Review: Garnier Pure Active Spot-On Treatment

Feb 25, 2013
I used to have a few similar products from other brands such as Shiseido, Clarins, Artistry (under Amway), Bobbi Brown and Clinique, but nowadays I am sticking to this Garnier Pure Active Spot-On Treatment for my pimples.

Okay I do not have acne skin, if you do, try to source for other solutions please as I do not believe this product will work. It's more for small pimples with pus and mild hormonal acne. For me, I do have a few pimples around my nose and chin area which only pop up around that time of the month. But sometimes such pimples can become painful cyst that's swelling like mad. The best part of this roll on treatment, is that it is not too harsh and doesn't create strong burning sensation like other similar products. In fact it has a very nice scent instead of the usual alcoholic smell from other similar products.  It dries out the pimples fast enough, usually within a few hours, and I love it for purging out the whiteheads/pus underneath the skin, without making my skin bleeding. And it's so far the best solution to soothe the pain whenever I have huge inflamed pimples. 

I have 2 of them, one at home and one in office, it has became my life saver. But of course if I want a pimple-free skin even during that time of the month, DHC Collagen is still the best solution because during the time I was drinking that, I just had no pimples at all!

Rating: 7.5/10
15ml / SGD$15.7


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