Embark on my new journey with Dr SK Tan@ IDS

Nov 4, 2014
This space is probably as dead as a log, as i was spending more time coping with the development milestones of my 2 boys and updating their blogs for the past few weeks, or maybe months even..

But I am not going to disappoint the readers sticking around my blog and here's a new post, about my new journey with Dr SK Tan from IDS Clinic. To be honest, I've been trying out a lot of commercial products, especially those famous brands in the market, and overall my skin condition isn't bad, indeed I often get compliments from friends about my complexion, not flawless but overall, pretty smooth and radiant. So it never crossed my mind that I would need to see a skin doctor. And my impression about doctor brands were never good in the past, I guess I am very attracted by the posh packaging of counter brands and doctor brands just seem too dull and boring to me.

Before I share more about my experience at IDS, let me tell you, why? Why IDS?
Alright so about 2 months ago, I was introduced to this miracle spray MAIONE, which is highly raved by 女人我最大,it is priced at S$220 and can only be purchased through distributors as this is a MLM brand. I've used it religiously for more than 2 months, day and night without a fail. And instead of the recommended 2 sprays on the face, I do 4-7 times instead, I do have a big face you see?!!

I would say the result was pretty promising especially during the first 2 weeks, which you can clearly tell from the picture attached. Indeed it worked wonders on my pigmentation, as for lines and pores, I do not find it super effective. But I've seen a lot of amazing photos from their distributors, the only thing is I noticed a lot of those photos are from people aged at least 45 and above, likely with very bad skin condition to start with. So if you do not have aged skin, yes my definition of aged skin is probably 45 and above, then I would not recommend this since the result might not be convincing enough like what you expect.

So, after showing these before/after pictures to my mummy friends (we have a whatsapp group and we talk about anything under the sun), some mentioned about Dr SK Tan from IDS clinic, as they've seen even better result for their skin problems after visiting IDS. I made an impulse decision to follow one of them to the clinic, though many asked why do I need to since I do not have major skin problems. Well yes my skin texture is rather smooth and I don't have breakouts, lines and pores are part of aging so unless I am willing to go for laser treatment, nothing much I could really improve I guess. But, I do have very serious pigmentation, which were lightened by using MAIONE spray for sure, but still obvious enough so I thought it's really time for me to take better care of them.

The visit to IDS clinic on a Saturday morning was pretty pleasant. The waiting time wasn't long as my kind mummy friend has settled everything for me before hand. I was there at 12 noon, registered myself by filling up a form with my basic particulars. And after a brief chit chat with my friend for less than 15 minutes, our names were called. So we went in to see the legendary Dr Tan, without my face picture being captured, which is usually the first thing we need to do while going for the consultation. But Dr Tan said that's alright, I can do it later.

Dr Tan did a quick review for my friend before moving on to my session which is equally quick. By now I believe he has this habit of asking this same one million dollar question, "What problem do you have with your skin?!"

Luckily my friend has told me about his routine so I know if I start complaining about my pores, lines, blemish, blah blah blah, he's going to laugh!! Trust me, you can try it yourself, he will laugh with that "are you serious? you have so many problems for me to treat?" kind of face! So I just smiled and said, my pigmentation!

Oh right he face looked so concerned, he asked if I am using sunblock, and for how long? The answer is obvious, I've been using it diligently for the past 15 years!! He then agreed that my pigmentation could be caused by hormones due to my pregnancies, and instructed the nurse to prescribe me the right products, and that's it, I was done with my consultation in less than 5 minutes! He didn't use that interesting glasses to check my skin, I guess just one look he can tell how bad my pigmentation is. I then proceeded on to another room to have my skin picture taken. There's nothing new there, I've done such tests many times before, but mostly at beauty counters like SKII, Shiseido. And usually they only analyze one side of my face and I was "smart" enough to only let them touch the side with less pigmentation, so my skin age used to be younger than my actual age (okay that sound scheming but yes I'm that vain!!)...

Sorry to scare you people but yes that's how bad my skin looked under the machine. And for the first time I see my skin age is the same as my actual age, that's very disappointing to someone who has put in so much efforts to take care of the skin!! But i know it is all due to the pigmentation so I'm so determined to get them fixed this time!

I brought home a set of IDS products, the nurse explained the steps on how to use them and even wrote them down on their booklet for me. I know many people might think it is crazy to pile so many layers of products but I'm very used to such a regime.

I've used them for just 1 day and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked into the mirror, there's only one word to describe my skin condition after trying the IDS products: cleared up! Yes, my pigmentation, pores, blemish all seemed to tame down quite a bit.

If you ask me whether you should give Dr SK Tan at IDS clinic a try, well, I would say, why not?! But know your skin well and don't expect miracle to happen after just one visit. He will probably try to tackle your skin problems one by one, start with the biggest one first of course. And just like any other doctor brands, i do feel dryness around my cheek area after switching to IDS products, and I have a zit popped out on my chin, which I take as a natural detox of my skin as I take on any new products.

Till my next update about IDS after my visit in a month time, stay tuned!!