Review: Christine Ladies Ultra Tightening Mask

Feb 10, 2015
I came across this Taiwan local skin care brand - Christine Ladies, that is only sold in specific high end salons and through online distribution while I was talking to a colleague of mine. She's young and blessed with porcelain skin so usually I don't follow her skincare regime as we have different set of skincare concerns. But what caught my attention is when she mentioned about this Ultra Tightening Mask from this famous brand, as I believe with aging, sagging skin has become the next biggest problem I need to tackle.

If you've read my previous reviews, you know I swear by SKII and Etude House masks. so I've been pretty skeptical when comes to masks as I know what really works for me. But the word "tightening" has definitely caught my attention.

So I got myself 1 piece to try, and guess what, just after one application, I couldn't resist but ordered another 5 boxes from a seller in Malaysia as I don't seem to find any seller here in Singapore.

I have to be honest, this mask has now became my #1 favorite for many many reasons:
- It uses Japan's invisible mask fabric which is 100% cotton fabric with thickness of only 0.03cm, so in terms of application, this has to be the most comfortable mask I've ever experienced, I can even see my skin color with this mask on!
- It claims to protect skin tissues, repair damaged cells, smooth fine lines, tighten, whiten and moisturize and to increase skin radiance, keeping it in its best condition. For me, the immediate effect I got from this mask, is tightened pores, trust me I have never ever came across any products that gives such good result on pores though I do not have visible pores except on my nose area which is caused by a common disease called "rosacea". And the mask definitely keeps my skin moisturized and radiant!
- After I peel off the mask, unlike many other masks, there's not much essence left on my face, so I just need to wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked in toner, and apply my skincare products as per normal. I absolutely hate it if I need to even cleanse my face to get rid of the residues from other masks, it feels almost like the essence were  not well absorbed by my skin. But for this Christine Ladies Ultra Tightening mask, I do not have that problem at all.
- The tightening effect is definitely there! I can see my chin got sharper though I am not certain how long will that effect last. But the main thing is, it helps to tighten my sagging skin, even if just by a tiny bit, I am happy!!
- I look less haggard after using this mask. That might be the number one reason why I love it so much I guess?! Maybe it's the tightening effect again, I just feel my eyes areas are less puffy and my skin feel well moisturized throughout the day!

Alright a picture speaks a thousand words, here's what I got before, during, and after using the mask.

There's absolutely no editing of picture and I didn't put on any make up at all. I know I have many skin problems, but just look at the lines around my nose bridge, the puffiness around my eyes, and my round face before the mask, I see clear improvement on all these areas ight after 1 piece of mask. The effect on my pores are not clear in the photos but I definitely can see that in the mirror!

I do not think I will be investing much on SKII Facial Treatment masks in the future, no doubt they are good, I believe this Christine Ladies Argireline Ultra Tightening mask is way more value for money.

If you are interested in this mask, sorry that I am not able to tell you where to get it in Singapore, I wish it's easily available here though.

I got mine from a friendly seller Serene and she ships the masks over from Malaysia, it takes about 4-5 days but well worth the wait as I compared her price with some other online sellers and I do think her price is pretty decent.
Her contact details are here:
Wechat: serene966yap
Whatsapp: +601278388250

P/S: This is not a sponsored post so in case you are wondering, I get absolutely nothing for sharing her contact here, indeed I do not do any sponsored posts on my blog at all, it's just my humble review on the mask so, try it to believe it =)