Review: KIEHL'S Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Oct 12, 2012
I've received a sample of this mask while I was purchasing some other products from Kiehl's. Okay I have to admit that the packaging of the brand Kiehl's, never seems appealing to me so in fact I am not too interested in their products. But after using the mask for just one time, I fell in love with it!

Unlike many other deep cleaning clay masks, I find the texture of this RARE EARTH mask slightly watery and light. Maybe because it's not that thick, I find it pretty gentle on my skin, and there's not much of burning sensation when I apply it on.

The thing I love most about this mask, is that it dries up pretty fast. I have oily T zone and a lot of times, when I use other clay masks, my cheek area dries up but my nose area is still wet, by the time my nose area dries up, I already feel very dry on my cheek that I have to seriously worry if lots of wrinkles will just appear suddenly after I remove my mask. But for this RARE EARTH mask, it dries up nicely and evenly within 5 minutes, and of course I usually just leave it on for another 5 minutes or so before I rinse it off thoroughly with water.

So far I am enjoying the result, although I do not think it really helps in minimizing my pores, it did help to drain all the oil and my skin is softer and brighter after every use. Do remember to moisturize your skin immediately after you remove the mask as after all, it's a deep cleansing product which definitely causes some dryness on the skin.

This tub will definitely last me for a long time as a reasonably small amount of the product can be easily spread all over the face!

Rating: 8.5/10


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