Review: KISS ME HEROINE Make Impact Eyeliner

Dec 26, 2012
When I first started this blog, I didn't plan to blog about any make up items, obviously that's why it's called skincare mummy. The reason is because, I am super clumsy with makeups although I've learned a lot of complicated theories from magazines and TV, such as what color of makeup base can cover what type of dark eye circles.

But do I use make up products? Yes! Just like any other girls. Of course I don't wear full make up with fake lashes or liquid foundation. And only till recent years, I started with applying eyeliners as I noticed the big difference that two clean lines could create on my eyes. The unfortunate truth is, almost ALL types of eyeliners I've tried, give me racoon eyes at the end of the day, if not at the beginning of the day =(..

I was attracted by an advertisement played on a 5 inch digital screen at one of the Watsons stores, which claims this KISS ME HEROINE Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner to be extremely easy to apply and stays on perfectly all day long. It costs SGD19.95 only so I just bought it for myself as a Christmas present since I am quite a fan of KISS ME HEROINE mascara.

The brush is pretty easy to use, although I would prefer a felt tip brush which is thinner and softer. I like the excellent pigmentation as the black color is really deep and a bit shiny. As usual I didn't wait for it to dry before I opened my eyes. So, it smudged just as expected, some of the color got on to the lid of my eyes and here's what has left over when I stepped out of the house.

You can see the line is not smooth, not precise, not clean, not full and, just not nice basically. I could blame it on my lousy skill  for sure, but I know I got better result (at least slightly better result) with some other eyeliners I owned so, I am definitely not going to purchase this again. I've read many reviews about how smudge proof this eyeliner is, in fact I know many times, the exact same eyeliner smudges like crazy on me but works great for my twin sister, so my eyelids are just extremely oily I guess and only 2 tips work a bit better for me, one is to apply a good makeup premier and set the makeup with powder, and another tip is to apply eyeliner on the inner lash line instead.

Rating: 6/10 


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