Review: DHC Collegan drink 7000mg

Mar 25, 2013
Recently, I notice that the girl in my team who started using SKII in Dec last year, has a drastic change in her skin texture, her skin looks so much more radiant, her pores are less obvious, her skin tone is more even, and most importantly, her Tzone is not as oily as before!

So I gave her my compliment about her beautiful skin and being a loyal SKII supporter, I told her how amazing SKII products are working on her skin. Guess what she told me? "Yes I think their products are great, but I also just started collagen drinks these few days and maybe that helps too??"

You can't imagine how shocked I was at that moment, She's talking about collagen drinks, which seems to show effect in just, a few days?!!

"Are you taking DHC collagen?"
"Yes yes that's the brand!!!"

I was even more shocked this time. I blogged about both FANCL and DHC collagen before, so I definitely know how effective that product is. I went ahead to Watsons, and being lucky enough, they were having the "buy 3 get 1 free" promotion, so I got a total of 4 boxes of DHC collagen for SGD$149.85. Currently they are having another promotion, buy 2 boxes at SGD$74.8 which is probably the best promotion I've seen so far.

So I've finished 10 bottles of my DHC collagen and believe it or not, I can feel the difference after the 2nd bottle just like when I tried it 2 years ago. The kind of radiance it brings onto my face, is something that no skincare products, facial or even laser therapy could help me achieve within days. I've decided to drink 1 bottle every 3 days from now till I finish the next 3 boxes, stop for a while and see how, as I believe this kind of product is effective, only if you care to maintain. It's definitely affordable since I do not spend any money on facial. For girls, the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in our blood rise and fall, in accordance with our menstrual cycle. Most likely our skin is in the worst condition before menstruation. And so far DHC collagen is the best product that makes my skin looks acceptable during the worse period so if  you do have something big coming up, like a wedding ceremony, a family photoshooting session, etc, this might be the fastest solution you can count on to!!

DHC Collagen
Rating: 9/10
Collagen Content: 7000mg / usual price around SGD$49.95 per box of 10 bottles