Combi laser treamtment from DRx clinic

May 21, 2015
Back in January, I did a post about my experience with IDS clinic and at that time, I mentioned that I've cancelled my review appointment with them as I discovered some drastic changes on my skin. So, it's been nearly 5 months since then, and finally I am back to update my readers about what happened to my skin after that.

So, the extremely dry and dehydrated skin from using IDS products, made me pretty upset as I felt like I grew older by 5 years out of sudden. I couldn't believe my skin condition was that bad till I dug out some old photos taken during the period I was with IDS. And the worst part is, after stopping their products and switching back to my SKII regime for nearly 2 months, I only managed to see slight improvement in terms of skin texture, but my skin was still very dry and sensitive, and of course, it looked so dirty that no makeup could cover the flaws.

Out of desperation, I was trying to find solutions on the internet and of course, facial was the first thing popped into my mind. As I have never done any facial before, I went to a nearby salon for a basic facial in hoping that my skin will look radiant again. The result wasn't bad, but it wasn't lasting of course. And it's probably fated, one of my friends was sharing her own facial experience and I was so impressed with the result as her acne scars and pores were significantly reduced after the facial. I didn't give a second thought but asked for the contact immediately, and off I went, to aesthetician at DRx clinic.

Interestingly, DRx clinic was founded by Dr SK Tan from IDS clinic. I must say the set up are very similar. I have a distinctive preference over DRx clinic as their nurses are extremely friendly. And their doctors, are so handsome and pretty!!! I am serious about that and they all have really beautiful skin so immediately my confident level with the clinic and doctors shoot up sky high!!

I spent about 15 minutes for my first consultation with Dr Yanni, gosh she's like a princess!! She listened to my problems patiently and agreed with my own concerns about my skin. When I went to IDS clinic, Dr Tan was focusing on my pigmentation problem but this time, Dr Yanni agreed with me that I should work on rosacea treatment which will reduce my facial redness, especially around my tzone area, so to get a more even skin tone. She recommended me to go through this 5x combi facial which hopefully, will reduce my skin redness by 50%-60%. And she said this laser treatment will also help to deal with my pigmentation and pores at the same time. I honestly didn't expect much from the beginning as I already had my mind set on their laser treatment. The package isn't cheap, or I should say it's rather expensive, but the result, let's see...

From the photo collage:
1. My skin before IDS, can see the redness, pigmentation, lines, pore (gosh so many problems but, it wasn't that bad)
2. My skin during IDS, look at the lines, pores, pimples.. now you know why I had to stop their products?!!
3. My skin right after the 5th laser treatment at DRx, still a little red which is normal
4. My skin 1 day after the 5th laser treatment at DRx, I honestly feel it's back to the before (picture 1) time, finally!!!

Besides the laser treatment which helped to bring back my skin to it's original condition, DRx's moisturizer is a wonderful product which I will definitely continue to use! I remember when I first switched back to SKII from IDS, no matter how many layers of moisturizer I used, the lines on my dehydrated skin were still obvious. But after adding this moisturizer before my SKII day cream, immediately I could see improvement.

So now I've finished 5 sessions of combi laser treatment with DRx, I am giving my skin a break to see if I could maintain its current condition, before deciding on whether to sign up another package with them for basic laser treatment. Personally I think it's way more effective than going for facial. And the best part is, it only takes about 10-15 minutes without any downtime, which makes it the best "lunch time quick fixes" solution for my skin!!