Review: TOP 3 Cleansers

Apr 4, 2012
I never believe that investing on a cleanser of topnotch quality is necessary, because I used to think lotion, cream, serum give our skin the nourishment we need so it makes more sense to spend on those items, whereas cleanser is just for a basic purpose of removing oil and dirt on our skin. But after so many years of experiment, these products have definitely proved me wrong!

To tell whether a cleanser is good, there are 2 key things to look for in my opinion. One is when you add some water to your cleanser and rub it, whether the lather created is foamy enough as the thicker the lather is, the easier it will "sink" into your pores and clear away dirt and excess oil efficiently. And the second thing is after cleansing, whether it leaves a dry and tight feeling on your skin. Because some cleansers might be too strong that basically deep cleanses and washes away the healthy sebum that coats and protects your skin. And based on these 2 points, I've rated these 3 products to be my favorite!!

TOP No#. 3 - SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser
I can't recall how many of these I've finished up to date, at least 5 tubes I guess. I was first attracted by the advertisement slogan "連洗臉都在保養呢!!". I couldn't really imagine how to "nourish the skin" while "washing the face". So I decided to give this product a try and boy, I thought I would never need another facial cleanser after using it year after year!

It has the usual "Pitera" smell especially if you leave it exposed to wet/humid environment like the bathroom. Most SKII fans won't mind about such smell since it's their key ingredient in most of their star products. The texture is a bit on the slippery side as if there's silicon in it. The lather is rather loose and thin so I don't think it works on T-zone very effectively as I have pretty oily T-zone with a bit rough skin texture due to white heads. And after cleansing, my skin feels a little bit dry but 5-10 years back I am sure this was the best cleanser I've ever tried, and, it's definitely a great cleanser to have for those with sensitive skin!

Rating: 8/10
120g / No idea about the price now as I stopped buying it for quite some time

TOP No#. 2 - CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Refreshing Cleansing Foam
I stopped stocking up on SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser after trying out this cleanser. And CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE is the most atas (posh, high class) range under Shiseido, that has a strong fan base of celebrities and rich taitais.

This cleanser is definitely value for money as one tube could easily last me 10 - 12 months. The experience is totally luxurious while using it. It is very rich in texture, and the lather created is very thick and strong, which makes cleansing much more effective. Even T-zone area becomes smoother after cleansing. Skin does not feel too dry after every usage. I think besides the texture being a bit too rich which makes application slightly difficult, the only other problem I found with this cleanser is the packaging, i have to cut it into half in order to get the cleanser foam at the tip of the tube which is pretty unhygienic and inconvenient.

Rating: 9/10

TOP No#. 1 - COSME DECORTE AQ Gentle Pure Washing Foam
Wow what can I say about this product?! Brilliant!!! My ultimate Holly Grail!!

It somehow has the best merit of SKII and CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE cleansers and although it's the most pricey one among all, I am still willing to continue with it, indeed I already stocked up one more bottle at home! The texture is light and watery, but surprisingly one gentle pump is enough to create super rich and foamy lathers that covers the whole face and neck. It cleanses pores thoroughly, and leaves my T-zone skin equally supple, smooth, glowy and radiant just like the skin around my cheek area. Finally my pores can "breathe"!!! For someone with rather fine skin texture and do not enjoy deep cleansing much, this is the best cleanser I could find for daily usage without much need of a clay mask or scrub. There's no tight after-feel at all even if I do not put on my toner and moisturizer right after cleansing.

Yes the only drawback is the price tag, and although 200ml sounds a lot, it does not last as long as CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE cleanser. So I think I will keep buying it as long as budget allows, and switch to CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE when I do not wish to burn a big hole on my pocket.

Rating: 10/10


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