Review: Totalife vs. Herbalife, and.. 大麥若葉/青汁

May 11, 2012
I am not quite sure about how to kick start on this topic, as this is not 100% skin care related. Anyway I've been having a need to lose weight for the past 20 years. I am not extremely fat, but slightly over weight during most of my life time. I've tried many ways to slim down and I would really love to share with my readers on these 2, and only 2 methods which worked for me so far.

1. Eat less, exercise a little (French women's way of diet) - I managed to lose about 6kg in 2 months by reducing food intake to 700 - 1100 calories a day, with very little workout like stretching and aerobics. I will probably share more about this French women's way of diet in a few months time, if I could successfully lose all my excess weight gained during my pregnancy this time.

2. Nutritional Food Replacement Meal -  I managed to lose about 4-5kg a month with TOTALIFE and about 2kg a month with HERBALIFE in the past. So let me share more about these kind of food replacement meal here.

I was introduced to this brand by an ex-colleague in 2005, and joined as a distributor after seeing pretty remarkable result from her weight loss program with TOTALIFE. There are a whole range of weight management products to choose from but I mainly used TOTALIFE Total-Diet 8 Plus + Total salt + Total sweet, and Lipoleen A + B when I tried it for the first time. The effect is pretty promising as I managed to lose almost 5kg within the first month. I stopped it due to 2 reasons. First thing is, it's super expensive. A week's supply cost me about SGD$190 back then and I am sure it's getting more expensive nowadays. Second reason is because I hit my bottleneck after one month and my weight was not going down anymore. So eventually I stopped this product for almost 2 years and tried it again, this time with only Total-Diet 8 Plus + Total salt + Total sweet in 2007 before my wedding. The result was not as obvious, just 1-2kg loss in a month but I could feel that my body is more toned up. Then in 2009, after I delivered my lovely son, I used TOTALIFE again to help me lose about 4kg in 2 months time. The only drawback of TOTALIFE product, is that I still feel hungry easily and the taste of the powder mix is not that appetizing.

Overall I think it's the most effective "slimming product" I've ever tried. What I love most about TOTALIFE is that, it helps me to slim down my whole body, including my limbs. Not like most of the slimming products which mainly target on tummy, hip and thigh area. And it's a nutritional product that helped me maintain a healthy body without any side effect. My digestive system is forever so healthy ever since I started Totalife, and even after I stopped using it for years. And if you are in a hurry to lose weight for whatever reason, I think it's a great product to start with, especially for those with high BMI and find it hard to shed away the fats easily and rapidly, it will help to lose a few kg in short period of time, so that you will have confidence to slim down further and maintain through other healthier methods like cutting down food intake or doing more exercise.

I heard about this brand way more before I tried TOTALIFE, but back then I wasn't really convinced by MLM products. The concept is almost the same as TOTALIFE but their Formula 1 mix shake definitely tastes better than TOTALIFE Total Diet-8 plus, and I feel more filling after taking it as a meal replacement. Effect wise, it's really not as obvious, as I do not have much bowel movement like the time when I took TOTALIFE products. And I remember many of my friends kept commenting that I look slimmer while I took TOTALIFE products, but when I was on HERBALIFE, I could only convince myself that I am slimming down when I stood on a weighing scale, but I only manage to lose about 2-3kg in 6 weeks time. Of course HERBALIFE is way more affordable, I just need to spend around SGD300 for about 2 months of supply.

Now let me introduce something interesting here, 大麥若葉
大麥若葉 is a  popular product from Japan, being widely used to supplement insufficient daily vegetable intake. It's a combination of barley green grass and some other type of vegetables like spinach in a powder form. I think FANCL has some similar product like this. I got mine from the Japanese supermarket at Isetan Scotts Shopping Center. The taste is not very pleasant, but for me who's always trying out different weight management products, I've tasted something a lot worse for sure. LOL..

Some people said it helps in weight loss, I am not sure about that but after taking 2 sachets daily with water, I am surprised to notice that it works almost the same way like TOTALIFE & HERBALIFE on me. It helps to detoxify my body and I am having 2-3 times bowel movements (instead of 1-2 times daily), with light colored and smooth surface stool (sorry a bit gross).. Also if I take this after a heavy meal, I feel less bloated immediately, and if I take it before meal, usually I won't eat as much, because I already feel quite filling before food.

I am not giving any rating for these products as I believe all of them are great supplements to add to our daily healthy, beauty or slimming regime, as long as you have the budget. Bcause we are definitely not able to get enough nutrients from the food we eat daily. And all these products help to promote skin clarity by maintaining and balancing a healthy digestive and intestinal environment.


Julia Miles said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! Just so you know, 700 calories a day isn't a healthy amount. You want to keep it above 1200 :) Also I'm looking for somewhere that sells Herbalife in Denver co. Where did you get yours?

Mummy Chan said...

Thanks Julia, you are absolutely right.. when I was trying to lose weight faster, I maintain my food intake to about 700-1000 calories but now I am having around 1000-1200 calories a day.. Anyway I got my herbalife from the distributor here in Singapore as it's an MLM product, not available in retail shops.. Personally I do not think that product works very well, I rather stick to my healthy diet and regular workout, save the $$ for nice clothes =)

Windy Phạm said...

Thank you for your sharing. My friend gave me a set of Total life product and Im not really know how to use it. There are total diet 8 plus, total drink, total green fiber and total sweet. Could u mind to show me how to use it? I would like to lose 5-7 kg.
Pls email me by Im very appriciate it. thank you

Mummy Chan said...

Dear Windy, for sure, will send you an email shortly about how to use those products =)

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