Review: BEAUTYTALK OxyMask

Oct 8, 2012
This is a very interesting product I bought last year from SASA, it cost me a freaking 98 bucks and I've used it for, no more than 5 times so far? Let me explain why.

I got to know this mask through my ex-receptionist in office. I was desperately looking for skincare products that has firming effect at that time, okay I should say all the time! And then I was introduced to this product as she basically swears by it. Honestly, it is not that she has super beautiful skin or anything, girls being girls, just get influenced easily by peers, and when it comes to skincare, both my IQ and EQ can drop to a super low level even beyond my own imagination.

So, I went ahead to do my homework by searching for reviews on the internet, somehow, it seems all the things I read about this mask is pretty positive. And finally after viewing this popular video on youtube, I was sold!!

Unfortunately, I do not think this mask works wonders like what it claims to be. I guess maybe it's because I've used many types of masks from different brands, and besides the interesting fact that this mask will FIZZLE, I seriously have no clue how it helps to improve my skin condition. Sorry to say but this is probably one of the lousiest products I've ever used! I have no doubt that it might work great for many others, but if you do have fair skin with pretty fine texture like me, give it a miss!

Nope, it does not brighten up your skin tone, a whitening mask will do a much better job.
Nope, it does not treat your clogged pores, what you need is a deep cleansing clay mask instead.
And nope, do not expect any sort of firming effect, skin lifting is probably the toughest effect to achieve with basic skincare products, and that's the reason why I have been sourcing for a good one, for ages...
And like I said if you have very fine skin texture, this products could be a little harsh. It creates a lot of bubbles at first but after a while, the bubbles disappears and the gel gets absorbed into my skin, makes it very dry and irritated.

When I did my stock check yesterday, yes I basically have too many products at home that require me to do regular inventory updates, LOL, I realized I still have almost the full bottle lying in my cabinet. And this is the first product I decided to take a picture of and start blogging about, if I've ever came across such a review like mine before, I am sure I would have invest my money else where..

Rating: not going to rate this as I do not recommend it
50ml / SGD98+


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