Review: Etude House collagen moistfull mask

Jul 3, 2014
Thanks to World Cup 2014, I've been staying up late to catch some of the matches and there's no surprise at all that my skin, is looking really crappy lately. With enlarged pores, more obvious fine lines and huge eye bags, I have no confidence posing to the camera with my bare skin anymore.

In situation like this when my regular skin care products cannot even do wonders, well of course beauty sleeps can save me, but I just couldn't afford any good rest with busy work schedule and family commitment, my best solution to all my skin problems, has to be my favorite facial mask: Etude House collagen moistfull mask!! Yes when I call it my favorite now, you know it is even better than the legendary, my ever favorite, SKII facial treatment mask.

The mask is retailing at SGD$3.90 per piece, I got mine from Korea airport during buy 2 packs get 1 pack free promotion. So 3 packs of 30 pieces costs only USD$36. Hence each piece is about SGD$1.5 only... so, when is my Korea shopping trip again??!!

Alright back to my crappy looking skin, I know how haggard I looked here despite the big smile for Holland's win over Mexico to enter the quarter finals:

Just like any other sheet mask, it's extremely easy to use and the mask comes with a super nice scent which I am deeply in love with. I guess what makes this mask outstanding as compared to other similar masks, lies in the materials they are made from. Be it cotton or fiber, or anything else, I have no clue but I know this mask, provides a perfect fit to the contour of my face, keeping the precious liquid formulas in contact with the skin at all times. The fit is even and leaves no gaps. A reminder again about using sheet masks, apply for no more than 25 minutes as it might bring away the moisture in your skin due to evaporation. So the concept of sleeping with a sheet mask, is a complete myth.

I do not wash my face after applying this mask, instead I apply my BB cream right away after massaging the remaining solutions of the mask on my face.

tada, here's the thousand words worthy picture, no photo editing at all!

I don't think I need to say more...