Review: SKII Facial Treatment Essence

May 7, 2012
I remember one of SKII's spokenpersons QiQi mentioned in the advertisement about using Facial Treatment Essence for 10 years when I first got to know this product (well this brand actually), I was like wow, that's a really long time!!! And without me noticing it, I've been using this legendary "miracle water" for more than 10 years also!

I am sure everyone has heard about the interesting story of SKII, or rather "Pitera". Back in 1970s, a chance observation of soft and youthful hands of sake brewers in Japan, inspired the research into the yeast fermentation process. And "Pitera" is discovered as the secret ingredient of rice yeast that keeps the skin crystal clear. Facial Treatment Essence is their star product which contains a whooping 90% of Pitera!!

I couldn't express enough about how much I love this product!! It's not something that works overnight like miracle, but I assure you that if you stop using it, you will miss it immediately as you can feel the change in skin texture immediately. Many people might think it is a toner, but indeed it is an essence with a toner like texture, that keeps your skin's natural pH balance,  you should use another toner - SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion before this miracle water for best result.

This essence has a strong sour scent, which often reminds me about the smell of ink used in Chinese calligraphy. Not pleasant for sure but I am very used to it after all these years. Upon usage, I do not notice any immediate difference on my skin but after a few days, I can tell that my skin is definitely softer, smoother, brighter, more radiant and looks healthier for sure.

There are 2 ways to apply this essence, either just splash some liquid onto the palm and dab on the face till it is fully absorbed, or soak a cotton pad in it and pat over the whole face gently. I don't really have any preference on the way to apply it, usually when I am in a rush, I use my hands to apply as I have this habit to pat all kinds of skincare products onto my face, for better absorption and blood circulation. On certain days when I am in the mood, well indeed when I feel more dehydrated, I will soak a cotton pad in more essence, pat on my whole face, and then split the cotton pad into 2 pieces, and put on my cheeks for about 3 minutes. I learned this method from a Japanese beauty expert 佐伯千津, who introduced the "3 minutes facial mask using cotton pad soaked in any kind of toner" method, in this case, I use the Facial Treatment Essence. It helps to deeply hydrate the skin and promotes better absorption of skin care products applied after that. And putting this essence on spots and blotches does help in faster recovery without leaving an ugly acne mark.

One more tip for using this essence in our hot and humid Singapore weather, is to store the Facial Treatment Essence in the fridge, I used to have a small fridge for my skin care products. It makes the essence more cooling and less smelly.

After years of usage, I still love this product for its amazing effect on balancing up both the oily and dehydrated areas on my face. But I do know some friends who get frequent breakouts from using it, so the best advice I can give, is still to try out a sample before investing on it since the price is not cheap at all. Maybe SKII Facial Treatment Essence is really more suitable for oily to combination skin, just like mine...

Rating: 10/10
Comes in different sizes and I lost track on the price nowadays... (probably the only product I will keep on restocking without even looking at the price)


Body Shaping said...

Thanks for the details mentioned in the blog by you.

Anonymous said...

I start falling in love with your boogie.. Well done

Anonymous said...


i have been using lancome products as my regular skin care routine (i have an oily T- zone/ combination, sensitive skin):

Lancome Blanc Expert Face wash
Lancome Toner
Blanc Expert Crystal Brightness Activating Serum

I am getting good results, healthier skin, etc.

But I am interested in trying new stuff as my stock is running out.

So.. Can you tell me what is the order of SK II products and their names (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, under eye cream)that will give me the best results.

Also, i have to general concerns with my skin care:

1. I tend to skip moisturizer all the time as the serum generally leaves the skin looking greasy.

2. I am 25 and have severe dark circles. I have tried all kinds of under creams. No results. My under eye skin is ultra thin, back and shows veins. I use any eye cream twice a day. and i have been able to combat the dryness with Clinique all about eyes- Rich. But i need something that will fade them.



Mummy Chan said...

Hey Jasmine, I do like products from LANCOME, no time to blog about them yet.. anyway if you want to try out SKII, simple steps will be SKII Facial Treatment Essence --> SKII StemPower Cream --> SKII Facial Treatment UV Protection (SPF25) --> SKII Advance Eye Treatment Film

Moisturizer should not make your skin look greasy, but European brands like LANCOME are normally a bit more richer in texture so maybe that's why..

As for dark eye circles, you are still so young, I would say it's either due to your life style, or it's genetic.. Do not trust those commercials saying how one product can cure dark eye circle, to my best knowledge, it's usually genetic and there's no permanent cure to it unless you do some kind of cosmetic surgery? I am not sure but then, I believe eye cream is a must have, but don't expect miracle, it should just make your eye area skin hydrated, that's about all I think.. If not genetic, it could be that your skin/nose is sensitive, so keep a healthy life style, sleep early, less stress, frequent massage around eye area will help more, rather than eye cream..

Anonymous said...

From Los Angeles:

Hi, this is me! I hope you are doing fine. I still follow your blog but I do not have a chance to post my comments :) Just stop by to say hi to you today and... fyi, I've just ordered this product... although it is pricey but can not wait to try it :) Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

From Los Angeles:

It's me! I have used SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and SKII Facial Treatment Essence for about 1.5 months and I need to say that they work for me! My skin is softer, smoother and brighter. thanks for your sharing of your reviews.

Missymeowmeow said...

I have been using this product for a year since. But I don use it daily. probably alternate days. It does make my skin really smooth and supple, but as I have drier cheeks I still use a moisturizer on top

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