back to DRx for.. combi laser!

Sep 18, 2015
So, after trying out DRx's Q-switched laser treatment for 3 sessions, I could see some slight improvement on my pigmentation, which you probably might be able to notice from the pictures I posted in my previous post here. I mentioned that I didn't really like the treatment that much as it leaves my skin a little dry, and it doesn't really help when I pair it with the whitening products from DRx, as most whitening products make our skin dryer, especially doctor brands in my humble opinion.

Being someone who is super sensitive to skin condition changes, I decided to stop their whitening range before my skin condition deteriorates further as I was so worried that it will get back to the IDS time again.

Then, I called DRx to check when will my first doctor, Doctor Yanni be back and to my greatest pleasure, she's back from maternity leave on that very day I called. I booked an appointment with her immediately and the next morning, I was at her room being her first customer of the day, she looked gorgeous as a new mum and she greeted me with brightest smile, I knew, my choice of switching back to her, was absolutely right!

Dr Yanni always says my skin type is very similar to hers, hence she's really able to pinpoint my concerns and gives me the best advice. She agreed with my observation about my dryness problem after the Q-switched laser. And put me right back on the combi laser again. What she said makes perfect sense to me was that, when my skin turns red easily, especially during menstrual period, skin is prone to inflammation, which is one of the root causes of skin aging. So by switching back to combi laser, it will tame the inflammatory skin and help with skin rejuvenation process.

She also agreed with Dr Angela, whom I've been seeing during Doctor Yanni's maternity leave period, that my skin texture is good in general so if I would like to look even younger, Ultherapy could be considered for uplifting effect to treat the saggy skin. I will consider that probably in another 1-2 years time I guess.

I asked her about the importance of standard facial as I've never been doing regular facials. She advised me to consider it if I notice bad clogged pores, white or blackheads, as those facial will help to deep cleanse the skin and prepare it for better absorption of the skin care products. But for the time being, she feels it's not compulsory as she believes I've been religiously taking care of my skin with regular scrubbing and mask-ing.

I left the clinic with a much clearer and supple face after my combi laser treatment. I am not sure what I am up for next but for the time being, I am extremely happy to be back on my combi laser again with Dr Yanni!

DRx Q-Switched laser treatment

Sep 4, 2015
Back in May this year, I've blogged about my experience on Combi Laser treatment with DRx clinic. Upon completing the 5x treatment package, I was extremely satisfied with the result but I decided to stop the laser for a while. So what happened next?

Well I went back to DRx again in August, after noticing the fact that the skin condition cannot be maintained without any treatment at all. Overall it's still not as bad as my IDS time but, I have high expectations and wished that my skin condition can be perfect even during ovulation period. Yes basically it's relatively good for half a month, but once ovulation starts, my skin looks dull and dry, with more obvious lines and pores.

Well when I said so, I am not kidding. The 2 pictures below say it all. The one on the left was taken during ovulation period an the one on the right, was taken around 4th day during my period. Look at the deep lines and enlarged pores, as well as the dull looking skin color in the left photo. So even though the combi laser worked great for me, it still can't do much with my hormone changes.

So this time, I switched to another doctor, Doctor Angela who seems really popular, as Doctor Yanni is still on maternity leave. Doctor Angela expressed more concerns about my pigmentation and warned me that if I do not treat my melanin properly,  my pigmentation might get worse as I age. So at the end of the consultation, I signed myself up for another laser package, 10x Q switched laser to treat my pigmentation.

Since then, I've been visiting her every 2 weeks. This treatment is definitely not as enjoyable as the combi laser treatment I did before. Although there's no numb cream required, it's indeed a little painful as she uses the equipment on my skin. My eyes are covered so I am not sure about what kind of equipment is used, but I do hear the "piak piak" sound and there's often a burning smell especially when she's focusing on my pigmentation area.

As for the result, I am not so sure yet but here's a picture to share with you all. Most of my friends commented that the pigmented area do look better after 2 treatments.

What I do not really enjoy about this treatment, is not the slight discomfort/pain it caused, but rather the fact that my skin do not look much different after the treatment, unlike the combi laser which gives almost instant result. And my skin tends to be a little try and prone to breakouts somehow though it's not serious at all. I will update my readers again after my 6th and 10th treatment.

In general I am still happy with what DRx helped me to achieve so far, but I am definitely hoping for even better result as my skin has been aging really fast this year. Stay tuned for more updates from me in the next couple of weeks please!