How I wish I could stop aging .....

Jul 17, 2013
These are photos taken with my LG phone front camera, there's no editing done and I know they are not quality pictures, so I consider myself pretty brave to upload them onto my blog. But what i would like to share here is, we do not need to look at old photos to realize how much we've aged over the years, all we need to do is to look up, and look down into a mirror, we can tell the difference easily.

To me, the top enemies to healthy and young look skin are: UV light, gravity, insufficient rest and unhealthy diet.

And since I turned 30 years old about 4 years back, my focus on skincare products has been shifted  from whitening, minimizing pores, oil control, to anti-aging, firming and lifting. Though I have friends around me who believe skincare products are full of chemical ingredients and won't do good to our skin, my personal experience is that no matter how, you have to follow certain regimes even if you do not trust any products.

Tips from me:
- Invest in rich skincare products and keep them for the night, pamper and nourish your skin while you are sleeping, but make sure you remove your makeup (if any) and cleanse your skin thoroughly
- Use warm water to wash face in the morning, if you want to use a cleanser, choose a gentle type, as it's recommended not to wash off the natural layer of protection on our skin in the morning
- Never ever forget your sun screen

I wish all our efforts in maintaining great looking skin get paid off one day!!


Lilian Hii said...

Hi Mummy Chan...honestly not that bad... be happy all time will helps.... see kids grow up will make us think it is all worth it.

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