Review: VASELINE Healthy White Perfect 10 lotion

Sep 3, 2012
I've always related the brand VASELINE to old-school stuff that my mum or even grandma  likes to claim as holy grail kind of moisturizer. And this Perfect 10 lotion is a sample given to me by hubby's lovely colleague, she didn't expect me to use it actually, as I am quite particular with skincare stuff and seldom get thing off the shelf (yes I visit departmental store instead for skincare products).

I've been using it for nearly a month and basically I use it as a hand cream in office. And to my biggest surprise, it works so well on my hands that I believe it can even beat two of my all time favorite hand creams which are way more costly. The texture is smooth and silky, but not sticky/greasy at all. It simply melts into the skin and gets absorbed so well. The smell is really nice and soothing. It claims to provide 10 benefits to our skin but honestly I am not too concerned about that since it takes time to see the result.

I guess I will make it a point to apply this lotion onto my whole body on a daily basis from now onwards. I don't have a habit to apply body lotion in the past as most of the products are too greasy but I am sure this perfect 10 lotion will work wonders!

P/S: Update in July 2013..
I've noticed that my foreign domestic worker from Philippines is getting fairer, and when I asked her why, she said she used the big bottle of VASELINE perfect 10 lotion I gave her last Christmas, on her face, so now I understand why it's called "healthy white"...

Rating: 9.5/10