Review: Le Queenz customized facial

Oct 1, 2015
Sorry to leave this space rather quiet recently, but, I am back with so much to share!!

Yes I have switched up my skincare go-tos lately, on a whim, luckily the result was way better than expected and I will share more with you about that cool new range of products I tried in another upcoming post.

For now, let me talk about my facial experience with this beauty salon called Le Queenz at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. You surely won't miss it though it's nested at a corner on level 2, it looks rather classy and outstanding within that old laid back building. It's by far the best facial I've tried, out of the.. 3 times I've done in my entire 36 years of life!

Alright so basically I am not really a fan of facials, I guess that's clear enough by now. The unbearable pain during extraction is always my #1 concern, let alone the red lobster face with marks after the facial which might lasts for days or weeks. Another thing is, for a full time working mother with 2 young kids at home, I seriously do not have the luxuries of time even if it's just 1 - 1.5 hours, once a month. I am not exaggerating, there's just no way I could leave kids at home and go out alone on weekends, and for weekdays, it's a habit to rush home after work as I only have about 1.5 hours bonding time before they go to bed, that's extremely precious to me, needless to say.

Then, I decided to look around for a beauty salon around my office area so that I could simply make use of my lunch break for some great treat. Yes all full time working mummies would definitely agree with me that lunch break is probably their best ME time for shopping, girls' meetups, gym, and of course, facials! With a little bit of luck, I chanced upon this review on Ms Charlotte Lum's blog, and decided to fix an appointment with Le Queenz right away. Yes the salon is very near to my office and I have many other options nearby, so why Le Queenz?!

Ms Charlotte Lum has the answer to that on her blog post, basically at Le Queenz, they do not practice the traditional way of extraction by poking and squeezing around your face. Instead, they use advanced machines to do the job, thus it's effective, yet painless. And the experience surely didn't disappoint at all. In fact, this is the best ever facial I've ever been to and I was so glad that I decided to pay hem a visit despite the not so pleasant experience with facial in the past at other places. And by quoting Charlotte Lum's name, I paid S$48 for a trial of their customized facial that worth S$168 inclusive of GST!

As I am not a frequent visitor at salons, I was a little embarrassed and nervous when I first entered the salon. But the staff there made me comfortable with their warm greetings and smiles. The environment is pretty cozy though I didn't check out their different kind of treatment rooms. I was too excited to try out the facial and totally forget about paying attention to the details for blogging purpose. The facial lasted for exactly 1.5 hours. And I must mention their bed is super duper comfortable! It's better than those places I visited before (SKII boutique, Healing Touch spa and DRx clinic). Of course the facial experience is way better too because I could see immediate result and left the place with a more radiant and clearer skin, without the need to put on any makeup or cover any red marks at all!

Again I am going to let the picture speak for itself..

The right picture was taken the day before my facial (sorry I totally forgot to take another picture right before the facial but I guess the picture on the previous day should serve the same purpose).
The left picture was taken right after my facial, yes I walked back to my office with my bare face, no makeup at all and can you believe it?! Yes my nose area is a little red as my beautician Tracy did squeeze my whiteheads a bit, imagine I've never really done facial in the past, my pores are quite disastrous, luckily Tracy commented that my face is very clear and only my nose area is a bit clogged. I took the chance to capture the result of extraction, gross yes, but I am so happy!

So the amazing result led me to sign up for my first ever facial package right away, for S$1289, you get 12 sessions and each session is about S$108, I find the price pretty decent because they do not just use machine to extract blackheads/whiteheads, they also use machine to help skin better absorb the enzyme from their customized ampules.

Tracy did a brilliant job massaging my eyes. I am blessed that I do not have dark eye rings but I do have puffy eyes and as I grow older, my upper eyelids start to get droopy and after Tracy's hand massage, my eyes instantly brightened up with slightly lifted eyelids!!! In fact not just my eyes, my whole face felt tighter and more lifted and even my laughing lines looked lighter. I think the result is not just temporary because on the 2nd day after my facial, my eyelids are still looking good!

And if you are wondering whether Le Queenz staff are hard selling just like most of the beauticians you've met at other salons before, I would say no, they aren't. Tracy shared with me that they use Babor brand of skincare products for all their treatments, but after knowing that I do have my own choices of products at home, she didn't even mention about switching to their products for my daily regime at all.

Just for my readers' convenience, I would like to share that they do provide professional eye brow service and based on my research, Elaine is the beautician who's absolutely great at that. And here's their contact if you would like to make appointment: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336. You know I seldom include such information like contact details in my post as I am not a "celebrity blogger" who gets sponsorship for blogging. But I noticed there are not much sharing about Le Queenz experience online and personally I feel they deserve some limelight for such professional service that absolutely delivers great result!


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