Review: CHANEL Sheer Illuminating Base

Aug 16, 2012
When I first started my blog, I didn't plan to blog about any makeup product, since I am not good at putting on makeup at all. But since this is CHANEL, I think it is worth talking about it, although the fact is it is not worth buying it. LOL.. Let me tell you why..

Many years ago I used a CHANEL product that is very similar to this, I do not remember the name of it, it's a white cream comes in a tub, I am guessing it must be the predecessor of this CHANEL Illuminating Base since they both smell the same and suppose to serve the same purpose like a premier/makeup base. Anyway I do not think this base works as well as the previous version. The very reason I got this, was because I decided not to put on any makeup (well if you recall how upset I was after knowing my twin sister's skin is just as good, or even better than mine despite not using any skincare products), as I somehow feel that makeup products might do harm to my skin. But I can't afford to bare my skin as I do have all the concerns other girls know and hate, such as uneven skin tone, pigmentation, wrinkles etc. So I wanted to apply something like a base to just make my skin look a little better.

Unfortunately, the CHANEL Illuminating Base is just not the right product I am looking for. I am not sure if it works better for darker skin tone, but for me, my skin is pretty radiant to start with so I do not see any brighten up effect at all. The texture is slightly sticky and I feel like wearing a layer of thin canvas on my skin. Since I do not use liquid foundation, I usually just apply  two way cake or pressed powder on top of it. As compared to most other makeup base, which claim to provide benefits like moisturizing the skin, leaving makeup stay for longer time, or helping to even out the complexion, it seems that this base, did nothing to my skin.

Well I guess it's hard to blame on this product alone. When i went to the CHANEL counter, I told the beauty consultant that I need one product, that could make my skin look perfect without the need of wearing makeup at all. And I want something so light and natural that others won't even notice it. She suggested this but end up I am complaining that it is doing nothing to my skin, isn't that what I wanted in the first place? LOL..

Anyway so nope, this is not worth investing in my honest opinion.

No rating given as I am not recommending it, for sure I am not going to repurchase it either


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