Etude House Hauls

Jan 6, 2015
Sorry I am so bad at keeping track of prices so I can only share pictures of what I've purchased during my recent visit to Etude House, but please do not ask me about the price as I seriously do not remember.

I am quite a big fan of Etude House for their adorable makeup collection though I am not good at makeup at all. I think their products are very affordable and I am even in love with some of their skincare products such as their collagen mask which is my all time favorite.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to stop the IDS regime, I feel that I have an immediate need to purchase a few items, such as a SUNBLOCK!!!!

A quick read on Urcosme, a creditable Taiwan cosmetic website, helped me with my decision to get a Sunblock from Etude House. Of course I never just purchase one item. So take a look at what I've purchased here:

Again I got more makeup items than skincare this time. What to do? Age is catching up and I can't just confidently show off my bare face to others without being worried about questions like, "Why do you look so tired?" Though with makeup on I do have to take the risk of being stared at when I talk,  as if I am using the wrong shade of lipstick.

Anyway, so here are the items I bought, total bill is about SGD$106, honestly after spending about more than 600 at IDS, this 100 bucks is a steal to me!

From left to right:
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color PK001
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color OR203
- Lash Perm Volume Mascara (waterproof)
- Face Conditioning cream SPF25 / PA++
- Sunprise super aqua SPF35/PA++
- Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

The other two items are their gifts with purchase above SGD$90. Which include a pouch and a traveling size body wash/body lotion set. 

So, I can already tell you 2 of the items I bought are my new loves, but please bear with me till I post the detailed reviews. Meanwhile you can make a guess of the answers ^_^

And, what I really want to mention about, is the free pouch I got this time. It's probably one of my best gift with purchase I ever received (the other one being a gorgeous SKII jewellery box), guess what? I was thinking isn't this pouch too small for makeups??!! The moment I opened it, tada... SURPRISE~~
It's such an adorable accessory pouch which I can use to put some basic accessories I wear often. It's meant for quick grab and go in the busy mornings and for someone like me, who always lose my accessories (including a one month old new swarovski necklace, one side of my most expensive Chanel earrings and my engagement ring from LeeHwa),  this, is the most practical and presentable item I could ever ask for! 

P/S: keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that I won't lose the whole pouch of course...

Review: IDS products review after 2 months

Jan 3, 2015
My blog has been a little quiet recently, after my last post on my new journey with IDS, honestly for a period of time, I really thought I probably can close down my blog because I will be sticking to IDS products, hence there's nothing much to share here in the future.

I was wrong...

This post might make many people upset, because IDS products are highly raved by many of my friends and famous celebrity bloggers like Peishi, Kay Kay, and definitely many others. And indeed, IDS has improved, if not resolved my 2 major skin problems, pigmentation and redness skin!

So let me talk about the miracle that happened to me first. I went back for my first review on Dec 01 after using IDS products diligently for a month. I was told that my pigmentation has improved, well honestly I think I can tell that with my naked eyes even. And you can see overall my skin cleared up (no filter as I never edit my photos). They didn't disappear completely so I was given an additional cream called HC, which is to be used together with my SS and SR creams given a month ago. Other than that, I was told to add moisturizer since the creams for pigmentation has made my skin super dehydrated and I felt like spraying facial mist every second, though I am not allowed to as any type of moisturizer will slow down the process to remove pigmentation. The idea is that the pigmentation will dry off and get lighter with skin peeling off slowly. So moisturizer is a no no. Anyway I was all happy with the effectiveness of IDS products before my 1st review. But in fact looking at day 17 picture, there's a sign of dehydrated skin as I can see a clear line appearing on my cheek, and I somehow find my skin less radiant and firm, note that dehydration does lead to enlarged pores and saggy skin.

I only purchased a new bottle of C+ as it's the product I love the most from IDS and one bottle can last barely 2 months, so I thought no harm to stock up one more. And I've also purchased their famous spot cream, which works wonders so far.

So, back to the IDS products, let me talk about them one by one before I share with you why I think my blog isn't going to close down..

I use 4 sprays each time and pat on my face with cotton pad, nothing spectacular to mention about this product at all.

It helps to clear up black/white heads and keep the pores clean. But I got a bit of breakouts from this product so I stopped using it for a while, and now although I am still using it on my Tzone, I apply a tiny amount which explains why I still have almost a whole bottle full after 2 months.

As mentioned, this is my favorite product. It's light weight, easy to absorb, non-greasy and it almost immediately brightens up my skin. I am guessing this is the product that solved my redness problem as it's meant to even skin tone. The only problem is that it's very expensive and only lasts for 2 months on average, that's how much I have left with after 2 exact months.

These are in small tubes which are meant for my pigmentation. The result wasn't obvious after I used SS+SR for a month. It seems that HC is more effective because after adding it into my routine during 2nd month, my pigmentation has lightened.

And my friends suggested to apply a thick layer of HC cream on pigmentation area, the area turned red the next day which was really ugly. Luckily after 4-5 days the affected area were all cleared up and my skin continued to peel off for a few days, the great thing is, my pigmentation gets a lot lighter. But, I also noticed that my skin texture became less smooth after this. As you can roughly tell from picture 03, I guess it gets irritated due to the strong product - HC cream used. And till now I've not tried the method, basically to apply thick layer and leave it overnight, again. I do wish to see my pigmentation lightened again but at the same time, I have this fear that the skin will start peeling off and ends up to be too thin, dry, and sensitive.

This is another expensive product which needs to be used 2-3 times a week at night. I don't have much feedback as it is supposed to tackle aging issue like lines but I've yet to see any result. It does help with blemish though.

This is so far the most effective cream for pimples.

For SPF50, I guess I shouldn't even complain about it being a little greasy. But yes the truth is, it's a little greasy. I do love it very much at first as it provides matt finish which leaves my Tzone a lot more manageable. ALL my friends who went to IDS swear by this sunblock. And I even threw away all my other sunblocks. I was told to apply generous amount as I already have pigmentation problem. So I use about 2.5 pumps each time. But only recently, I started to suspect this might be the culprit of my dehydrated skin because adding back moisturizer after a month simply doesn't help with my dehydrated skin at all.  And I kept wondering why my skin feels extremely dry in the morning but is pretty alright at night. So I removed this sunblock from my daily routine and immediately on the 2nd day, I could feel the difference. But because I've thrown away my sunblocks from other brands, I had to use back this item after stopping it for a week. Immediately, I feel my skin condition went worse like before. Why I say so? My cheeks are so dry and the sunblock leaves some tingling sensation on my skin, it feels almost like my skin couldn't breathe at all. And somehow a little shimmering effect from this product makes my skin looks so dry with more obvious lines. And I had to rush home and quickly wash it off, and apply my other skincare products. Guess what, I can see the glow on my skin again!! So, I definitely need to source for  new sunscreen right after I finish this post.

So, my verdict:
IDS helps in the short term to solve more serious skin problems such as bad acne or pigmentation. But overall, they do not have large variety of products that suit different skin types. In the long run, I still need to rely on my other commercial brands, and that also means, I will share more product reviews with my readers again!

I've cancelled my 2nd review appointment with IDS for now as I want to continue with my own skincare products for the time being before I come to the final conclusion since I do believe the doctor's expertise and how effective their products are. Just that being a beauty blogger myself, I've tried many other products and I am observant enough to understand my skin condition well, hence this time, I just want to listen to my skin and trust me, even the greatest products don't suit all people so for now, I can only say maybe I can rely on IDS for my pigmentation problem, but overall, there's probably many other products that suit my skin better...