Review: VPL Hair Removal Treatment

Apr 10, 2013
This is a topic I wanted to share since months ago, because I did quite a bit of research on VPL hair removal treatment review, but could not find sufficient information online.

So first of all, what is VPL and how it works?
"Variable Pulsed Light (VPL™) is the next generation in effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation technology. Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that pulsed light, and in particular Variable Pulsed Light (VPL™), are regularly producing better results than the laser units originally available. "

"At any stage your hairs will be in one of three phases: growth, dormant or dead. VPL works by delivering short light pulses to the treatment area. This heats the hair follicles to about 70 degrees while leaving the surrounding skin below 45 degrees. Heating the hair follicles kills the hairs, which will then fall out naturally over the next week or so. However, the hair can only be killed in the growth phase. Because not every hair will be in the same phase at the same time, a course of treatments is required in order to catch every hair follicle in its growth phase."

So here's my own experience with it. I tried out my first, and probably the last also Brazilian wax session at a beauty salon near my office and though I was told how painful waxing can get, I found the pain pretty bearable. The result is just one word, clean! But the regrowth is fast and pricky so I was advised by the beautician to try out VPL hair removal instead, with a hope that after a course of 6-10 treatments, my hair will disappear, forever.

I signed up a package worth SGD3000 with them which is valid for a year for any kind of treatment at their salon. The VPL for bikini area costs about S$380 per session but with this package, it's S$245 only. I couldn't remember how many sessions I've done, probably 6-8 times? In fact for my skin/hair type, I require less treatment. Basically my skin is rather fair, hair is lighter and less and most importantly, my tolerance level is high when comes to pain so the beautician can adjust the pulsed light till extremely high and intense, so that it works more efficiently to remove the hair. Did my hair disappear permanently? No.

A few facts to share here:
- The result is way better than waxing because your skin is silky smooth after VPL, pores are supposed to get smaller so maybe that's why.
- The regrowth is pretty slow, and regrowth hair is fine and soft, although it depends on individuals, for bikini area, after a course of 6-8 sessions, it takes about 1-2 months only to see quite a bit of hair, which is enough for you to feel like going back for another session. Honestly that is faster than I expected.
- For armpit hair removal, it's way more effective and after 3-4 sessions, you do not see much hair anymore, it's almost like completely gone. My hair did grow back after like 3 months+ but it's almost invisible.
- I've tried VPL on my legs for 2 sessions, but decided to give up as it's not cheap and the regrowth is faster than armpit area. Shaving might be the most economical option for legs.
- Who said the biggest advantage of VPL is that it's not painful? I've never tried IPL so maybe IPL is not painful but for VPL, I am a mother who went through 2 natural birth without epidural, if I say VPL is painful, trust me, it is!! Just that each session takes around 10-15 minutes the max so it's not that bad after all.
- It's super high maintenance! Imagine the S$3000 package can last me for about 12 sessions on bikini area, and to keep that silky smooth skin, I probably have to go back at least every 2-3 months, that's definitely a lot of $$
- I've tried VPL facial for both my face and neck skin, as my biggest concern is my visible necklines and uneven skin tone, the result? I would recommend you to stick to DHL collagen and use VPL for hair removal purpose only!

Anyway with all these said, I can tell you VPL is probably the most effective hair removal solution in the market for now, and if I do have the budget to maintain, I would definitely want to go back for it!!