Best scrub ever

Sep 18, 2013
I am a person who hates deep cleansing mask. I've been searching high and low, up and down for a gentle, yet effective deep cleansing mask. Those popular ones like Origins, IPSA, KOSE, and not so popular ones like LANCOME, CHRISTIAN DIOR, CHANEL, CLARINS, SISLEY, ESTEE LAUDER, etc.. I've tried them all but none of them really surprises me..

I dump aside all my clay masks after I bought this set of IZU crystal scrub & activator few months back. Actually I still have quite a number of scrubs at home. But girls are always like that, we will keep buying and will never have enough of these things. It works as a scrub + deep cleansing mask for me. I love this product although it comes with just a small tub of scrub and a small bottle of activitor, really small for the price of S$78. But good things usually comes in small packages right.. haha..

The scrub in yellow has very fine grain and smells like orange. Take a small amount and apply evenly onto your face, avoid eyes and lip area, massage for 1 minute, then take a few drops of activitor to emulsify the scrub, the activitor turns to blue from green once it exposes to air. I am not a chemical student so I have no idea about the rationale behind, but it is fun to observe it happening, haha. Then you can feel that the scrub heats up itself to help open the pores.. just massage for another 2 minutes and rinse off with warm water..

The result? Brilliant!!!

It really unclogs the pores and lifts aways those yucky stuff in there. Half of my white heads disappeared and another half just came out automatically, so I could squeeze them out or wipe them off very easily. Left my skin supple, smooth and radiant. Imagine the skin on nose area is as crystal clear as cheek area. All other skin care products you apply after that will be absorbed easily and rapidly. Makeup seems to last longer also. By the way, Winson loves it too, haha..

Now I can live on this scrub without any deep cleansing mask at all. It is definitely my Holy Grail product and I will use it first thing in the morning on my wedding day!


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