Review: My Beauty Diary Mask (Black Pearl)

Jun 17, 2013
When was the last time I did a facial mask? At least 2 and half months ago I bet. I simply have no time for such luxury because night time means bed time routine for kids to me. And last night, I finally had some courage to take out a random piece of mask from my huge skincare products collection. I said "random", yes it's really random because I do not even know how many sheet masks I have, and what are the brands, I just dug out any one piece which my hand could reach inside the drawer and it happened to be this MY BEAUTY DIARY mask - Black Pearl.

Nowadays I seldom use clay, gel or cream mask, unless I can sleep through the night with the mask on. Sheet mask is extremely easy to use, so I just put it on and went for a quick nap of about 20 minutes, removed it and continued sleeping till the next morning. The mask has a mild scent, and I did not use any extra liquid left over since it's pretty economical to get this brand of mask in Singapore. By the way, if you have a habit to sleep with a mask on, do note that it's indeed not good for your skin, even if it's a sheet mask that does not require you to wash off, remove it after 15-20 minutes and let your skin breathe normally.

So how good/bad is this mask? In fact I really don't have much to comment. It's extremely relaxing and hydrating to use it. The smell is definitely better than my favorite SKII Facial Treatment Mask. Effect wise, I didn't check my face at night but in the morning, my skin is amazingly soft, moist and radiant. And it feel so refreshing and clean although I didn't do any deep cleansing. I only checked and found out that this mask is meant for whitening and that explains why I felt my skin tone is so even!

Just a side note, I would not want to compare this with SKII Facial Treatment Mask since the price difference is really huge. But, if you ask me how good is this compared to other common brands like Neutrogena, Olay, The Face Shop, Missha, etc, I think this mask is really worth every penny. 

I would strongly recommend this mask if you are the type like Barbie Hsu (大S)who likes to put on one piece of mask everyday. Do not expect to see miracle as the effect does not last for too long, and it will not do any dramatic change to your skin but it's definitely a cool idea to nap with one piece for ultimate relaxation!

Rating: 9/10
10pieces per box / SGD$16.9 and SASA is having a promotion of SGD$26 for 2 boxes now!