Embark on my new journey with Dr SK Tan@ IDS

Nov 4, 2014
This space is probably as dead as a log, as i was spending more time coping with the development milestones of my 2 boys and updating their blogs for the past few weeks, or maybe months even..

But I am not going to disappoint the readers sticking around my blog and here's a new post, about my new journey with Dr SK Tan from IDS Clinic. To be honest, I've been trying out a lot of commercial products, especially those famous brands in the market, and overall my skin condition isn't bad, indeed I often get compliments from friends about my complexion, not flawless but overall, pretty smooth and radiant. So it never crossed my mind that I would need to see a skin doctor. And my impression about doctor brands were never good in the past, I guess I am very attracted by the posh packaging of counter brands and doctor brands just seem too dull and boring to me.

Before I share more about my experience at IDS, let me tell you, why? Why IDS?
Alright so about 2 months ago, I was introduced to this miracle spray MAIONE, which is highly raved by 女人我最大,it is priced at S$220 and can only be purchased through distributors as this is a MLM brand. I've used it religiously for more than 2 months, day and night without a fail. And instead of the recommended 2 sprays on the face, I do 4-7 times instead, I do have a big face you see?!!

I would say the result was pretty promising especially during the first 2 weeks, which you can clearly tell from the picture attached. Indeed it worked wonders on my pigmentation, as for lines and pores, I do not find it super effective. But I've seen a lot of amazing photos from their distributors, the only thing is I noticed a lot of those photos are from people aged at least 45 and above, likely with very bad skin condition to start with. So if you do not have aged skin, yes my definition of aged skin is probably 45 and above, then I would not recommend this since the result might not be convincing enough like what you expect.

So, after showing these before/after pictures to my mummy friends (we have a whatsapp group and we talk about anything under the sun), some mentioned about Dr SK Tan from IDS clinic, as they've seen even better result for their skin problems after visiting IDS. I made an impulse decision to follow one of them to the clinic, though many asked why do I need to since I do not have major skin problems. Well yes my skin texture is rather smooth and I don't have breakouts, lines and pores are part of aging so unless I am willing to go for laser treatment, nothing much I could really improve I guess. But, I do have very serious pigmentation, which were lightened by using MAIONE spray for sure, but still obvious enough so I thought it's really time for me to take better care of them.

The visit to IDS clinic on a Saturday morning was pretty pleasant. The waiting time wasn't long as my kind mummy friend has settled everything for me before hand. I was there at 12 noon, registered myself by filling up a form with my basic particulars. And after a brief chit chat with my friend for less than 15 minutes, our names were called. So we went in to see the legendary Dr Tan, without my face picture being captured, which is usually the first thing we need to do while going for the consultation. But Dr Tan said that's alright, I can do it later.

Dr Tan did a quick review for my friend before moving on to my session which is equally quick. By now I believe he has this habit of asking this same one million dollar question, "What problem do you have with your skin?!"

Luckily my friend has told me about his routine so I know if I start complaining about my pores, lines, blemish, blah blah blah, he's going to laugh!! Trust me, you can try it yourself, he will laugh with that "are you serious? you have so many problems for me to treat?" kind of face! So I just smiled and said, my pigmentation!

Oh right he face looked so concerned, he asked if I am using sunblock, and for how long? The answer is obvious, I've been using it diligently for the past 15 years!! He then agreed that my pigmentation could be caused by hormones due to my pregnancies, and instructed the nurse to prescribe me the right products, and that's it, I was done with my consultation in less than 5 minutes! He didn't use that interesting glasses to check my skin, I guess just one look he can tell how bad my pigmentation is. I then proceeded on to another room to have my skin picture taken. There's nothing new there, I've done such tests many times before, but mostly at beauty counters like SKII, Shiseido. And usually they only analyze one side of my face and I was "smart" enough to only let them touch the side with less pigmentation, so my skin age used to be younger than my actual age (okay that sound scheming but yes I'm that vain!!)...

Sorry to scare you people but yes that's how bad my skin looked under the machine. And for the first time I see my skin age is the same as my actual age, that's very disappointing to someone who has put in so much efforts to take care of the skin!! But i know it is all due to the pigmentation so I'm so determined to get them fixed this time!

I brought home a set of IDS products, the nurse explained the steps on how to use them and even wrote them down on their booklet for me. I know many people might think it is crazy to pile so many layers of products but I'm very used to such a regime.

I've used them for just 1 day and I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked into the mirror, there's only one word to describe my skin condition after trying the IDS products: cleared up! Yes, my pigmentation, pores, blemish all seemed to tame down quite a bit.

If you ask me whether you should give Dr SK Tan at IDS clinic a try, well, I would say, why not?! But know your skin well and don't expect miracle to happen after just one visit. He will probably try to tackle your skin problems one by one, start with the biggest one first of course. And just like any other doctor brands, i do feel dryness around my cheek area after switching to IDS products, and I have a zit popped out on my chin, which I take as a natural detox of my skin as I take on any new products.

Till my next update about IDS after my visit in a month time, stay tuned!!

Review: SENKA Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

Sep 15, 2014
I blogged about my TOP 3 Favorite Cleansers long ago, and I did mentioned none of them is pocket friendly. So, when my $$ are mainly invested on anti-aging products like facial cream or serum, here I am going to introduce the cleanser I've been using day and night, which is super economical and value for money - SENKA Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam.

I love cleanser that creates rich and foamy lathers, although some people (or maybe even experts) said those foam-less type are better. In any case, I need foamy cleanser to feel that my face is deeply cleansed thoroughly. And I've been targeting such kind of Japanese brands at Wastons and after trying a few similar ones, I've decided to stick with this SENKA cleanser, for the time being.

The packaging is attractive enough and very easy to use. It doesn't really have any scent, not that I am aware of at least. A tiny bit of the size of a green pea, is enough to cleanse my rather big face. The texture of the lather is almost the same as my favorite #1 cleanser from COSME DECORTE. I know if you use a sponge, it is much easier to create a pool of foam but to me, it is not really necessary since the foam I can create with my hands are really packed, but airy and light which is the best to me. And after cleansing, my face does not have this squeaky, tight sensation at all, which makes me believe it's pretty moisturizing. I do not have a review on Aqualabel Wash EX, but that's the product on the opposite of this, the foam is rather heavy and after wash my face feels so dry so I do not recommend that at all.

I would highly recommend this SENKA Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam, the best cleanser I've found in recent 2 years, and, the cheapest!!

Rating: 9.5/10
120gm / SGD$17.9

Aqualabel Wash EX

Review: Etude House collagen moistfull mask

Jul 3, 2014
Thanks to World Cup 2014, I've been staying up late to catch some of the matches and there's no surprise at all that my skin, is looking really crappy lately. With enlarged pores, more obvious fine lines and huge eye bags, I have no confidence posing to the camera with my bare skin anymore.

In situation like this when my regular skin care products cannot even do wonders, well of course beauty sleeps can save me, but I just couldn't afford any good rest with busy work schedule and family commitment, my best solution to all my skin problems, has to be my favorite facial mask: Etude House collagen moistfull mask!! Yes when I call it my favorite now, you know it is even better than the legendary, my ever favorite, SKII facial treatment mask.

The mask is retailing at SGD$3.90 per piece, I got mine from Korea airport during buy 2 packs get 1 pack free promotion. So 3 packs of 30 pieces costs only USD$36. Hence each piece is about SGD$1.5 only... so, when is my Korea shopping trip again??!!

Alright back to my crappy looking skin, I know how haggard I looked here despite the big smile for Holland's win over Mexico to enter the quarter finals:

Just like any other sheet mask, it's extremely easy to use and the mask comes with a super nice scent which I am deeply in love with. I guess what makes this mask outstanding as compared to other similar masks, lies in the materials they are made from. Be it cotton or fiber, or anything else, I have no clue but I know this mask, provides a perfect fit to the contour of my face, keeping the precious liquid formulas in contact with the skin at all times. The fit is even and leaves no gaps. A reminder again about using sheet masks, apply for no more than 25 minutes as it might bring away the moisture in your skin due to evaporation. So the concept of sleeping with a sheet mask, is a complete myth.

I do not wash my face after applying this mask, instead I apply my BB cream right away after massaging the remaining solutions of the mask on my face.

tada, here's the thousand words worthy picture, no photo editing at all!

I don't think I need to say more...

Review: Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

May 28, 2014
I was introduced to this product by one of my mummy friends, although this brand is nothing new to me, it's quite a high end range from Korea which I've always been wanting to try out. And this friend of mine has naturally good porcelain skin that makes every girl jealous, so when she said this is good as it makes her skin glow with rosy cheeks, do I even need to hesitate?!!

So I asked another friend to purchase it for me from Korea, which costs SGD$76 but here in Singapore I think it costs at least SGD$90+. All Singaporean girls understand the huge price difference of Korean cosmetic products between Singapore and Korea, so, when's my next trip to Korea?!!! LOL...

The First Care Activating Serum is one of the more popular products of the Sulwhasoo Essential Line. "Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this essential regimen boosting serum assures optimal skin care results, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture and nutrients."

It has to be used as the first step after you cleanse your face, as it acts to enhance the efficacy of the other products you use. The pump dispenser dispenses just the right amount of serum in a sanitary manner. I usually apply 2 pumps on my face and neck, in the morning and before I go to bed at night. The texture is a little more watery than other serums I use, so the good thing is, it is not sticky at all. But I don't think it absorbs extremely fast, I said so because for other better absorbing serums, it disappears right after application and you just feel like pumping out and put on more,  but for this serum, 2 drops are not a lot, but when it stays on the surface of my face for a while, I figured the absorption is not the fastest for sure. And I am not sure what it really did to my skin after using it diligently for a month. Well it might helped to maintain my skin condition but I do not see less wrinkles, smaller pores or anything like that so it's just not as miraculous as I expected.

So overall I would not recommend this product, unless you don't mind the price. I meant there are definitely more value for money alternatives in the market, Estee Lauder advanced night repair is one of them, stay tuned for my review on that soon!

5 Resons why I love Radiance Physiofit

May 23, 2014
Okay I am back to the topic about my gym again, and this time round, let me share with you why I am loving it so much after attending their classes regularly for the past 3 months.

But before that, I am sure many have this same question in mind, did I lose any weight? The answer is, NO, there's no significant weight lost, my weight almost maintained though it went up a little when I was 1 month into the workout. But for sure, I see a much toned body and let me share many more other benefits about going to this gym:

1. Much stronger immunity system
Ever since I had my 2nd boy about 2 years ago, I started to fall sick once every 1 - 3 months, and I had to rely on antibiotics each time to recover fast. But from January this year till now, I have never fallen sick for even once, and the only change in my daily routine is, adding regular workout at Radiance Physiofit.

2. Much better stamina
I used to finish 2.4k run in about 16+ mins and now my best record is 13:42, my usual speed of 7.5 on treadmill is just nice for me to brisk walk now and on average I run at the speed of 9.5-10.5.
3. Better skin, better hair
I won't say it's very obvious result on my skin, it just looks firmer, but for my hair, I am very sure my hair has been growing so much faster ever since I started going to gym! Which is a great thing because it almost stopped growing for the past whole year. 

4. Toned body
Like I said, I did not really have drastic weight drop, but my tummy has never been so toned before!

5. Really great lessons
- Functional Training: involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back. One of my favorite indeed as I can clearly feel which part of my muscle is working out.

- Circuit Training: Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. This is one of my favorite classes and each time I see my trainer set up the "Merry go round", I feel excited and a sense of satisfaction when I compete the circuit.

- Muay Thai: is a combat sport from the muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. They have the most professional Muay Thai trainer here and the class is usually full of laughter as the trainer is extremely humorous. It trains my muscles and improves my agility level greatly. And a sports treatment massage is given sometimes by the wonderful trainer!

- Cross Core: focuses on core muscle exercises with Crosscore equipment that allows suspended body weight training. I do not enjoy this in general and maybe it is because I have rather weak arms, so when I need to workout in a suspended position hanging on those equipments (looking like cables), it's tough!

- ABT/Body Sculpting: This has to be my all time favorite if not because the trainer has left recently due to personal reasons. It's more for ladies, focuses a lot on the Abs, Buns and Thighs. It's a bit like aerobics and helps me to stretch my muscles well. The body toning effect is most obvious while I was active with ABT classes after so much crunches, jumping jacks, leg raising, squats, etc. Ladies if you want that perfect round firm butts, move your butts with 100 squats a day please!! 

- Yoga/Pilates: Something I do not go often as I have gym membership with True Fitness/True yoga, and here they have yet to find a very good permanent trainer with the gym.

Overall the workout experience is super good with lesser crowd and a lot of times, I am like going for personal training sessions as I am the only one, or sometimes two, attending the lessons during lunch hour.

My gym membership with Radiance Physiofit is going to expire next week, and I am going renew it again for sure!!

Common skin problems and solutions

Apr 15, 2014
What kind of skin problem are you facing now? Do you feel no matter what kind of skin care product you use, there seems to be little/no improvement at all?!

Then check these 3 lists below, and find the solutions which suit you the best! Note that the solutions are based on my own experiment with some knowledge I read from experts over the years, but I am not citing any scientific proofs or supporting documents on these. 

Type 1: Dehydration:
Dehydrated skin is characterized by lack of moisture in the Stratum Corneum, and it could further lead to aging and all other skin problems.
- Surface of skin looks and feels rough
- Slight to severe flaking and scaling, especially around nose and lips area
- Feeling of tightness or tautness, especially around eyes
- Obvious fine lines

Type 2: Poor Circulation:
Often caused by stress, irregular lifestyle coupled with unhealthy diet.
- Unflattering / dull skin tone
- Skin discoloration
- Acne and problematic skin with slow heeling of scars
- Swelling, especially around eyes and chin

Type 3: Damaged skin:
Skin's protective barrier is damaged, and skincare products are not well absorbed.
- Irritations due to cold weather conditions
- Dry skin with feeling of tightness, but skin surface appears a little oily
- Redness with visible blood vessels 


Solution to Type 1: Liquid Activator

Many people have the wrong concept that since their skin look and feel rough, it means they need a  good exfoliator. Our skin renews itself about every 30 days, if the old cells remain on the surface and build up, yes we will feel roughness. But besides over-exfoliating our skin, another better solution, is to apply liquid activator before all other skin care products, and give skin a good moisture.To do this, apply a good hydrating toner/essence after cleansing your face, with a piece of cotton pad, wipe the entire face gently.

Recommended products besides what I love to use in the picture:
- Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion
- Neutrogena Hydro Booster Treatment Lotion
- Loreal Paris Hydra Fresh Mask-In Lotion
- Ettusais Skin Version Up

Solution to Type 2: Emulsion/Lotion Activator 

A new concept of applying a good lotion before toner, to soften the skin and allows the oil in the lotion to penetrate into skin first and moisture all skin cells. The lipid in the lotion promotes better circulation and helps to keep moisture in skin.

Recommended products besides what I love to use in the picture:
- Naruko Lupin Anti-Wrinkle Firming Toning Emulsion
- Avene Hydrance Light Hydrating Cream
- L'occitane Angelica Milky Lotion

Solution to Type 3: Oil-based Activator
Oil-based activator helps to regulate sebum secretion and accelerates skin’s restorative functions. Most people have an impression that such products are oily and sticky, which is totally not suitable for damaged skin that tends to appear oily on the surface. So the key is to make sure you rub the product in your palms to activate the ingredients in it, and apply gently with pressure and massage slowly till it's fully absorbed by your skin.

I do not have such skin concerns so the products I used are not the real oil-based activator, but they are richer in texture compared to my daily skin care. So you might want to refer to the following list instead but if you need a special treat for your skin once a while, these 2 products are still as great! And a personal advice, consult a licensed skin doctor if you are facing such skin problem for a long time!

Recommended products besides what I love to use in the picture:
- Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
- Clarins Double Serum
- Dr.Wu Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane
- Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil

On a side note, I've developed a habit to put on a piece of sheet mask in the morning, right after washing my face, remove after 10-15 minutes and wipe off the leftovers with toner, then apply my skin care products and make up if any. That is the fastest solution to most of my skin problems, or if not, at least helps to give my skin a healthy glow.. Give it a try! 

Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Baby Cream

Mar 24, 2014
It seems that I've been posting more reviews on makeup products recently, although my passion is always in skincare and my makeup skill is pretty, lousy, in all honesty. But I guess I am very much influenced by latest Korean beauty trend and having a perfect makeup, that makes your skin appears evenly-toned, bright and natural, as if you are not wearing any makeup at all, is what we all wish to achieve nowadays.

This very product: Maybelline Baby Skin Baby Cream, is the best natural base makeup I've ever found so far. As it has SPF 35 / PA+++, I am using it as my Sun screen+Makeup Premier+BB/CC cream at the same time, it is the last step of my daily skincare routine. I am very into Korean brands when comes to makeup products, but this is apparently very popular in Korea too although it's an American brand, made in China.

Why I love it so much?!
- It is watery creamy texture, easy to apply, easy to spread on and blend
- It smells great
- It is meant to be removed with cleanser, makeup remover is not necessary
- It shows instant result and makes my skin look so much healthier
- It moisturizes well and does not feel greasy
- It is sheer pink in color and has some fine shimmer, so to create a healthy glow

The first day I used it, one of my colleagues approached me and asked why my complexion looks so good with this rosy pink effect, it's pretty amazing that someone has noticed the difference even though I was just using it for the first time.

Here's a photo of before and after effect, there wasn't any photoshop done and I took the 2 pictures under the same lighting effect. The photos were taken when my skin is in worst condition so I could not even imagine how do I expose my skin to others without wearing this Baby Cream at all. As you can see, it does not have any coverage but it definitely helps to make my skin look so much better!

The good news is, this product has finally entered Singapore market and you can find it at any Waston's for SGD$19.90 only!!

Review: Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder

Mar 18, 2014
Yet another Collagen Powder???!!!

Yes! I am a big fan of collagen and how can I miss out the chance to try out this Suntory Milcolla 5000mg Collagen Powder, which is highly raved by 柳燕 and 牛尔老师 from 女人我最大!!

The ingredients consist of collagen peptides which are smaller than the usual collagen powder in the market, and Vitamin C which can help you build immunity. I remember 柳燕老师 mentioned that it is extremely convenient to take this collagen powder without the need to add on other types of multivitamins, which sounds like the best selling point to me.
So I ordered 2 packs from Qoo10 just to try out. You know I have switched to DHC Collagen Powder for quite a few months and compared to DHC, this Milcolla collagen tastes 100x better!!! There's no fishy taste at all, but there's only one problem, it is not easy to get dissolved (see picture), neither in luke warm water, nor hot water.

Taste and texture aside, what is most important, is the result, isn't it?!!!

So does it work?!

I know I will disappoint many with my personal opinion on this but let me just be brutally honest this time, NOPE, I do NOT see any sort of effect, NOT AT ALL!!


Well I am pretty sure it works for some people based on many positive reviews from others on the internet, but just not for me. I consider myself pretty experienced with collagen stuff nowadays after trying a few different brands and consuming it for quite a long period of time. But this Milcolla brand, just doesn't show any improvement on my skin so far. I said "so far", I meant after finishing a whole pack of it. I switched back to DHC Collagen Powder right after I finished my first pack of Milcolla and I am not kidding, I can see my face brightening up right away!! And not to forget the Milcolla Collagen Powder costs way more expensive than DHC as it has 15 servings only, but DHC is for 32 servings.

If you wonder why I am so certain that it did nothing for me, basically I check my skin carefully daily and the first thing you can look out for, while consuming collagen products, is visibly minimized pores in a couple of days, followed by radiance and glow from the skin in a couple of weeks, and finally increased skin elasticity level in the next 1-2 months. For Milcolla, I just didn't observe any of these so nope, it's just not working for me no matter how its die-hard fans wish to prove me wrong.

Obviously I am going to stock up on DHC Collagen Powder from now onwards!!

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Feb 18, 2014
If you have not heard about "Air Cushion" makeup, I am pretty sure you are not following Korean beauty trend as almost all mainstream Korean cosmetic brands have released their own cushion products lately.

I was first attracted by Laneige but eventually I decided to give Etude House a try since their products are much reasonably priced in Singapore. (I will buy Laneige if I visit Korea of course).

The concept of "air cushion" makeup is a hit-and-miss thing based on reviews I read online. But luckily, it works perfectly well for me as I am not a "liquid foundation" person. I have no clue why but I just do not find liquid foundation effective even though I own a famous "Cle de Peau Beaute Refining Fluid Foundation". So in the past, I am a typical "sunblock + two way cake" person for many many, many many years.

But since I bought my Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige (W13), I have been using it daily without a fail. Yes I do love this product very much for various reasons:
- it's easy to apply, easier than any form of foundation for someone who's not too good at makeup like me
- it smells so great that I just want to keep applying it again and again
- it has relatively good coverage on pigmentation, average coverage on blemish
- it makes my skin look radiant with even tone
- it comes with a thin and soft puff, making it super easy to apply evenly
- it is slightly dry when my skin condition is not good during PMS period, but most of the time, it's moisturizing enough for my combination skin, which makes it very easy to spread on
- it is not oily and it does not oxidize at all, which is the biggest plus point to me as my skin usually looks dull and dehydrated after wearing foundation for just half a day, and most of the brands I tried, oxidize badly so I only look good for the first couple of hours
- it gives the matte finish in general but keeps the skin moist

The only problem I find with this air cushion foundation, is that it does not settle in on my nose, due to my huge pores but other than that, it's perfect!

Rating: 9/10
SGD$42 with one additional refill pack

FREE turn back clock solutions, are never free...

Jan 16, 2014
Look at this banner, Have you ever fell for such commercial before?

I, almost did...

I have been seeing this attractive tagline and story on my facebook page at least 5 times in the past one month. Just look at the before / after photos, isn't it amazing?

To think that you could easily turn back clock without a need of Botox? I read every single comments from the customers on the products and as always, there are gimmicks for sure but it looks so real as many really gave big thumbs up on their products citing their own experience.

Just to name a few common, popular ones you might have seen often:
Bliss Radiance Rejuvenation System

Lifecell Anti Aging Cream


So right before I took out my credit card, I decided to do a search on the reviews like what I always do, and here's what I've found out:

It's quite a long article but basically it explains that many victims, claimed their free trial version and provided their credit card details to pay a small amount of delivery fee, some received their cream, some didn't, but what they all experienced in common, is that they then found themselves locked into a monthly recurring payments applied to their credit or debit card, with no apparent way to stop either the deliveries, or the debits.

Then the question is, how did those companies do it?
Just in 4 simple steps:
- appealing photos, positive customer reviews to make you believe it's just going to work..
- FREE trial with a low delivery fee, that makes you feel worthwhile even if the products are not going to work, so, nothing much to lose..
- professional looking websites with celebrity photos (sometimes), that appear as banner adverts on well-regarded, mainstream websites, that gives you a false sense of confidence..
- A statement under "Terms and Conditions" saying :"By placing my order, I agree to the terms of offer, which explain that I must cancel within xx days of today to avoid enrolment in monthly delivery program, which ships fresh supply for $$$ each month.", mind you, the first time you get to read this statement, is usually the time after you've rang your credit card company to lodge the complaint.

The next time you come across such adverts, ask yourself, if their products are so effective, why can't we find them in major departmental stores?
So ladies, be wary, be wise!!

Updates (Jan 06, 2015)
I was a little surprised today to read this piece of information online:
Top 5 Anti-aging products 2015 (wondering how people know they are the best of 2015 when we are only 6 days in to the new year??!!)

Anyway, I just want to say, I can't stop myself from reading their reviews submitted by their customers. I paid attention to some vlogs as it's pretty easy to see the effect from videos.

One Example of the most popular review video here: LifeCell Anti-Aging Cream Review: I Test Out LifeCell Cream for 6 Weeks

Before you start to think I am trying to take back my words a year ago, as obviously this lady sounds convincing here, I am not sure if she looks convincing though. Do read up the reviews on amazon too.  With so much contradicting reviews, I would say, try it only if you have a fat wallet and I wish you are one of the lucky ones who can see great results as many others...

Review: Active Wild Honey from Yummi House

Jan 15, 2014
If you've never heard about this brand Yummi House, you can do a search on your web browser and you will find tons of results there, though I am sure you will first be greeted by keywords like "Yummi House Saga", "Don't be fooled by Yummi House Honey", "malt candy syrup", etc... I've read some of them, not all, but honestly I am not good with those technical mumble jumbles and I simply don't care. All I know is that to keep our skin young and beautiful, we need to drink plenty of water, unfortunately, I am not a lover of plain water (though I am not into soft drinks or flavored drinks), the ultimate solution, is to consume honey water!

So yes, I am a big fan of honey! In the past, my mother in law used to frequent some bee farms in Malaysia and buy honey in plastic bottles from there, I've heard that raw (real good) honey must be stored in glass bottles so I am pretty sure those she bought, are not of top notch quality, but I don't mind taking them since they often come in lemon flavor which is pretty nice, as I do not really enjoy sweet honey taste. The only problem I had, is that it attracts ants easily!

Then I was introduced to Yummi House honey as my sister is a super big fan, while I was getting a bottle of 250ml for less than 20RM, she was spending 60+SGD on a tub of 600ml active wild honey from Yummi House. So I finally tried their honey in 2012 at their Tampines One branch. The sales people are friendly and not pushy, maybe it's because I was there with my sister who is already a member with intensive knowledge about their products. I swiped my card and got 2 boxes (6x2 = 12 tubs) of honey from Durian tree, for SGD380, that means it's about SGD31+ per tub of 600ml, I tell you, there's no way you could find such kind of bargain as they've jacked up the price after all these years.

After I finished all my 12 tubs, I noticed two things I love about Yummi House honey. Firstly, it's a quick home remedy for my kids with flu, the durian honey is great for curing cough and phlegm so I always give one or two spoonful to my boys whenever they are sick. I won't say it works wonders but it definitely helps to soothe their throat! Secondly, the taste of Yummi House honey is so different, it's thick, creamy, not too sweet, and without any artificial flavoring taste at all! I tried to switch to other types from HockHua, or some Australia/Newzealand Manuka Honey from Unity, gosh the taste is just so commercial and not acceptable to me. So I finally decided to stop wasting my $$ and replenish my stock with Yummi House.

This time, I am lucky enough to share a total of 6 boxes (6x6 = 36 tubs) with my colleague and sister, in order to enjoy a special offer of 50% off, but one tub is still priced at around SGD60+ after such huge discount. One of my colleagues drinks their honey and she claims that it helps with her bad constipation problem, which she didn't manage to resolve with different types of herbal teas. And it's pretty interesting to have spotted 3 different tubs of honey on 3 different tables in my office, that's how popular Yummi House is, at least, in my office...

Anyway I got the A62 grade Jackfruit and S2 grade Cherry & Barley this time. The S2 grade is higher end and sometimes it's hard to get it if you are not a gold member with them. But surprisingly, I prefer the Jackfruit honey this round, maybe I am too accustomed to the bitter & sour durian honey taste (after all I finished 12 tubs with my family in 2 years!!). The Cherry & Barley tastes purely sweet to me but the Jackfuit has a little sour taste which suits my taste bud just well!

So after all, I am not an expert or any professional who's able to tell you if their honey is really as good as they claim, but if you just want a honey that tastes good and makes you feel good, and don't mind splurging a bit to feel pampered, try it!