Review: Senka Pure UV SPF27

Oct 17, 2013
Let me introduce, a great daily sunblock which I have been using recently, which ultimately replaced my expensive (but definitely great) SKII Facial Treatment UV Protection!!

You know the SKII sunblock is my Holy Grail product and I've never thought about switching to another brand, especially another MUCH cheaper brand. As my previous experience highlighted in my post about SKII sunblock, was that those brands might be effective but cause clogged pore easily, for my skin. I chanced upon this SENKA PURE UV SPF27 while shopping for other stuff at Watson's. What attracted me was that this brand is under SHISEIDO, and some of my friends were raving about SHISEIDO sunblock which costs about half the price of SKII sunblock. Hence I was just curious to find out how good this product is, and, I was impressed, truly impressed.

For SGD$16.90 ONLY, you get a bottle of 80ml of cream, which easily lasts more than 3 months. The price itself is already a great reason for me to give this a try.

The texture is like watery+creamy, and it is pretty light, not as light as SKII, but good enough to be absorbed in seconds.  And the greatest part is, it does not have the sticky/greasy feeling on my skin, and after using it for about 2 months, I do not experience any clogged pores, and my skin does not feel dull at all. It has a bit of "color correction" effect, that helps to achieve an even skin tone although it does not provide any coverage at all. I've tested their UV gel with SPF50 at the same time and found it too thick and greasy, so SPF27 has the perfect texture and is good enough for daily usage considering I stay indoor at office most of the time.

Since my favorite SKII Facial Treatment US Protection costs almost 7 times more expensive than this, I've decided to stick with the SENKA PURE UV SPF27 for now, well indeed I have to since 80ml packaging is way too big a bottle for me!

Rating: 9/10
30gm / SGD$16.9


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