experience with eyelash extension

Aug 5, 2015
Last month, I tried a home eyelash extension service near my area as per my colleagues recommendation, since I have a colleague's wedding to attend and I was told by many girls in office that I will not need any makeup or beauty cam once I get those long, thick, curly lashes.

I have not done any kind of research about eyelash extension, that's not very my style as usually I would read up as much as possible and compare reviews but since this beautician is highly recommended by people I know, I didn't think twice. 

So, I spent 2 hours at the beautician's cozy living room and tada, here's what I got!

I do not have much to share about the actual process, as I was sleeping throughout that 2 hours! So at least one thing we know for sure, it's not painful at all! The beautician mentioned that normal people have about 200-300 lashes and I am more on the 300 side so it takes slightly longer time.  She also said lower lash extension is not advisable as you might easily get a fierce look in the end, and the glue also gets into the eyes easily.

Well indeed I got some glues in one side and it caused a burning sensation. I think it's pretty much depending on the beautician's skill, and I wasn't at a reputable salon, so what more to ask for. And here's another picture showing the effect after 12 days. You can see maybe half of the lashes have dropped by now but it's still not too bad. How I wish my natural lashes can be this long!

The end result lasted for a total of 3 - 4 weeks. But towards the 4th week I was pretty frustrated with the one or two strands of extremely long lashes left so I "pluck" them out as they do look too outstanding, or I should say awkward, with my own short natural lashes.

Initially it's a little difficult to handle the lashes as I cannot simple wipe my face in seconds with a towel. But I got used to it in a few days. My husband was pretty wow-ed by the effect and even told me to do it often!

But, I like to think that eyelash extensions are pretty much like gelish manicure. Once you do it, you get addicted because you can not simply stop and accept your "naked" eyes/nails, not to mention they are pretty much badly damaged.  My natural lashes are pretty thick but not too long, but I noticed that now they got even shorter somehow, or maybe just weaker because I don't seem to be able to curl them nicely.

So despite the wonderful result from my first and only eyelash extension experience, I've decided not to do it anymore, well probably two more times, on my boys weddings 20 years later!

And for now, I've purchased these items from Etude House, to take better care of my lashes! I will share the result in another post after trying them for a month of two!