Review: Radiance PhysioFit

Feb 25, 2014
Warning: Long posts with many unglamorous photos =P

Alright this is definitely not a post about skincare review, but I am sure my readers will be interested because it is still about how to look great!

As your know, to maintain a healthy looking skin, regular exercise is important and that's the reason why I am a founder's member with True Yoga, which allows me to use their gym and yoga facilities for a life time. Yes I have my retirement life well planned that I am going to spend lots of time at their gym or attending their yoga classes. But for now, tada, I signed up a 3 months (with 1 month free) membership with Radiance PhysioFit together with my sister, to enjoy regular workout during lunch hours.

This fitness center is conveniently located at AXA Tower, which is about 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, 7 minutes walk from my office building. It combines both physiotherapy services and gym utilities all under one roof, though at this moment, I am only using their gym facilities so my post will focus on that instead of their physiotherapy services which I have not much clue about.

To give you a better idea about why I am so excited about signing up with this gym, first of all, I am overweight for almost 30 years of my life!
I am going to reveal some photos which I myself dare not to look at honestly, but, a picture says a thousands words.

This picture was taken in 2007, when I was 28 years old.
You have no idea how overjoyed I felt when I managed to squeeze in to that top because the sleeves were relatively short for my big arms =(, I weighed around 65kg and I was trying to slim down for my wedding by going to yoga classes 3 times a week, so imagine, I was even heavier before that, but I just do not have much photos around that period.. obviously, I didn't like to take photos at all!

Here's another rare full body picture of me taken in 2010, a year after giving birth to my first baby boy, where is my waistline??!!
Don't blame the shirt!! Well in fact most of my friends commented that I slimmed down because I went back to my pre-pregancy weight of 64kg 1 month after my delivery, which is really quite an achievement!! I did a body analysis and my body age was 43 years old where in actual fact, I was only 31, how sad!!

For the first time in my life, I managed to slimmed down by simply watching out my diet (zero workout) in 2011.
I weighed around 58kg and unfortunately (or I should say fortunately), I was pregnant with my 2nd baby boy right after my weight went down, so my diet program stopped immediately.

Now my younger son is nearly 2 years old. I managed to get back to 58kg in about half a year time after delivery. But this time, I noticed that although my weight has dropped, I do not look good because my body is not toned and my body weight fluctuates easily probably due to much lower metabolism rate. I wish I could hit the gym and start my regular workout but it's just impossible when I do not even have personal time for myself. My daily routine only allows me to add a 30 - 60 minutes workout at home by following some aerobics DVD but that's definitely not enough!

Radiance PhysioFit has the best location and I love that they have short 30 minutes classes, so that I could go for a quick workout during lunch and still have enough time to take a shower before walking (if not running) back to my office. When I first signed up the membership, I really planned to go for a 30 minutes 4k run on treadmill a few times a week, but after 2 visits, their fitness director Sonny, changed my mind completely by sharing how important it is to work on different equipments and vary the types of workouts often. Since then, I am hooked on their 30 minutes express classes, such as body sculpting, ABT (abs, buns, thighs), CrossCore express, and I've even tried Muay Thai for the first time in my life recently!

So what's my overall impression about this gym??

First of all, it's located in the heart of the CBD area so it's extremely accessible for working people like me, especially if you are a mummy who needs to rush back home everyday after work, this gym is definitely the best choice if it's near to your work place. 1 hour of lunch time is all you need for a great workout!

Secondly, this gym offers ample working out space, if you frequent standard gyms often, you will be surprised to find out how spacious this place is. No queue at treadmill, no queue at shower rooms, and sometimes I feel like going for personal trainers while attending their classes during lunch hour, because my sister and I are the only ones, of course besides the trainer.

Thirdly, it has all you need at a gym! The first level of the gym has two aerobic studios for all types of classes, and a separated physiotherapy area to treat and prevent injuries that may occur over the course of training. I heard from my consultant that some of their members are referred to them by hospitals, for exercise based rehabilitation after injury. And on level 2, you can find all types of equipment you need for your workout. I love the view from the glass windows and their experienced personal trainers are always generous to pop by and share great tips, even though you are only paying for using their equipments.

Unlike many other gyms, you do not even need to bring your own padlocks for your locker here. Clean towels are lined up nicely near to the shower area and you can get great bath amenities here too. Also, I like the fact that there is an in house cafe that serves healthy snacks like protein shakes, subs, salad and more. I have yet to try out anything here because I have free food in office which is equally convenient, but triply economical, LOL..

Last but not least, the staff here are extremely friendly, they greet you by calling your names!! They are forever so cheerful and make me feel that their working environment is so heartwarming. And the trainers here are very knowledgeable and patient. They could point out which particular muscle are you working on by doing certain posture, which is extremely important for us to make sure we are doing it the right way. They put a lot of focus on individuals during the class, to make sure you are able to catch up with the pace but at the same time, exhaust your full energy and sweat it out to achieve optimum result!

I must say the people here really care! Why? Because it's not like any other gym, you sign up on the first day and report back on the next day to use their equipment as much as you wish, in order to make your $$ spent well worth it. Here, you have to go through a fitness assessment and understand your body better before you start on your workout. The assessment takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, besides the standard height/weight/body fats/muscle weight checking, they let you go through a serious of physical exercises that truly assess how fit you are, such as doing squats, crunches, push ups in limited time and all the results were recorded in the member's fitness profile page, which allows me to check back in 3 months time to see if I am keeping on track with my own fitness goal.

SO, all in all, If what you want is QUALITY workout, go for Radiance PhysioFit!!

Radiance PhysioFit
8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower, #02-02
Singapore 068811
Tel:+65 68221618

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Feb 18, 2014
If you have not heard about "Air Cushion" makeup, I am pretty sure you are not following Korean beauty trend as almost all mainstream Korean cosmetic brands have released their own cushion products lately.

I was first attracted by Laneige but eventually I decided to give Etude House a try since their products are much reasonably priced in Singapore. (I will buy Laneige if I visit Korea of course).

The concept of "air cushion" makeup is a hit-and-miss thing based on reviews I read online. But luckily, it works perfectly well for me as I am not a "liquid foundation" person. I have no clue why but I just do not find liquid foundation effective even though I own a famous "Cle de Peau Beaute Refining Fluid Foundation". So in the past, I am a typical "sunblock + two way cake" person for many many, many many years.

But since I bought my Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige (W13), I have been using it daily without a fail. Yes I do love this product very much for various reasons:
- it's easy to apply, easier than any form of foundation for someone who's not too good at makeup like me
- it smells so great that I just want to keep applying it again and again
- it has relatively good coverage on pigmentation, average coverage on blemish
- it makes my skin look radiant with even tone
- it comes with a thin and soft puff, making it super easy to apply evenly
- it is slightly dry when my skin condition is not good during PMS period, but most of the time, it's moisturizing enough for my combination skin, which makes it very easy to spread on
- it is not oily and it does not oxidize at all, which is the biggest plus point to me as my skin usually looks dull and dehydrated after wearing foundation for just half a day, and most of the brands I tried, oxidize badly so I only look good for the first couple of hours
- it gives the matte finish in general but keeps the skin moist

The only problem I find with this air cushion foundation, is that it does not settle in on my nose, due to my huge pores but other than that, it's perfect!

Rating: 9/10
SGD$42 with one additional refill pack