Review: Clarisonic Mia PART II

Aug 30, 2012
Alright I've been using this little device on my skin for more than a month, and, I am still loving it! Well indeed I can't live without it anymore!!

Why did I say so? If you know that you could never clean your face this thoroughly and achieve such brilliant result with your hands only, you would agree with me that this product is not just a "great to have" but a "must have" then.

The only thing here is, like I mentioned in my first review about MIA, you have to spend some time and $$ to invest on different brush heads, test them out and find the most suitable one for your skin type. I am really enjoying the Deep Pore brush head and in fact, the other 2 brush heads I purchased had been chucked away and I don't think I will ever need them.

I also mentioned that the only think disappointed me a little was that MIA does not create richer and foam lathers while I cleanse my face with my normal cleanser. But after 1 month of experiment, I finally found out the best combination -  CLARISONIC MIA+ CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Refreshing Cleansing Foam cleanser!!

 Look at the foamy lathers on the brush head! My suggestion is to use a cleanser that is richer in texture together with your MIA for best result!
I've just went to SKII counter for my skin analysis recently, and noticed that my Tzone is a lot more clean and less oily, because I do not see much "bright dots" (those are excessive sebum according to their beauty consultant) on their machine as compared to before, that's definitely a result of using CLARISONIC MIA since it is the only product being introduced to my daily regime so far, I am truly happy to have found it!!

Rating: 8.5/10
(Brush heads @ SGD$60 for 2)


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