Review: All about Whitening

Dec 17, 2013
Have I shared before that most of my friends think that I do not need any whitening products at all? Yes my skin is relatively fair, I use the lightest shade of foundation/powder from most of the brands usually. So do I really need a whitening product? Absolutely!!

I probably should upload an old photo to convince my readers, about how tan I used to be when I was much younger, due to improper care (basically no sunblock at all). Thanks to a whole range of Elizabeth Arden Whitening products, which turned me in to a fair lady. Too bad I can't review those products as it's been more than 10 years and I guess they don't carry that range anymore. Anyway, you get my idea here, whitening products are essential and they really work!

Especially after having kids, due to hormone changes, my freckles around my cheek get more and more visible so I purchased these 2 products from SKII:
- SKII Whitening Spots Specialist
- SKII Cellumination Essence EX

You can see from the pictures, they are of different texture, and you can roughly tell from their names, the former is meant for freckles and the latter, is to brighten up the overall texture/tone of uneven skin.

Which one do I like better?

I would say it must be the SKII Cellumination Essence EX.

It comes in a much lighter liquid texture, though it looks thicker in this milky color. It's non sticky, and easy to absorb. It has the best scent (even better than the mask-in-lotion, or maybe the same since they are from the same range?) which guarantees a great experience with each application. And you basically can expect immediate radiance on your skin upon one application. That kind of result doesn't last forever, but it slowly improves your skin texture and uneven skin tone. I am pretty sure it's possible to achieve a shade lighter with long term usage of this product, together with a sunblock of course!

As for the SKII Whitening Spots Specialist, I think it works on my pigmentation, but I do not fancy its texture as it's a little too sticky and not easy to absorb. For similar kind of result, I would recommend SKII Whitening Source Derm-Brightener, which comes in a much richer creamy texture, that works really well at night. It leaves a powdery feel on the skin so it's better to use a good hydrating lotion/essence before it. I do not have a real picture because that is a product I used after having my first boy a few years back. I still remember how horrible I looked with my freckles all over my face a few months after my delivery, and this cream, definitely saved me!

And my personal advise to people who might not seem to have the need of a whitening product (just like me), use one please, because prevention is always better than cure!