Etude House Hauls

Jan 6, 2015
Sorry I am so bad at keeping track of prices so I can only share pictures of what I've purchased during my recent visit to Etude House, but please do not ask me about the price as I seriously do not remember.

I am quite a big fan of Etude House for their adorable makeup collection though I am not good at makeup at all. I think their products are very affordable and I am even in love with some of their skincare products such as their collagen mask which is my all time favorite.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to stop the IDS regime, I feel that I have an immediate need to purchase a few items, such as a SUNBLOCK!!!!

A quick read on Urcosme, a creditable Taiwan cosmetic website, helped me with my decision to get a Sunblock from Etude House. Of course I never just purchase one item. So take a look at what I've purchased here:

Again I got more makeup items than skincare this time. What to do? Age is catching up and I can't just confidently show off my bare face to others without being worried about questions like, "Why do you look so tired?" Though with makeup on I do have to take the risk of being stared at when I talk,  as if I am using the wrong shade of lipstick.

Anyway, so here are the items I bought, total bill is about SGD$106, honestly after spending about more than 600 at IDS, this 100 bucks is a steal to me!

From left to right:
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color PK001
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color OR203
- Lash Perm Volume Mascara (waterproof)
- Face Conditioning cream SPF25 / PA++
- Sunprise super aqua SPF35/PA++
- Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

The other two items are their gifts with purchase above SGD$90. Which include a pouch and a traveling size body wash/body lotion set. 

So, I can already tell you 2 of the items I bought are my new loves, but please bear with me till I post the detailed reviews. Meanwhile you can make a guess of the answers ^_^

And, what I really want to mention about, is the free pouch I got this time. It's probably one of my best gift with purchase I ever received (the other one being a gorgeous SKII jewellery box), guess what? I was thinking isn't this pouch too small for makeups??!! The moment I opened it, tada... SURPRISE~~
It's such an adorable accessory pouch which I can use to put some basic accessories I wear often. It's meant for quick grab and go in the busy mornings and for someone like me, who always lose my accessories (including a one month old new swarovski necklace, one side of my most expensive Chanel earrings and my engagement ring from LeeHwa),  this, is the most practical and presentable item I could ever ask for! 

P/S: keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that I won't lose the whole pouch of course...


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