Review: KOSE Sekkisei Lotion

Jul 9, 2013
If I have to change my SKII Facial Treatment Essence to another product, this would probably be it, KOSE Sekkisei Lotion which has been adored by many!

Some people claim that this toner/lotion contains alcohol, hence it's not suitable for all skin types. I always find my skin a little sensitive but I have no problem using this at all. And although it's not a daily toner for me, I always place a bottle on my vanity table because, I believe this is the best remedy for my sun tanned skin all the time! It has this cooling, as well as whitening effect, and usually my skin gets recovered pretty fast as long as I apply it on immediately after sun tan/sun burn.
My favorite way of using this lotion, is to soak a few pieces of cotton pads in it, and lay them on my face as if I am wearing a sheet mask. Trust me, it's way more effective to use cotton pads than using those "pill masks" (from random brands sold at SASA, or even by KOSE which is usually thinner and in better quality). It helps to hydrate my skin and brighten it up with more even skin tone. And my skin feels smoother and moisturized. Makeup stays longer after I do my "cotton pads mask" with this lotion.

What I am not so fond of it though, is that this lotion does not seem to penetrate deep enough into my skin, I feel rather refreshed, than rejuvenated and replenished.. okay I know that doesn't sound.. clear enough? But it's more like, I don't have the "high class", "luxurious" feeling while using this, you know what I mean right? LOL...

Rating: 7.5/10