Review: Active Wild Honey from Yummi House

Jan 15, 2014
If you've never heard about this brand Yummi House, you can do a search on your web browser and you will find tons of results there, though I am sure you will first be greeted by keywords like "Yummi House Saga", "Don't be fooled by Yummi House Honey", "malt candy syrup", etc... I've read some of them, not all, but honestly I am not good with those technical mumble jumbles and I simply don't care. All I know is that to keep our skin young and beautiful, we need to drink plenty of water, unfortunately, I am not a lover of plain water (though I am not into soft drinks or flavored drinks), the ultimate solution, is to consume honey water!

So yes, I am a big fan of honey! In the past, my mother in law used to frequent some bee farms in Malaysia and buy honey in plastic bottles from there, I've heard that raw (real good) honey must be stored in glass bottles so I am pretty sure those she bought, are not of top notch quality, but I don't mind taking them since they often come in lemon flavor which is pretty nice, as I do not really enjoy sweet honey taste. The only problem I had, is that it attracts ants easily!

Then I was introduced to Yummi House honey as my sister is a super big fan, while I was getting a bottle of 250ml for less than 20RM, she was spending 60+SGD on a tub of 600ml active wild honey from Yummi House. So I finally tried their honey in 2012 at their Tampines One branch. The sales people are friendly and not pushy, maybe it's because I was there with my sister who is already a member with intensive knowledge about their products. I swiped my card and got 2 boxes (6x2 = 12 tubs) of honey from Durian tree, for SGD380, that means it's about SGD31+ per tub of 600ml, I tell you, there's no way you could find such kind of bargain as they've jacked up the price after all these years.

After I finished all my 12 tubs, I noticed two things I love about Yummi House honey. Firstly, it's a quick home remedy for my kids with flu, the durian honey is great for curing cough and phlegm so I always give one or two spoonful to my boys whenever they are sick. I won't say it works wonders but it definitely helps to soothe their throat! Secondly, the taste of Yummi House honey is so different, it's thick, creamy, not too sweet, and without any artificial flavoring taste at all! I tried to switch to other types from HockHua, or some Australia/Newzealand Manuka Honey from Unity, gosh the taste is just so commercial and not acceptable to me. So I finally decided to stop wasting my $$ and replenish my stock with Yummi House.

This time, I am lucky enough to share a total of 6 boxes (6x6 = 36 tubs) with my colleague and sister, in order to enjoy a special offer of 50% off, but one tub is still priced at around SGD60+ after such huge discount. One of my colleagues drinks their honey and she claims that it helps with her bad constipation problem, which she didn't manage to resolve with different types of herbal teas. And it's pretty interesting to have spotted 3 different tubs of honey on 3 different tables in my office, that's how popular Yummi House is, at least, in my office...

Anyway I got the A62 grade Jackfruit and S2 grade Cherry & Barley this time. The S2 grade is higher end and sometimes it's hard to get it if you are not a gold member with them. But surprisingly, I prefer the Jackfruit honey this round, maybe I am too accustomed to the bitter & sour durian honey taste (after all I finished 12 tubs with my family in 2 years!!). The Cherry & Barley tastes purely sweet to me but the Jackfuit has a little sour taste which suits my taste bud just well!

So after all, I am not an expert or any professional who's able to tell you if their honey is really as good as they claim, but if you just want a honey that tastes good and makes you feel good, and don't mind splurging a bit to feel pampered, try it!


Sharon Lim said...!/pages/Yummi-House-Honey-is-not-honey/581454075242158

Ray said...

So are you still taking Yummi house honey nowadays?

Mummy Chan said...

yes, but not as frequent as before. maybe 2-3 times a week instead of daily. as you know it's not cheap, so to me is if I must drink honey, I will only go for yummi house, but when i want to splurge on other stuff like collagen powder, then i don't drink honey so frequently. My kids love it though especially when they have bad coughs, it helps..

naga raju said...

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cyc tailor said...

eell keep it on with yr syrup honey

Mummy Chan said...

Hi cyc tailor I totally understand where you are coming from, I can't really tell if it's syrup honey as I am not the expert. Anyway I stop buying nowadays and I also didn't realize any significant changes in my health or skin. Which is why I said I understand where you are coming from since there doesn't seem to be any promising benefit anyway. But I decided to keep this post available just to offer an opinion to others. Since it truly helped with my cough and sore throat.

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