Review: IOMA skincare from Paris

Oct 29, 2015
As promised, I am back to introduce this new range of skincare products I've tried recently - IOMA, said to be the first and only evidence based skincare products in the world, from Paris!

Their star product, Ma Creme is such a unique formulation and it's pretty cool to observe how the sales girl prepare the customized day and night cream based on my skin analysis result. 

"Choose between a lightweight base for day, or a regenerating night base, before adding your eight serums drop by drop to your tailor-made prescription. With a total of 40,257 different formulas, you can ensure that Ma Crème is perfectly suited to your skin’s needs."

Back in September, I suddenly realized that my skin condition was showing a slight sign of deterioration after switching to the entire range of DRx products for less than 2 months. I am not exaggerating but I know my skin well enough after all the trial and error over so many years, I think doctor brands, be it IDS, or DRx, are a tad too strong for my sensitive skin although they might provide great result for a short period of time initially.

Hence, I've decided to switch back to the whole range of SKII products I've been loving for more than 10 years. And for a start, I took out all the samples I've received from them and started using for about one week. Just as expected, I certainly felt my skin texture is getting smoother as DRx products somehow gave me the same small red bumps around my nose bridge and under eye area just like IDS. And SKII seemed to work well on those sensitive areas. I set my mind to visit the SKII counter but guess what, when I was there, I saw this brand IOMA which I did read up and found nice reviews about not long ago.

I spent about 15 minutes doing a skin analysis at IOMA counter, their analysis is rather comprehensive as compared to may other similar assessment I did before. The machine basically assess our skin condition in 12 areas and give a score from 1 to 15, 1 being perfect and anything above 10 means need caution!

And here's my conclusion about the effectiveness of their products, based on the result illustrated in these results received on 3 occasions over a month.

To make the result easier to read, let me just compare the areas which have improved greatly:
Sagging: from 5, to 5, to 1
This, has nothing much to do with IOMA in my personal opinion because on the day of my last skin analysis, I just did my 2nd session of laser treatment which gives the face uplifting effect, so I am sure the result is from there.

UV Damage: from 12, to 9, to 5
This is probably the most amazing result I could expect from IOMA products. For the past 1 whole year, I've been finding ways to treat my pigmentation. And the IOMA White Revelation Bright Pearl Essence (SGD$250), is by far the best ever whitening product I've tried. It's to be used for both day and night, one pump each time and 3 pearls in the bottle will burst. The essence is extremely hydrating! That's the reason why I love this product so much because almost all whitening products I've used in the past, made my skin dry! And the brightening effect is almost immediate. Within a month, the UV damage has dropped from 12 to 5 gradually, isn't that amazing?! Even laser treatment didn't give me such promising result. Of course the patch of pigment on my left cheek is still visible, but I am very confident that I could conceal it better with simple makeup. And I've just purchased another set of this Pearl Essence recently, which comes with a Dark Spots Elixir (SGD$78), I have not tried it so I am not able to give any feedback on that at the moment.

Clogged Pores: from 7, to 6, to 2
I believe this is a result of my recent facial at Le Queenz, but of course I've been more diligent in deep cleansing my face with IOMA Absorbent Mask (SGD$95). It's a little more gentle on my skin as compared to my recent favorite volcano mask from Innisfree. I love to use their Beneficial Mask(SGD$95) right after that for calming and restoring purpose. Although my skin redness level has not really dropped based on the analysis, visibly I do see huge improvement around my Tzone and I stocked up another 2 more tubes of Beneficial Masks right away. 

Eyebag / Eyelid from 4, to 4, to 3
I was a bit surprised to realize my upper eyelid problem might be even more serious than my lower eyelid problems as in general, I do not have dark circles. Fine lines and wrinkles are byproducts of ageing and fatigue so it's rather inevitable. But during my first analysis, the kind sales girl pointed out that due to gravity, my upper eyelids are dropping, though not very obvious nor severe, it's a clear sign of ageing and she recommended their Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate (SGD$150), which is designed to focus on neglected upper eyelid area. I have to say I love this product to bits. It brightens my eyes instantly and improves blood circulation, because I can feel my eye area getting a little hotter each time I apply this eye cream, and immediately my eyes feel relaxed and that makes me feel like applying it again and again!

Interestingly my fine lines / wrinkles increased during my most recent assessment. And all I could say is, hydrating, hydrating, and hydrating!

Because right before the skin test, I went for my laser treatment and as usual, nurses at the clinic only applies a thin layer of sunblock after the treatment so I didn't get the chance to apply my full range of skincare products. As my skin hydration level dropped (from 2, to 1, to 3), I believe it affected the result on fine lines and wrinkles too! I am still using my favorite Hydrator from DRx clinic, but one bottle (SGD$70-80) can only last me for about 3 months. So I am looking for alternatives and do leave a comment to me if you have any great moisturizer to recommend!

I've switched my entire skincare range to IOMA and I must say I am very satisfied with the result so far. Next step is to switch my facial cleansers to BABOR which I used and fell in love with instantly at the Le Queenz salon during my facial.

IOMA products are not extremely expensive but they don't come cheap easier. But luckily, with a lot of promotion going on at Robinsons Raffles City, it's pretty easy to get some promotional sets which are more value for money. 

Updates: March 18, 2016
I've been using IOMA products for months, and I have finished my first bottle of Pearl Essence and 1/3 way into my 2nd bottle, I still love it as much. But for their Ma Creme, I've stopped using both the day and night creams, as there's no significant improvement and the creams are rather sticky, especially the day cream.

Review: Le Queenz customized facial

Oct 1, 2015
Sorry to leave this space rather quiet recently, but, I am back with so much to share!!

Yes I have switched up my skincare go-tos lately, on a whim, luckily the result was way better than expected and I will share more with you about that cool new range of products I tried in another upcoming post.

For now, let me talk about my facial experience with this beauty salon called Le Queenz at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. You surely won't miss it though it's nested at a corner on level 2, it looks rather classy and outstanding within that old laid back building. It's by far the best facial I've tried, out of the.. 3 times I've done in my entire 36 years of life!

Alright so basically I am not really a fan of facials, I guess that's clear enough by now. The unbearable pain during extraction is always my #1 concern, let alone the red lobster face with marks after the facial which might lasts for days or weeks. Another thing is, for a full time working mother with 2 young kids at home, I seriously do not have the luxuries of time even if it's just 1 - 1.5 hours, once a month. I am not exaggerating, there's just no way I could leave kids at home and go out alone on weekends, and for weekdays, it's a habit to rush home after work as I only have about 1.5 hours bonding time before they go to bed, that's extremely precious to me, needless to say.

Then, I decided to look around for a beauty salon around my office area so that I could simply make use of my lunch break for some great treat. Yes all full time working mummies would definitely agree with me that lunch break is probably their best ME time for shopping, girls' meetups, gym, and of course, facials! With a little bit of luck, I chanced upon this review on Ms Charlotte Lum's blog, and decided to fix an appointment with Le Queenz right away. Yes the salon is very near to my office and I have many other options nearby, so why Le Queenz?!

Ms Charlotte Lum has the answer to that on her blog post, basically at Le Queenz, they do not practice the traditional way of extraction by poking and squeezing around your face. Instead, they use advanced machines to do the job, thus it's effective, yet painless. And the experience surely didn't disappoint at all. In fact, this is the best ever facial I've ever been to and I was so glad that I decided to pay hem a visit despite the not so pleasant experience with facial in the past at other places. And by quoting Charlotte Lum's name, I paid S$48 for a trial of their customized facial that worth S$168 inclusive of GST!

As I am not a frequent visitor at salons, I was a little embarrassed and nervous when I first entered the salon. But the staff there made me comfortable with their warm greetings and smiles. The environment is pretty cozy though I didn't check out their different kind of treatment rooms. I was too excited to try out the facial and totally forget about paying attention to the details for blogging purpose. The facial lasted for exactly 1.5 hours. And I must mention their bed is super duper comfortable! It's better than those places I visited before (SKII boutique, Healing Touch spa and DRx clinic). Of course the facial experience is way better too because I could see immediate result and left the place with a more radiant and clearer skin, without the need to put on any makeup or cover any red marks at all!

Again I am going to let the picture speak for itself..

The right picture was taken the day before my facial (sorry I totally forgot to take another picture right before the facial but I guess the picture on the previous day should serve the same purpose).
The left picture was taken right after my facial, yes I walked back to my office with my bare face, no makeup at all and can you believe it?! Yes my nose area is a little red as my beautician Tracy did squeeze my whiteheads a bit, imagine I've never really done facial in the past, my pores are quite disastrous, luckily Tracy commented that my face is very clear and only my nose area is a bit clogged. I took the chance to capture the result of extraction, gross yes, but I am so happy!

So the amazing result led me to sign up for my first ever facial package right away, for S$1289, you get 12 sessions and each session is about S$108, I find the price pretty decent because they do not just use machine to extract blackheads/whiteheads, they also use machine to help skin better absorb the enzyme from their customized ampules.

Tracy did a brilliant job massaging my eyes. I am blessed that I do not have dark eye rings but I do have puffy eyes and as I grow older, my upper eyelids start to get droopy and after Tracy's hand massage, my eyes instantly brightened up with slightly lifted eyelids!!! In fact not just my eyes, my whole face felt tighter and more lifted and even my laughing lines looked lighter. I think the result is not just temporary because on the 2nd day after my facial, my eyelids are still looking good!

And if you are wondering whether Le Queenz staff are hard selling just like most of the beauticians you've met at other salons before, I would say no, they aren't. Tracy shared with me that they use Babor brand of skincare products for all their treatments, but after knowing that I do have my own choices of products at home, she didn't even mention about switching to their products for my daily regime at all.

Just for my readers' convenience, I would like to share that they do provide professional eye brow service and based on my research, Elaine is the beautician who's absolutely great at that. And here's their contact if you would like to make appointment: 6244 0228 / 8533 2336. You know I seldom include such information like contact details in my post as I am not a "celebrity blogger" who gets sponsorship for blogging. But I noticed there are not much sharing about Le Queenz experience online and personally I feel they deserve some limelight for such professional service that absolutely delivers great result!

back to DRx for.. combi laser!

Sep 18, 2015
So, after trying out DRx's Q-switched laser treatment for 3 sessions, I could see some slight improvement on my pigmentation, which you probably might be able to notice from the pictures I posted in my previous post here. I mentioned that I didn't really like the treatment that much as it leaves my skin a little dry, and it doesn't really help when I pair it with the whitening products from DRx, as most whitening products make our skin dryer, especially doctor brands in my humble opinion.

Being someone who is super sensitive to skin condition changes, I decided to stop their whitening range before my skin condition deteriorates further as I was so worried that it will get back to the IDS time again.

Then, I called DRx to check when will my first doctor, Doctor Yanni be back and to my greatest pleasure, she's back from maternity leave on that very day I called. I booked an appointment with her immediately and the next morning, I was at her room being her first customer of the day, she looked gorgeous as a new mum and she greeted me with brightest smile, I knew, my choice of switching back to her, was absolutely right!

Dr Yanni always says my skin type is very similar to hers, hence she's really able to pinpoint my concerns and gives me the best advice. She agreed with my observation about my dryness problem after the Q-switched laser. And put me right back on the combi laser again. What she said makes perfect sense to me was that, when my skin turns red easily, especially during menstrual period, skin is prone to inflammation, which is one of the root causes of skin aging. So by switching back to combi laser, it will tame the inflammatory skin and help with skin rejuvenation process.

She also agreed with Dr Angela, whom I've been seeing during Doctor Yanni's maternity leave period, that my skin texture is good in general so if I would like to look even younger, Ultherapy could be considered for uplifting effect to treat the saggy skin. I will consider that probably in another 1-2 years time I guess.

I asked her about the importance of standard facial as I've never been doing regular facials. She advised me to consider it if I notice bad clogged pores, white or blackheads, as those facial will help to deep cleanse the skin and prepare it for better absorption of the skin care products. But for the time being, she feels it's not compulsory as she believes I've been religiously taking care of my skin with regular scrubbing and mask-ing.

I left the clinic with a much clearer and supple face after my combi laser treatment. I am not sure what I am up for next but for the time being, I am extremely happy to be back on my combi laser again with Dr Yanni!

DRx Q-Switched laser treatment

Sep 4, 2015
Back in May this year, I've blogged about my experience on Combi Laser treatment with DRx clinic. Upon completing the 5x treatment package, I was extremely satisfied with the result but I decided to stop the laser for a while. So what happened next?

Well I went back to DRx again in August, after noticing the fact that the skin condition cannot be maintained without any treatment at all. Overall it's still not as bad as my IDS time but, I have high expectations and wished that my skin condition can be perfect even during ovulation period. Yes basically it's relatively good for half a month, but once ovulation starts, my skin looks dull and dry, with more obvious lines and pores.

Well when I said so, I am not kidding. The 2 pictures below say it all. The one on the left was taken during ovulation period an the one on the right, was taken around 4th day during my period. Look at the deep lines and enlarged pores, as well as the dull looking skin color in the left photo. So even though the combi laser worked great for me, it still can't do much with my hormone changes.

So this time, I switched to another doctor, Doctor Angela who seems really popular, as Doctor Yanni is still on maternity leave. Doctor Angela expressed more concerns about my pigmentation and warned me that if I do not treat my melanin properly,  my pigmentation might get worse as I age. So at the end of the consultation, I signed myself up for another laser package, 10x Q switched laser to treat my pigmentation.

Since then, I've been visiting her every 2 weeks. This treatment is definitely not as enjoyable as the combi laser treatment I did before. Although there's no numb cream required, it's indeed a little painful as she uses the equipment on my skin. My eyes are covered so I am not sure about what kind of equipment is used, but I do hear the "piak piak" sound and there's often a burning smell especially when she's focusing on my pigmentation area.

As for the result, I am not so sure yet but here's a picture to share with you all. Most of my friends commented that the pigmented area do look better after 2 treatments.

What I do not really enjoy about this treatment, is not the slight discomfort/pain it caused, but rather the fact that my skin do not look much different after the treatment, unlike the combi laser which gives almost instant result. And my skin tends to be a little try and prone to breakouts somehow though it's not serious at all. I will update my readers again after my 6th and 10th treatment.

In general I am still happy with what DRx helped me to achieve so far, but I am definitely hoping for even better result as my skin has been aging really fast this year. Stay tuned for more updates from me in the next couple of weeks please!

experience with eyelash extension

Aug 5, 2015
Last month, I tried a home eyelash extension service near my area as per my colleagues recommendation, since I have a colleague's wedding to attend and I was told by many girls in office that I will not need any makeup or beauty cam once I get those long, thick, curly lashes.

I have not done any kind of research about eyelash extension, that's not very my style as usually I would read up as much as possible and compare reviews but since this beautician is highly recommended by people I know, I didn't think twice. 

So, I spent 2 hours at the beautician's cozy living room and tada, here's what I got!

I do not have much to share about the actual process, as I was sleeping throughout that 2 hours! So at least one thing we know for sure, it's not painful at all! The beautician mentioned that normal people have about 200-300 lashes and I am more on the 300 side so it takes slightly longer time.  She also said lower lash extension is not advisable as you might easily get a fierce look in the end, and the glue also gets into the eyes easily.

Well indeed I got some glues in one side and it caused a burning sensation. I think it's pretty much depending on the beautician's skill, and I wasn't at a reputable salon, so what more to ask for. And here's another picture showing the effect after 12 days. You can see maybe half of the lashes have dropped by now but it's still not too bad. How I wish my natural lashes can be this long!

The end result lasted for a total of 3 - 4 weeks. But towards the 4th week I was pretty frustrated with the one or two strands of extremely long lashes left so I "pluck" them out as they do look too outstanding, or I should say awkward, with my own short natural lashes.

Initially it's a little difficult to handle the lashes as I cannot simple wipe my face in seconds with a towel. But I got used to it in a few days. My husband was pretty wow-ed by the effect and even told me to do it often!

But, I like to think that eyelash extensions are pretty much like gelish manicure. Once you do it, you get addicted because you can not simply stop and accept your "naked" eyes/nails, not to mention they are pretty much badly damaged.  My natural lashes are pretty thick but not too long, but I noticed that now they got even shorter somehow, or maybe just weaker because I don't seem to be able to curl them nicely.

So despite the wonderful result from my first and only eyelash extension experience, I've decided not to do it anymore, well probably two more times, on my boys weddings 20 years later!

And for now, I've purchased these items from Etude House, to take better care of my lashes! I will share the result in another post after trying them for a month of two!

Combi laser treamtment from DRx clinic

May 21, 2015
Back in January, I did a post about my experience with IDS clinic and at that time, I mentioned that I've cancelled my review appointment with them as I discovered some drastic changes on my skin. So, it's been nearly 5 months since then, and finally I am back to update my readers about what happened to my skin after that.

So, the extremely dry and dehydrated skin from using IDS products, made me pretty upset as I felt like I grew older by 5 years out of sudden. I couldn't believe my skin condition was that bad till I dug out some old photos taken during the period I was with IDS. And the worst part is, after stopping their products and switching back to my SKII regime for nearly 2 months, I only managed to see slight improvement in terms of skin texture, but my skin was still very dry and sensitive, and of course, it looked so dirty that no makeup could cover the flaws.

Out of desperation, I was trying to find solutions on the internet and of course, facial was the first thing popped into my mind. As I have never done any facial before, I went to a nearby salon for a basic facial in hoping that my skin will look radiant again. The result wasn't bad, but it wasn't lasting of course. And it's probably fated, one of my friends was sharing her own facial experience and I was so impressed with the result as her acne scars and pores were significantly reduced after the facial. I didn't give a second thought but asked for the contact immediately, and off I went, to aesthetician at DRx clinic.

Interestingly, DRx clinic was founded by Dr SK Tan from IDS clinic. I must say the set up are very similar. I have a distinctive preference over DRx clinic as their nurses are extremely friendly. And their doctors, are so handsome and pretty!!! I am serious about that and they all have really beautiful skin so immediately my confident level with the clinic and doctors shoot up sky high!!

I spent about 15 minutes for my first consultation with Dr Yanni, gosh she's like a princess!! She listened to my problems patiently and agreed with my own concerns about my skin. When I went to IDS clinic, Dr Tan was focusing on my pigmentation problem but this time, Dr Yanni agreed with me that I should work on rosacea treatment which will reduce my facial redness, especially around my tzone area, so to get a more even skin tone. She recommended me to go through this 5x combi facial which hopefully, will reduce my skin redness by 50%-60%. And she said this laser treatment will also help to deal with my pigmentation and pores at the same time. I honestly didn't expect much from the beginning as I already had my mind set on their laser treatment. The package isn't cheap, or I should say it's rather expensive, but the result, let's see...

From the photo collage:
1. My skin before IDS, can see the redness, pigmentation, lines, pore (gosh so many problems but, it wasn't that bad)
2. My skin during IDS, look at the lines, pores, pimples.. now you know why I had to stop their products?!!
3. My skin right after the 5th laser treatment at DRx, still a little red which is normal
4. My skin 1 day after the 5th laser treatment at DRx, I honestly feel it's back to the before (picture 1) time, finally!!!

Besides the laser treatment which helped to bring back my skin to it's original condition, DRx's moisturizer is a wonderful product which I will definitely continue to use! I remember when I first switched back to SKII from IDS, no matter how many layers of moisturizer I used, the lines on my dehydrated skin were still obvious. But after adding this moisturizer before my SKII day cream, immediately I could see improvement.

So now I've finished 5 sessions of combi laser treatment with DRx, I am giving my skin a break to see if I could maintain its current condition, before deciding on whether to sign up another package with them for basic laser treatment. Personally I think it's way more effective than going for facial. And the best part is, it only takes about 10-15 minutes without any downtime, which makes it the best "lunch time quick fixes" solution for my skin!!

Review: Christine Ladies Ultra Tightening Mask

Feb 10, 2015
I came across this Taiwan local skin care brand - Christine Ladies, that is only sold in specific high end salons and through online distribution while I was talking to a colleague of mine. She's young and blessed with porcelain skin so usually I don't follow her skincare regime as we have different set of skincare concerns. But what caught my attention is when she mentioned about this Ultra Tightening Mask from this famous brand, as I believe with aging, sagging skin has become the next biggest problem I need to tackle.

If you've read my previous reviews, you know I swear by SKII and Etude House masks. so I've been pretty skeptical when comes to masks as I know what really works for me. But the word "tightening" has definitely caught my attention.

So I got myself 1 piece to try, and guess what, just after one application, I couldn't resist but ordered another 5 boxes from a seller in Malaysia as I don't seem to find any seller here in Singapore.

I have to be honest, this mask has now became my #1 favorite for many many reasons:
- It uses Japan's invisible mask fabric which is 100% cotton fabric with thickness of only 0.03cm, so in terms of application, this has to be the most comfortable mask I've ever experienced, I can even see my skin color with this mask on!
- It claims to protect skin tissues, repair damaged cells, smooth fine lines, tighten, whiten and moisturize and to increase skin radiance, keeping it in its best condition. For me, the immediate effect I got from this mask, is tightened pores, trust me I have never ever came across any products that gives such good result on pores though I do not have visible pores except on my nose area which is caused by a common disease called "rosacea". And the mask definitely keeps my skin moisturized and radiant!
- After I peel off the mask, unlike many other masks, there's not much essence left on my face, so I just need to wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked in toner, and apply my skincare products as per normal. I absolutely hate it if I need to even cleanse my face to get rid of the residues from other masks, it feels almost like the essence were  not well absorbed by my skin. But for this Christine Ladies Ultra Tightening mask, I do not have that problem at all.
- The tightening effect is definitely there! I can see my chin got sharper though I am not certain how long will that effect last. But the main thing is, it helps to tighten my sagging skin, even if just by a tiny bit, I am happy!!
- I look less haggard after using this mask. That might be the number one reason why I love it so much I guess?! Maybe it's the tightening effect again, I just feel my eyes areas are less puffy and my skin feel well moisturized throughout the day!

Alright a picture speaks a thousand words, here's what I got before, during, and after using the mask.

There's absolutely no editing of picture and I didn't put on any make up at all. I know I have many skin problems, but just look at the lines around my nose bridge, the puffiness around my eyes, and my round face before the mask, I see clear improvement on all these areas ight after 1 piece of mask. The effect on my pores are not clear in the photos but I definitely can see that in the mirror!

I do not think I will be investing much on SKII Facial Treatment masks in the future, no doubt they are good, I believe this Christine Ladies Argireline Ultra Tightening mask is way more value for money.

If you are interested in this mask, sorry that I am not able to tell you where to get it in Singapore, I wish it's easily available here though.

I got mine from a friendly seller Serene and she ships the masks over from Malaysia, it takes about 4-5 days but well worth the wait as I compared her price with some other online sellers and I do think her price is pretty decent.
Her contact details are here:
Wechat: serene966yap
Whatsapp: +601278388250

P/S: This is not a sponsored post so in case you are wondering, I get absolutely nothing for sharing her contact here, indeed I do not do any sponsored posts on my blog at all, it's just my humble review on the mask so, try it to believe it =)

Etude House Hauls

Jan 6, 2015
Sorry I am so bad at keeping track of prices so I can only share pictures of what I've purchased during my recent visit to Etude House, but please do not ask me about the price as I seriously do not remember.

I am quite a big fan of Etude House for their adorable makeup collection though I am not good at makeup at all. I think their products are very affordable and I am even in love with some of their skincare products such as their collagen mask which is my all time favorite.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to stop the IDS regime, I feel that I have an immediate need to purchase a few items, such as a SUNBLOCK!!!!

A quick read on Urcosme, a creditable Taiwan cosmetic website, helped me with my decision to get a Sunblock from Etude House. Of course I never just purchase one item. So take a look at what I've purchased here:

Again I got more makeup items than skincare this time. What to do? Age is catching up and I can't just confidently show off my bare face to others without being worried about questions like, "Why do you look so tired?" Though with makeup on I do have to take the risk of being stared at when I talk,  as if I am using the wrong shade of lipstick.

Anyway, so here are the items I bought, total bill is about SGD$106, honestly after spending about more than 600 at IDS, this 100 bucks is a steal to me!

From left to right:
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color PK001
- Dear My Wish Lips-talk color OR203
- Lash Perm Volume Mascara (waterproof)
- Face Conditioning cream SPF25 / PA++
- Sunprise super aqua SPF35/PA++
- Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

The other two items are their gifts with purchase above SGD$90. Which include a pouch and a traveling size body wash/body lotion set. 

So, I can already tell you 2 of the items I bought are my new loves, but please bear with me till I post the detailed reviews. Meanwhile you can make a guess of the answers ^_^

And, what I really want to mention about, is the free pouch I got this time. It's probably one of my best gift with purchase I ever received (the other one being a gorgeous SKII jewellery box), guess what? I was thinking isn't this pouch too small for makeups??!! The moment I opened it, tada... SURPRISE~~
It's such an adorable accessory pouch which I can use to put some basic accessories I wear often. It's meant for quick grab and go in the busy mornings and for someone like me, who always lose my accessories (including a one month old new swarovski necklace, one side of my most expensive Chanel earrings and my engagement ring from LeeHwa),  this, is the most practical and presentable item I could ever ask for! 

P/S: keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that I won't lose the whole pouch of course...

Review: IDS products review after 2 months

Jan 3, 2015
My blog has been a little quiet recently, after my last post on my new journey with IDS, honestly for a period of time, I really thought I probably can close down my blog because I will be sticking to IDS products, hence there's nothing much to share here in the future.

I was wrong...

This post might make many people upset, because IDS products are highly raved by many of my friends and famous celebrity bloggers like Peishi, Kay Kay, and definitely many others. And indeed, IDS has improved, if not resolved my 2 major skin problems, pigmentation and redness skin!

So let me talk about the miracle that happened to me first. I went back for my first review on Dec 01 after using IDS products diligently for a month. I was told that my pigmentation has improved, well honestly I think I can tell that with my naked eyes even. And you can see overall my skin cleared up (no filter as I never edit my photos). They didn't disappear completely so I was given an additional cream called HC, which is to be used together with my SS and SR creams given a month ago. Other than that, I was told to add moisturizer since the creams for pigmentation has made my skin super dehydrated and I felt like spraying facial mist every second, though I am not allowed to as any type of moisturizer will slow down the process to remove pigmentation. The idea is that the pigmentation will dry off and get lighter with skin peeling off slowly. So moisturizer is a no no. Anyway I was all happy with the effectiveness of IDS products before my 1st review. But in fact looking at day 17 picture, there's a sign of dehydrated skin as I can see a clear line appearing on my cheek, and I somehow find my skin less radiant and firm, note that dehydration does lead to enlarged pores and saggy skin.

I only purchased a new bottle of C+ as it's the product I love the most from IDS and one bottle can last barely 2 months, so I thought no harm to stock up one more. And I've also purchased their famous spot cream, which works wonders so far.

So, back to the IDS products, let me talk about them one by one before I share with you why I think my blog isn't going to close down..

I use 4 sprays each time and pat on my face with cotton pad, nothing spectacular to mention about this product at all.

It helps to clear up black/white heads and keep the pores clean. But I got a bit of breakouts from this product so I stopped using it for a while, and now although I am still using it on my Tzone, I apply a tiny amount which explains why I still have almost a whole bottle full after 2 months.

As mentioned, this is my favorite product. It's light weight, easy to absorb, non-greasy and it almost immediately brightens up my skin. I am guessing this is the product that solved my redness problem as it's meant to even skin tone. The only problem is that it's very expensive and only lasts for 2 months on average, that's how much I have left with after 2 exact months.

These are in small tubes which are meant for my pigmentation. The result wasn't obvious after I used SS+SR for a month. It seems that HC is more effective because after adding it into my routine during 2nd month, my pigmentation has lightened.

And my friends suggested to apply a thick layer of HC cream on pigmentation area, the area turned red the next day which was really ugly. Luckily after 4-5 days the affected area were all cleared up and my skin continued to peel off for a few days, the great thing is, my pigmentation gets a lot lighter. But, I also noticed that my skin texture became less smooth after this. As you can roughly tell from picture 03, I guess it gets irritated due to the strong product - HC cream used. And till now I've not tried the method, basically to apply thick layer and leave it overnight, again. I do wish to see my pigmentation lightened again but at the same time, I have this fear that the skin will start peeling off and ends up to be too thin, dry, and sensitive.

This is another expensive product which needs to be used 2-3 times a week at night. I don't have much feedback as it is supposed to tackle aging issue like lines but I've yet to see any result. It does help with blemish though.

This is so far the most effective cream for pimples.

For SPF50, I guess I shouldn't even complain about it being a little greasy. But yes the truth is, it's a little greasy. I do love it very much at first as it provides matt finish which leaves my Tzone a lot more manageable. ALL my friends who went to IDS swear by this sunblock. And I even threw away all my other sunblocks. I was told to apply generous amount as I already have pigmentation problem. So I use about 2.5 pumps each time. But only recently, I started to suspect this might be the culprit of my dehydrated skin because adding back moisturizer after a month simply doesn't help with my dehydrated skin at all.  And I kept wondering why my skin feels extremely dry in the morning but is pretty alright at night. So I removed this sunblock from my daily routine and immediately on the 2nd day, I could feel the difference. But because I've thrown away my sunblocks from other brands, I had to use back this item after stopping it for a week. Immediately, I feel my skin condition went worse like before. Why I say so? My cheeks are so dry and the sunblock leaves some tingling sensation on my skin, it feels almost like my skin couldn't breathe at all. And somehow a little shimmering effect from this product makes my skin looks so dry with more obvious lines. And I had to rush home and quickly wash it off, and apply my other skincare products. Guess what, I can see the glow on my skin again!! So, I definitely need to source for  new sunscreen right after I finish this post.

So, my verdict:
IDS helps in the short term to solve more serious skin problems such as bad acne or pigmentation. But overall, they do not have large variety of products that suit different skin types. In the long run, I still need to rely on my other commercial brands, and that also means, I will share more product reviews with my readers again!

I've cancelled my 2nd review appointment with IDS for now as I want to continue with my own skincare products for the time being before I come to the final conclusion since I do believe the doctor's expertise and how effective their products are. Just that being a beauty blogger myself, I've tried many other products and I am observant enough to understand my skin condition well, hence this time, I just want to listen to my skin and trust me, even the greatest products don't suit all people so for now, I can only say maybe I can rely on IDS for my pigmentation problem, but overall, there's probably many other products that suit my skin better...