Review: Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder

Mar 18, 2014
Yet another Collagen Powder???!!!

Yes! I am a big fan of collagen and how can I miss out the chance to try out this Suntory Milcolla 5000mg Collagen Powder, which is highly raved by 柳燕 and 牛尔老师 from 女人我最大!!

The ingredients consist of collagen peptides which are smaller than the usual collagen powder in the market, and Vitamin C which can help you build immunity. I remember 柳燕老师 mentioned that it is extremely convenient to take this collagen powder without the need to add on other types of multivitamins, which sounds like the best selling point to me.
So I ordered 2 packs from Qoo10 just to try out. You know I have switched to DHC Collagen Powder for quite a few months and compared to DHC, this Milcolla collagen tastes 100x better!!! There's no fishy taste at all, but there's only one problem, it is not easy to get dissolved (see picture), neither in luke warm water, nor hot water.

Taste and texture aside, what is most important, is the result, isn't it?!!!

So does it work?!

I know I will disappoint many with my personal opinion on this but let me just be brutally honest this time, NOPE, I do NOT see any sort of effect, NOT AT ALL!!


Well I am pretty sure it works for some people based on many positive reviews from others on the internet, but just not for me. I consider myself pretty experienced with collagen stuff nowadays after trying a few different brands and consuming it for quite a long period of time. But this Milcolla brand, just doesn't show any improvement on my skin so far. I said "so far", I meant after finishing a whole pack of it. I switched back to DHC Collagen Powder right after I finished my first pack of Milcolla and I am not kidding, I can see my face brightening up right away!! And not to forget the Milcolla Collagen Powder costs way more expensive than DHC as it has 15 servings only, but DHC is for 32 servings.

If you wonder why I am so certain that it did nothing for me, basically I check my skin carefully daily and the first thing you can look out for, while consuming collagen products, is visibly minimized pores in a couple of days, followed by radiance and glow from the skin in a couple of weeks, and finally increased skin elasticity level in the next 1-2 months. For Milcolla, I just didn't observe any of these so nope, it's just not working for me no matter how its die-hard fans wish to prove me wrong.

Obviously I am going to stock up on DHC Collagen Powder from now onwards!!


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