Review: SKII Cellumination Mask-In Lotion

May 16, 2012
I bought this product in April for a simple purpose of trying out new item from my favorite SKII range. I was super excited about it since SKII is pretty focused with their basic / special care product line and they do not really launch new products as frequently as most other brands. I meant you can easily find 3-4 basic skin care range of products from LANCOME or CLINIQUE which target at dry, oily, combination or aged skin separately. But for SKII, it's more like one range suits all kind of skins.

From their official website, this product is introduced as a toner. "This unique everyday lotion delivers a mask-like experience on top of its skin conditioning function. It provides intensive moisturisation while boosting skin’s Aura- Lucency, delivering hydration and whitening benefits to the skin."

I was told to use this before SKII Facial Treatment Essence as it has a double cleanse effect to remove dead skin cells and brighten up the skin. Just use a few drops and pat over the face, or pour the fluid onto cotton pad and wipe the whole face with it. The texture is thicker than a toner, in fact even thicker than the Facial Treatment Essence, but non-sticky at all, and indeed it's super hydrating. The smell is so fragrant that I even wonder if it's a product from SKII, as I can't find a trace of sour Pitera smell in it.

To say that by simply applying this lotion gives a "mask-like experience" is an extravagant praise in my humble opinion. Instead of using it as a normal toner or lotion, I found it the most effective and suitable product to be used with 佐伯千津's "3 minutes facial mask using cotton pad soaked in any kind of toner" method. Of course that means I need to use a more generous amount of Cellumination Mask-In Lotion to soak the cotton pad thoroughly first, then split the cotton pad to a few pieces and place them on my face for at least 3 minutes. After all it is still cheaper than using their signature SKII Facial Treatment Mask but I do prefer this lotion because you can control the amount of it being used every time. Whereas for the Facial Treatment Mask (will do a review), I often find overdoes of fluids in every pack, which is a kind of waste, although the result is definitely more significant and the experience of using the mask is way more luxurious for sure!! The hydrating effect from Cellumination Mask-In Lotion is pretty long lasting, and my skin feels so radiant, supple and crystal clear instantly. Now it's not hard to figure why it's called "Mask-in Lotion" and yes, I do achieve a similar effect as I just had a mask!!

So I love to use it at night, if I am lazy and just want to apply one and only one skin care product before I go to bed. Or use it in the morning as a hydrating serum, it's a perfect substitute for the 2 serums I reviewed in the past: SKII Aqua Physics Serum or COSME DECORTE Moisture Liposome

Rating: 8.5/10
100ml / SGD$114


*hLing* said...

Hi... seen ur SK2 reviews, they are so helpful. am currently on the Gentle cleanser, Clear Lotion,Essence & Stem power. thinking of adding the UV SPF25 too. and there i saw ur post.. so good..

1 question abt Mask-in.. it work like a tonner?
meaning replace the clear lotion? or i can use both.. let this serve as a mask? after i wipe away do i still need to clean up with clear lotion? Pls advice. am such a blur.


Mummy Chan said...

Hey Joyce, appreciate your kind compliment!

I would say if I want a standard regime of toner+cream, then I would just use the facial treatment essence after cleanser, and then put on stempower and UV lotion. Especially in the morning, our skin has this natural protection layer and I usually don't like to wipe that off with clear lotion/mask-in lotion.. I rather keep them for the night..

For slightly oily skin with larger pores, I would add in the clear lotion after cleanser, before facial treatment essence.

But for slightly dry, dull and uneven skin, I would rather just replace the clear lotion with this Mask-in lotion, since it has the double cleanse effect just like clear lotion, helps to remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin, after this, you can still apply the facial treatment essence. Probably I won't use both clear lotion and Mask-in lotion at the same time.

So for me, I like to use cleanser, then clear lotion on daily basis, because it makes my skin so soft and clean, then I will skip the essence and apply stempower straight away. And on the days I have time to pamper myself, I will soak cotton pads into Mask-in lotion and leave on my face for at least 3 minutes, apply essence (without wiping it off with anything) then stempower.

Oops sorry, I know this sounds confusing.. I believe the beauty adviser would wish us to use all 3 at the same time.. LOL

Jenn Jenny said...

Hi pla advise me regarding dark age spot and pigmentation problem. Does any SK II product specialist in treating this problem?

Mummy Chan said...

Hey Jenny, yes SKII has a few products and I would suggest you to try out these items:
- Whitening Spots Specialist: if you prefer a light texture
- Whitening Source Derm-Brightener: if you like whitening cream that is richer and can be used at night
I have tried both and love them both indeed...

Another product I have not tried so far, is Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate..

I won't say whitening product can cure all pigmentation problems especially those caused by hormones change due to pregnancy, but it's still advisable to add a whitening product into your daily skincare routine to lessen the concentration of melanin..

Yee Lim said...

hi so it is mask in lotion first and facial treatment essence later? are these suitable for age 24 or meant to for mummy? thankss. =)

Mummy Chan said...

yes it's to be used before FTE, and i am sure it suits any age but it's not a must have product especially when you are still so young.. just invest on a good cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock, if you already have FTE, just use that will do =)

koh Yueenjyiing said...

I am 21 years old and am interested with this lotion
my skin is very dry and sensitive
I have reddish in my cheeks too and uneven skin tone
do you think I can use this lotion?

thanks for your advise
this is my email :

Mummy Chan said...

Hey Yueenjyiing, I am not sure if you are a frequent SKII user, I meant if you are, it's no harm to add in this one product to your daily regime, but if you are not, I won't recommend this product to you for various reasons:
- you are 21 and the sensitive skin might be caused by hormones, which I think an experienced skin doctor might be able to assist you more. As this type of commercial products are more for normal skins and are not meant to solve specific skin problems.
- this lotion is like a bonus to have but not a must have to me. I might need to understand what kind of skin care range you use now to provide better advice.
- usually skin problems are reflection of your inner body health, example people with constipation problem sure usually have dull skin and frequent breakouts, people with irregular sleep hours and sensitive airway usually have dark eye circles, etc.. So you might want to focus on establishing healthy diet and lifestyle first
- all skin problems are usually caused by dehydration, so start with hydrating mask and a good moisturizer that suits your skin type

Anonymous said...

I have never tried this one out, but I think I'll give it a chance, as my favorites for now are the lightweight SK-II products like essence, milk, and signs up-lifter serum (prefect for my oily, sensitive skin), and I have a feeling that I would like this one to;)

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