Review: SKII Facial Treatment Mask

May 18, 2012
Heard of people applying this mask right before makeup every morning?

Heard of people bringing this mask during travel for DIY in-flight facial spa treatment?

Heard of people using this mask for 14 or 28 days consecutively to become most beautiful bride?

Guess what is my secret with SKII Facial Treatment Mask?

It was the ONLY skin care item I packed into my hospital bag during my delivery back in 2009. Sounds crazy isn't it?!! After almost 20 hours of painful labour process, the first thing popped up in my mind (of course after doctor cleaned up the mess and handed over my lovely boy into the good hands of kind nurses), was to put on a piece of my favorite Facial Treatment Mask and sleep!!

The next morning when my friends came to visit me, despite waking up a few times during midnight to breastfeed my newborn, almost everyone commented that I was glowing and I did not look exhausted at all. That was truly a great compliment!!

I know there are many different brands of facial masks in same kind of sheet form in the market, some are extremely cheap and some are about the same price, or even more expensive than SKII Facial Treatment Mask. But so far, from all those I've tried (I was testing out 美容大王大S' method of 1 piece of sheet mask per day, hence I stocked up more than 50 pieces of masks from different brands), none of them can really deliver same, or even similar result as SKII Facial Treatment Mask.

One thing I love most about this mask, is that it does not cause any irritation on my relatively sensitive skin at all, even if I wear it to sleep for a whole night. Because 3 out of 5 other brands of masks I use, usually gives me a tinging feeling. The gel essence is rich in texture, and I always see some remaining essence in the packet which i will pour out and apply on my neck and body.

A small tip to share although I do not do this anymore nowadays. If you apply this mask for 15 minutes only, while the mask is still wet with loads of Pitera essence,  put it back into the packet, seal it up and store it inside your fridge, the next time when you bring it out, add in a bit of mineral water till the sheet mask is all wet, and re-use it again. The result is not as brilliant as first time usage for sure but it's just so economical with minimum wastage of their signature Pitera!!! Of course I stopped doing it nowadays due to hygienic concerns, when the mask gets more affordable to me (yup 10 years of usages => more stable financial status, LOL)..

I am not sure the result from this mask can last for how long, but at least for the next 1-2 days after usage, applying makeup is such an easier and quicker task. The skin feels so radiant, hydrated and rejuvenated. I really couldn't find any downside of this mask and as long as finances allows, it will remain as my TOP #1 product to be restocked every time!!

Rating: 9/10
Box of 6 or 10 pieces


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