REVIEW: DHC Collagen Powder 5000mg

Oct 21, 2013
Can you believe I am blogging about collagen again? After my two posts on collagen drinks here, and here, I couldn't even believe I am back to this same topic again!

Yes I admit, I am super hooked with this kind of products, especially after watching the famous Taiwan variety show - 女人我最大. 牛尔老师 has mentioned this for many many times, that any skin care products with collagen, will not help much unless it's a supplement kind that we can take in.

So I have ordered 2 packs of Milcolla Collagen powder from Qoo10, but being the vain pot, before my loots arrives, I got my hands on 2 packs of DHC Collagen Powders as there's a promotion last week at Watson's, buy 2 packs at SGD$87+, and each pack can last for 32 days!

I have high expectation on this product since my experience with their collagen drinks is extremely good. The packaging is what I love most about the product, easy to open, easy to scoop out, easy to close and store, as compare to the famous MEJI collagen powder which comes in a a tin (yup looks exactly like a formula milk tin to me, which I've had enough with after having 2 boys on formula milk over the past few years).

Now what I hate most about this product, is definitely, the fishy smell!!! I can only gulp it down when I add it into my daily cup of Americano coffee. I've heard MEJI's collagen powder has this bad fishy smell too! I would never want to take it if not because of the remarkable result seen in just a few days time. And another problem I observed, is that it seems I get bad sore throat whenever I am taking collagen, or maybe it's just DHC brand since I got the same problem with their collagen drinks.

But, the good thing is, my skin looks firmer and more radiant after taking one scoop a day for just a few days. It's funny that every time I start on collagen products, I feel that I can survive with cheap skincare products! Guess it's not a bad thing after all considering that SKII is getting more and more expensive nowadays. I would pick DHC's collagen drinks over this at any time because of the smell, but since 牛尔老师 advocates for taking collagen powder daily to maintain a nice complexion, I would definitely buy this product again, especially when there's promotion going on. For now, I will wait for my Milcolla Collagen powder to arrive and do a comparison of these two.

Rating: 9/10
32 days supply/ SGD$44 (with promotion)


Gunasekaran said...

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Pei Qin said...

Hello, what is the difference between the powder one (5000) and the drink one (7000)? I have recently started collagen drink thing, I bought the micolla powder and just started. Am searching for others to try and saw your DHC posts!

Mummy Chan said...

Hi Pei QIn,

7000mg is definitely more than 5000mg so it is supposed to be more effective. And my own experience is that the powder is more for maintenance, you won't really see the wow effect as compared to the bottled ones. So I would recommend those with upcoming events such as wedding, to try the bottled drinks (I have a review on that and my friend swears by the 12000mg version which is of course more expensive), as for the powered form, it's way more economical so you can have it daily just for maintenance purpose.

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