Review: Banila Co. Clean it Zero

Mar 31, 2016
I am very certain that this is a brand,  or rather say a product, that many people have heard of. It's extremely popular and highly raved, and it's rated the best of the best cleanser, from Blind Test by Korea famous makeup show "Get it Beauty".

I have been wanting to try this product for a long time. And finally I get the chance to after finishing the famous Shu Uemura cleansing oil, and another small bottle of Innisfree Green Tea cleansing oil. I was recently told by my beautician from Le Queenz, that my T-zone is oily and I have rather enlarged pores on my nose, which somehow happen to trap oils easily. Hence she advised me not to use any cleansing oil so I bought a tub of cleansing cream from Innisfree. Unfortunately, I totally do not like it. That made me recall this famous cleansing balm. so I quickly ordered a tub on Qoo10.

The product comes in a small 100ml tub, it's in sweet pink with a nice scent. The most interesting part is the balm looks like sherbet in texture, and 1 scoop is enough for the whole face if I do not have eye makeup on. If I do use waterproofed mascara, then I would add one more scoop. It melts instantly on warm skin, and turns into a lightweight oil texture. It's not the normal greasy thick oil texture you get with most cleansing oil products. And it removes everything on my face with some gentle massage.

So I've read some reviews about how difficult it is to emulsify and remove this product. Yes that's the mistake I made upon first usage. I splashed water after massaging my face with the cleansing balm, since that's the usual way I use my cleansing oil/cream/gel. And yes it emulsified the cleansing balm which is already in oil texture, and turned it into thick milky creamy stuff. Well here came the problem. It's extremely hard to remove it even after I splashed a lot more water! So I've learned my lesson, wipe it off with a cotton pad or makeup wipe! Then wash the face with water, with the residual balm on the face, it will still emulsify but the milky stuff won't be so thick and it's much easier to wash it off with just water, followed by your double cleanse routine with another foam cleanser. If you ask me, isn't that just another makeup remover? Let me tell you the 2 biggest benefits I notice with this product:
1. It keeps your skin hydrated while removing your makeup at the same time. Yes most other products which cleanse your face thoroughly, will leave it dry. But this product makes the entire face washing process enjoyable because you can see the skin getting bright and radiant without feeling any dryness.
2. It does not leave a greasy feel on the skin after wash off. Yes many other products have this problem that once you wash it off, immediately you want to use another foam cleanser because there seems to be a layer of residue which needs to be removed. I do see people using this balm for everything without double cleanse, I am not suggesting that but I do get it when some people don't bother to cleanse again with foam cleanser. Because after removing the cleansing balm, my skin feels great and I don't have the urge to cleanse it again (of course I did wash another time as double cleanse is just my routine).

I am giving this product a big thumb up as it's so easy to use, removes 100% of my makeup and leaves my skin clean, supple, soft and bright. A little bit goes a long way. I am expecting one tub to last me a good few months so it's not expensive at all. Finally I enjoy double cleansing every night, yes in the past I was doing it for the sake of doing only!

Review: My true experience with Victoria Face Lift

Mar 18, 2016
It took me a long time (nearly 4 months) to decide, on sharing my first and definitely the last experience with this facial salon at the newly renovated Whitesands shopping center.

I first got to know about this place through Kiss92. As my family is royal Kiss92 fans, I've been hearing their special offer of this "FREE NON-INVASIVE FACE LIFTING FACIAL" deal. All I need to do is to message my particulars to Kiss92, and true enough, I got a call from a consultant at Victoria Face Lift (Whitesands Branch) and fixed my appointment on a Friday afternoon.

The salon looks pretty gorgeous and I felt very comfortable the moment I stepped in. The service was nice although, I wasn't feeling good when I saw 3 or 4 consultants chit chatting at the reception area. I was then brought into a private room to meet my consultant. She's pretty with beautiful skin, and has this very chatty and bubbly personality. She's friendly yes, but over friendly for my liking. I knew she's going to be pushy the moment she took out a piece of paper and started listing down the steps of my facial.

Okay, so...
Do not ask me about the name of the facial.
Do not ask me about the duration of the facial.
Do not ask me about the machines used.

Basically, I was not told any details about the above, all I knew was, the "FREE" session I got through Kiss92, consists only 4 steps which is the super basic cleanse, extract, tone and moisturize. So, how would you call that a face uplifting facial if the steps are so basic? And guess what, to enjoy their 12 steps signature facial (which is exactly the reason why I was there), I need to top up an additional amount of S$288, and that's still before GST (which I only found out upon making payment)!!! Alright I do not blame Kiss92 for this at all, I am sure they've done their job by informing us "T&C applies", but still, this is the exact reason why I decided to share my own experience now.

Feeling like being placed on a chopping board, I didn't have much time to reconsider before agreeing to the top up amount. The consultant did a scan of my skin and described it as "completely lost elasticity". I've tried out so many different kind of skin analysis before, I know how collagen looks, they should be diamond shaped and although it's true that certain parts of my face, the "diamond" looked rather out of shape, overall it's definitely not as bad as she described. But I guess that's the only way to make me believe in their service, so I am not too bothered.

Then, I was ushered into the facial room, which to my disappointment, is a single room but rather small. The facial itself took around 1 hour+. My consultant is fast but a little rough so I won't say I enjoyed the whole process. And the result? Yes I do see a little bit of lifting result when she compared my before and after photos on her machine. But, the photos are my bare face photos which, by simply washing and massaging my face for no more than 10 minute, I probably can achieve the same kind of result. Okay, right, maybe not as great but I am just trying to say, the result from their facial will wear off within a short period of time, so it's NOT permanent! And i have absolutely no confidence that it will stay permanent even if I were to sign up for their 3k+ package and visit them regularly.

Yes here comes the steep price tag. I would say it costs as much as, or probably even more, than my laser package with Drx clinic. But hey, even if it's cheaper, I am in the good hands of professional doctors with Drx. So I totally could not see the point of paying such a huge amount for a facial package that has totally nothing to impress.

Let me be honest, the worst part of the facial experience, must be post treatment when I was asked to go back into the consultation room again, and the consultant whipped up with all sorts of permutations based on the standard package price. When I said no firmly to every single item she's trying to sell me. Within 5 minute, she provided me with different special offers, from 100 dollars top up for 1 more treatment, to 100 dollars top up for 2 more treatments, then to 12 dollars top up for just 1 more treatment, and finally to another absolutely FREE treatment, which by now, you should have known that there's definitely no such thing as FREE with them. I left the place eventually after grabbing the free sample of 3 signature products from her, seriously I couldn't remember how I managed to step out of that room anymore.

So I know this review might raise a lot of concerns but I am just being honest with my readers here. I searched on the internet for their reviews and true enough, most of the feedback is that this salon is very hard selling so, I am not saying their treatment is not good, in fact all their before/after pictures are extremely convincing. Personally I just feel Le Queenze wins hands down with their facial service for sure!