Hooray!! I am a SK-II Compliments contest winner!!

Jul 25, 2012
Sounds too good to be true? But yes it is true!!

A few months ago, I learned about this contest of sharing compliments we receive after using SKII, from their Facebook page. As a huge fan of more than 10 years, of course I have something to say about my favorite brand. But being someone who is not too good with my words, I didn't expect to be one of the lucky winners as there were more than 200 fans submitted their stories within days.

Anyway on one of the days in July, when I was browsing through their facebook page for updates, I have to tell you SKII has one of the best facebook page for the fans, so since I "LIKED" them on facebook, I've been visiting their page daily. And to my big surprise, I found their announcement on the compliments contest winners, yes finally.. My name was the first on the list so it's not too hard for me to realize that I'm one of the lucky ones.

I was extremely overjoyed, the feeling was way better than striking lottery (okie, I admit, I only won a SGD$60 dollars prize from buying 4D once in my life time), because that's my favorite SKII!! And the followup on the redemption of the prize is a truly pleasant experience, all I could say it that SKII has a bunch of professional people who really care about their customers.

See what I've collected from SKII counter at Tampines Mall!!! So nicely wrapped in a gorgeous SKII gift box!!!

And if you are still following my post to this point, please go ahead and LIKE their facebook page here:
http://www.facebook.com/skii.singapore and I am sure you will have great experience with them, and maybe even get surprises like I did =)

Review: Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System

Jul 22, 2012
It's been a good 2 months since I last did product review on my blog. Am I being lazy? Nope, never when comes to taking good care of my skin. I was just being busy after delivering our 2nd bundle of joy.. Now with 2 boys, I don't have that much time for myself but I will still try my best to test out different products and write reviews.

Well alright,  call me the vain pot! I was having my one month of confinement during the whole month of June, and now it's not even the end of July, I've got myself a new toy, err, I should say a new gem over the internet - CLARISONIC MIA!!!!

I am sure you could find tons of reviews on internet, especially on Youtube where many fans even demo on how to use this product. You could imagine it as a "giant toothbrush" for your face, it claims to cleanses your face 6 times better and more efficiently than using your hand. It's quite an investment but I got mine with a very reasonable price from here: http://www.facebook.com/TlesVanity

The main push factor for me to get this, is because during my confinement month, I didn't really wash my face, sorry that sounds crazy but I am sure all mummies will understand me on this. And every time I touch my skin, I could feel a layer of dirt and oil which even my favorite top 3 cleansers could not do miracle to it overnight. I know it is time for me to dig out my KIEHLS's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, or purchase a good scrub for my skin. But thinking of muddy clay on my face, or the hassle of searching on gentle yet effective scrub (I am always on a look out for that so if you have any good recommendation, please do share), I decided to give CLARISONIC MIA a try.

Guess age is really catching up and I suddenly find things in pink color very cute, so I opted for a pink MIA instead of my favorite purple. It is really compact and the best feature I love about MIA, is that it is waterproof!!! This is so important because I am sure many girls are like me, who find it rather convenient to deep cleanse the face during shower time. So now I can bring it into the bathroom everyday and even leave it there.

The CLARISONIC MIA comes with a brush head for Sensitive skin type, but I purchased their Delicate and Deep Pore brush heads separately to try out. So I tested them out one by one on first 3 days. I used the same CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Refreshing Cleansing Foam cleanser every time. Just spread the cleanser on my face and move the MIA around in circular motion, to cover different face areas for a total of 60 seconds. The soft bristles on the brush head doesn't irritate my skin at all, but it does feel like rubbing the skin with a toothbrush, not the most comfortable and luxurious experience and I was a little disappointed that it doesn't create more richer and foamy lathers, but the result is all it matters, isn't it?! My skin has never felt so clean, at least not for the past 2 months. It's like using a super effective dishwashing detergent to wash plates, you can feel the plate is not slippery with too much detergent residue, nor sticky with too much oil on it. My face is just completely squeaky-clean! That makes me feel all my skincare products applied later on are much more well absorbed. It's definitely a must have addition to my daily skincare routine.

The only thing I want to highlight is, it is best that you try out different brush heads, if your MIA does not to the work as you expected. I always think I have pretty sensitive fine skin, so I would think either Sensitive or Delicate brush head could work better for me, but in the end, I love the Deep Pore brush head the most which is to my surprise, as I expected it to be too harsh for my skin at first. And I also came across many reviews about MIA helps to clean up the breakouts on acne skin, I do not believe in that. But since I do not have acne skin, indeed I seldom have pimples on my face, I could not comment much on that, but if you want a crystal clean face, you need a proper skincare routine with a balanced diet, even exercise plays a part so don't just rely on one single product please!

I will continue using my MIA and provide more feedback in another 3 - 6 months, to see if it really helps to reduce my pore size, as of for now, I am definitely more than happy and satisfied with my "miracle toy"!!