Review: Suisse Programme 24 hour lip guard

May 16, 2013
I do not have a habit of using lipsticks. I own no more than 5 of them, but I use lip balm almost daily. By the way if I have never shared this before, I must introduce this website here to those who can read Chinese:

Okay 10 - 15 years ago, when there were not much information shared about skincare on internet, I often visit departmental stores and seek advice from beauty advisers on what to buy. Now, it's a routine for me to check on reviews online and shortlist a few brands whenever I want to buy a new product.

The above mentioned website is filled with useful reviews and it has a ranking list based on review ratings which is pretty useful to me. So here you go, a list of most popular lip care products (rated by mainly Taiwan users though) here:

I've tried a few of them on this first page, popular ones like DHC, Kiehl's and Mentholatum are "must try items" on my personal list. But I am not impressed with any of them, and my favorite lip care product - Suisse Programme 24 hour lip guard is not even mentioned here. So you see, we do have to take whatever reviews we read with a pinch of salt (yes that includes mine, LOL), one man's meat is another man's poison!

Anyway so what's so good about this lip guard? You will never want to settle with a 5 dollar random lip balm if you ever tried this! Yes I am serious, those random lip balms I got in the past, feels like a layer of wax. But this one, is really moisturizing, light-weighted, lasting (okay not as long as 24 hours but for a good 2-3 hours). It's not oily or greasy and most importantly, it really softens my lips, that's a benefit that most other lip balms do not deliver, they basically just make your lips "not dry" and that's about it. Grab one at SASA especially during promotion period and enjoy it!

Rating: 9/10
3.6g / SGD$19.20


Anonymous said...

My lips have been cracking since I gave birth 3 weeks ago. I shall go get this once I get out of my house! :)

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