Review: Banila Co. Clean it Zero

Mar 31, 2016
I am very certain that this is a brand,  or rather say a product, that many people have heard of. It's extremely popular and highly raved, and it's rated the best of the best cleanser, from Blind Test by Korea famous makeup show "Get it Beauty".

I have been wanting to try this product for a long time. And finally I get the chance to after finishing the famous Shu Uemura cleansing oil, and another small bottle of Innisfree Green Tea cleansing oil. I was recently told by my beautician from Le Queenz, that my T-zone is oily and I have rather enlarged pores on my nose, which somehow happen to trap oils easily. Hence she advised me not to use any cleansing oil so I bought a tub of cleansing cream from Innisfree. Unfortunately, I totally do not like it. That made me recall this famous cleansing balm. so I quickly ordered a tub on Qoo10.

The product comes in a small 100ml tub, it's in sweet pink with a nice scent. The most interesting part is the balm looks like sherbet in texture, and 1 scoop is enough for the whole face if I do not have eye makeup on. If I do use waterproofed mascara, then I would add one more scoop. It melts instantly on warm skin, and turns into a lightweight oil texture. It's not the normal greasy thick oil texture you get with most cleansing oil products. And it removes everything on my face with some gentle massage.

So I've read some reviews about how difficult it is to emulsify and remove this product. Yes that's the mistake I made upon first usage. I splashed water after massaging my face with the cleansing balm, since that's the usual way I use my cleansing oil/cream/gel. And yes it emulsified the cleansing balm which is already in oil texture, and turned it into thick milky creamy stuff. Well here came the problem. It's extremely hard to remove it even after I splashed a lot more water! So I've learned my lesson, wipe it off with a cotton pad or makeup wipe! Then wash the face with water, with the residual balm on the face, it will still emulsify but the milky stuff won't be so thick and it's much easier to wash it off with just water, followed by your double cleanse routine with another foam cleanser. If you ask me, isn't that just another makeup remover? Let me tell you the 2 biggest benefits I notice with this product:
1. It keeps your skin hydrated while removing your makeup at the same time. Yes most other products which cleanse your face thoroughly, will leave it dry. But this product makes the entire face washing process enjoyable because you can see the skin getting bright and radiant without feeling any dryness.
2. It does not leave a greasy feel on the skin after wash off. Yes many other products have this problem that once you wash it off, immediately you want to use another foam cleanser because there seems to be a layer of residue which needs to be removed. I do see people using this balm for everything without double cleanse, I am not suggesting that but I do get it when some people don't bother to cleanse again with foam cleanser. Because after removing the cleansing balm, my skin feels great and I don't have the urge to cleanse it again (of course I did wash another time as double cleanse is just my routine).

I am giving this product a big thumb up as it's so easy to use, removes 100% of my makeup and leaves my skin clean, supple, soft and bright. A little bit goes a long way. I am expecting one tub to last me a good few months so it's not expensive at all. Finally I enjoy double cleansing every night, yes in the past I was doing it for the sake of doing only!


Anonymous said...

Hi, not sure if you read my comment, just want to let you know that I love your blog, your reviews are always honest and kind! I've read your review and decided to give some of the product a try! keep it up mummy!

Mummy Chan said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! Yes I do read your comment and truly appreciate that! I have been busy with the kids and not spending time to write reviews here for a long time, I have a long list of product reviews to share though and now reading your comment just make me feel like doing them right away! Thank you so much!!!

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