package. I still have 11 sessions left and feel so scared to go in case i end up buying more. Should i just forgo the sessions instead of spending more money there??

Mummy Chan said...

oh dear, so sorry to hear that. Yes I am totally not impressed with their hardselling but since you've already spent so much, i would say just clear that package with them but yes they won't stop selling you more stuff, so be firm, and go without a wallet, and don't feel bad by telling them that you are not satisfied with the way you were handled, and you just want to finish the session and leave.. just try not to get into their private consultation room alone..

tehsh said...

I am glad I read this before my first appointment with them this weekend at tiong baru outlet. It probably wise that I do not give any chance to fall into the trap... thanks!

KenaTipu said...

Yup same approach here too in KL. Hard selling...they talk as if money grows on trees.
I had high fever after 1st and 2nd treatments. Informed the center but the senior staff responded that it's heaty after treatment, drink more water !
So unconvincing and unprofessional explanation !
Wonder whether the treatment doing more harm or good ???

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, i never had such experience in SG. I was able to go out even after extraction. My skin is already much better after 5 sessions though. But i think different people may have different reactions to the products used.

Cathy Tan said...

Thank you for your review. I have an appointment with them this week and I'm now re considering if I should go. Telling you have to pay only at the cashier is really irresponsible of them! We should blacklist them!

Anonymous said...

I also have bad experience with Victoria Facelift. When I first had my facial I was persuaded to sign a package costing $4k plus. On my second visit I was force to buy additional $4k for additional serum for skin. 3rd visit again try to conn me to sign another $6k. This is too much. I did not sign the additional $6k. And now when I book for appointment, it is always a new beautician which is inexperienced. The experienced consultant who serviced me on my first visit is always fully booked.

Mummy Chan said...

I am sorry to hear your bad experience with them. I do advise those who are looking around for facial packages, check with your friends because I till trust word of mouth from friends I know of, more than online reviews or advertisements. And we have the right to walk away without signing up for anything. Always compare a few salons before you make your decision, and if the beautician doesn't make you feel comfortable, even if you see results from 1 session of facial, don't rush to make a conclusion because as I mentioned in my review, even we massage our face with bare hands will haev some uplifting results.

chanelseah said...

This review is split into 2 because google has a character limit, but I am so throughly annoyed at the place I feel a strong need to warn everyone about it.

Part 1:
This one star rating is one star too high, because even a 1 star rating is far to high for one of the worst places I've ever been to. Their procedures are extremely mediocre and really produces little to no results at all. But putting that aside, what is most horrifying is their marketing methods and hard sell techniques.

My mum and I got a free time trial from her calling into some radio station promotion. With a fairly open mind, we went ahead to book our first appointment with them. True enough, before we even started the free trial procedure they sat us down and started the age-old gimmick of scanning your skin and telling you how utterly horrible ur skin condition was and how it will worsen if you don't deal with it.

After about 20minutes of dooms-day talk, they then flash photos of their "customers" who have experienced miraculous results. This endedoff with them saying that they are having a promotion for a package of 10 treatments.

I understand that a business is a business and they have to sell products in order to stay in business, but to try and push us into signing on for a $1880 package before even allowing us to start our free trial session, is way to much and far to early. After insisting for about 10 minutes that we would like to try first before making any decisions, they finally agreed and let us start the facial.

The facial itself was nothing special. The usual steps and the usual length of time facials usually take. Do note that my constant repetition of the word "usual", is not because I have limited vocabulary but rather it is the only word that stays true to exactly how mediocre the treatment was. Its didn't do any harm to my skin but it certainly did no good. About the same as if you cleanse then exfoliate your skin and put on a mask at home yourself. Except the latter of course cost about 1/10 the price you pay in Victoria Facelift.

Procedure aside, we came out of the room after we were done and moved to leave. Immediately we were stopped and ushered into a small room by 2-3 beauticians who were standing by the counter. They said they already prepared a collagen drink and would like to debrief before we leave. Sensing that this is going to be another bout of hard sell, I immediately insisted on leaving, but the lady who did my mum's facial played the pity card and said her manager would be very angry at her for not completing the debriefing process. My mum being soft hearted said a drink won't hurt and thus we sat down once more.

They brought up the $1880 package again, do note that the $1880 is for my mum's 10 treatment package, I can't remember how much they offered me, but I do remember them saying that I was entitled to a student rate of $1280, which was such utter bullshit. Anyways, the drink was finished and we wanted to leave but they wouldn't let us go and just as I stood up, one of their colleagues ran in and said they will make an exception and allow us to try an extra 3 sessions for $348 a person.

The whole thing went on for about 30mins, eventually my mum succumbed and signed the both of us on for another 3 sessions. As unhappy as I was about being pushed into buying I don't like very much I let it go because $348 was not a big enough deal to flip out at my mum.

This review is split into 2 because google has a character limit, but I am so throughly annoyed at the place I feel a strong need to warn everyone about it.

chanelseah said...

This review is split into 2 because google has a character limit, but I am so throughly annoyed at the place I feel a strong need to warn everyone about it.

Part 2:
2 sessions went by with constant hard sell from the moment we step in until we leave. Both sessions ended up with us sitting in the same room for 15-20mins steadily refusing an extension to our package.

Finally, on finishing the last session, we stood to leave straightaway because we have heard enough of their relentless jabber. This time, they stopped us at the door and claimed that we have won their lucky draw. The prize was one more free session, arguably the biggest bullshit I've ever heard. They started to get really rude and had horrible attitudes when we ignored their insistence for us to book an appointment for that "free" session.

I thought the matter was over, but who knows, they called again the following week and the week after. My mum got really pissed and told to them to stop. We didn't hear from them again until 3-4 months later, which is 2 weeks ago they called AGAIN and asked us to book an appointment for the "free session". When my mum refused, they said they cannot close our file unless we either come down and finish that "free" session or come down to sign off saying that we don't want that "free" session. WHAT BULLSHIT. Before hanging up, my mum warned them not to call me because she know I was busy and had meetings regularly but who knows, I just got a called from them yesterday saying the same story. I tried to be polite and said no but she insisted on me hearing her out about how their company policy requires us to come down and sign off a form to reject the last "free" session. I tolerated for as long as I could and when she (by the name of EUNICE) won't shut up, I simply hung up the phone.

Unbelievably, 30mins later they got another beautician to call me and interrupted me in the middle of a meeting. I really couldn't take it anymore and told her off. If I could sue/officially lodge a complain at the consumer's association for harassment, I would do so.

I hope that everyone out there reads this and NEVER step into this place ever. There are hundreds of beauty centers out there who have the same if not better treatments than them. One of the most horrible experiences imaginable.

Mummy Chan said...

Dear chanelseah,
Thank you so much for leaving your comment and I am so so sorry to learn your horrible experience with them. I do think my readers would thank you for sharing this too..

I must say a lot of beauty salons have the same kind of hard sale tactics, but over the years most have learned their lessons, so I totally didn't expect to experience such treatment, I seriously felt being threatened when I was there. And hopefully those who read about our experience, will be firm in rejecting their offers because we consumers definitely do not deserve this kind of service.

Anonymous said...

Today I went to Victoria facelift. This is my free complementary treatment. I dono why they say it "facelift". Its normal facial. After 8 hours still i have pain in my face, because of their treatment. The consultants also not so friendly. They asked me to sign up for a package. I refused to take.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Warning: Don't ever sign up a package with them

I went for free trial on Aug 2016. 2 beautician did the treatment and consultation. One of them is having "cigarette smoke" breath, so it feels very uncomfortable breathing that smell while they do the facial on my face.
After the facial treatment, they did "consultation" in another room. They are VERY VERY PUSHY in getting me to sign up their package according to my budget. Long story short, I ended up getting charged on my credit card for a package, which I signed up after being sort of brainwashed. But on the same day, within a few hours, I decided to change my mind and cancel the transaction.
I tell you, the whole process of getting a refund, is a NIGHTMARE.
We signed an agreement that they will refund the amount minus SGD 50 admin charge by 1 month after the agreement date. Even until now (end of September), i have not get my refund.
Will proceed with Bank dispute/police report if they do not send the amount by the agreed period.

So, I am warning you, don't ever do the free trial (because they are going to be very super pushy and will not "let you go till you sign up" kind of attitude), and NEVER sign up a package with them (the per treatment cost is more expensive than any other facial treatment of comparable quality)

Anonymous said...

Go if nothing better to do and just enjoy messing with them and rejecting every offer they propose until their face also need facial because become black black already hahahahaha

Heloise said...

I've just visited their branch at punggol waterway point. Also bought the $20 trial and ended with opted for an additional $40 for a hydro treatment. Basically it was just another simply money cheating case. The whole treatment just like you do your facial care at home, wash, mask, no neck and shoulder massage. And the lady staff also tried to sell me a $300 package so called cny promotion for 5 times. $60 per session I'd rather go for some quality spa or hotel ones to do. Hope more ppl will read our reviews and your blog before going to this horrible place.

Unknown said...

I just went to one of the branches. I already registered and all, i dunno if i was lucky or not because they alreadt got my details and while reading this review, i started to have a nad feeling. So i told the lady i will cancel my session and told her straight to the face--i dont want to be hard sold later after the free treatment. She actually said it's their policy not to hard sell and she cannot cancel the session. I was firm and said i am willing to sign the consent that customer refused free facial treatment. It took me 15minutes in the room just to let her understand that i do not want to proceed. Hmmm why would Kiss92 still accept such AD?

Singapore Beauty Secrets said...

It's so unfortunate that you had to go through this, it doesn't look like a good practice from them. Sadly, as demand for more and cheaper alternatives, shady schemes like this will continue to surface. This is no way to build a business, but a quick cash grab :(

Unknown said...

I signed a package with them and had one of the worst experiences ever. The consultant takes photos of my face after every treatment which I felt really uncomfortable and my pores were still visible, open and large. After several treatments, I was not able to cancel my package as it exceeded 5 days, but they allowed me to exchange my remaining facial package value into facial products. They had the cleanser, refining lotion, serum, moisturizer, 10 pieces of hydramax masks and hydro-concentrate ampoules, but the usual routine of the seaweed mask that was applied during the facial package was not included in the facial products. It was really disappointing, after listening to all the hype on the radio on how fantastic their treatments and services were.

Anonymous said...

I won a free Power-lift facial from the LINE app, so I decided to try. I went down to their centre, and they said that my face was really bad, no collagen visible, and asked me to pay extra for a better treatment, with extraction. They kept insisting me to upfront pay $300 plus for 5 sessions, but I couldn't, after all I am just a student. Then they asked me to ask my mother to sponsor. So I came up with all sorts of reasons, busy with school and cannot work so no money, mother overseas...

I tried swatting away, but succumbed when she said I could make a deposit of $60, then go home to ask my mother. If my mother said no, then they would use that $60 to give me another treatment and that is the end of it. It isn't the end.

So I went back for my next visit. Went into the consultation room and she reminded me I still had to pay around $250. I told her I couldn't, and I wanted it to end today. She denied, kept saying my face is bad. Then I was like fine one more time of $60 then. So I was about to pay, then another lady, I believe is the manager, asked me to check my bank account, and use all the money inside to pay.
In the end I paid an extra $30 plus on top of the $60 plus for "products". They said pay first so I can get the products next time.
She still insisted for me to pay the remaining sum of $150, and claimed that I cannot have less than $150 in my bank. Hello, you are not me, and I really had less than $150 after paying that $60+$30.

Really unpleasant experience, and I am trying to forfeit the next facial treatment and trying to get a refund for the $90 I spent. Please, anyone, could you give some advice on what to do? Thank you.

Mummy Chan said...

So sorry to hear about your experience. I would strongly advise you to forfeit the amount you've paid so far because from what I see, all they want from their customer, is to go back to them again, and each time we go back, they will come up with different ways to get us sign up for the package. So to me it's really no point giving them the chance to hard sell, I also don't think it's going to be easy for you to get any refund. Maybe just stop going completely, yes it's money wasted but at least don't go back and give them another chance to force you sign up more stuff.

Anonymous said...

My experience with them isn't very good either. They don't treat your money as money. Wanted you to use all your salary to buy their products when you said you don't have money.

Now the price of their ampoules will be increasing from $100 per bottle (it is only 5ml or 10 ML, I can't remember) to a good $180 or more per bottle!!

The reason why I still stayed with them is because I have a lot more packages with them. They have definitely widened my horizons with regards to the way that people can do business.

watie shariff said...

I experienced exactly the same tbing yesterday at their westgate branch. They sat mr down and asked me to buy the package and scanned my skin n said how horrible my skin is. After treatment they sat me down too n asked me to buy package. But i insisted NO. i didnt spend a single cent as they had promised its a complimentary n i m bot willing to spend any noney as I have my own skin doctor already. The worst tbing is I came home and had fever really bad. Waking up this morning still not feeling well. My throat sore due to heatiness.

Anonymous said...

so scary. I submit application on FB. think will cancel the appointment after seeing all this review.

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