Review: SKII Aqua Physics Serum

Apr 4, 2012
Bought this product a few years ago together with SKII Aqua Physics Gel. As a serum, this product has a slightly thicker texture compared to Cosme Decorte's star product Moisture Liposome Essence. But surprisingly it's easier to absorb and does not leave that sticky feeling on your skin. Just press 2 pumps and you could easily spread it over the whole face.

It does not give you any visible effect immediately after application, but you will feel the difference after staying in air-conditioned environment for a whole day. I have combination skin with dehydrated cheeks, without applying this (or other moisturizing serums), my cheek will have this dry, stretched and taut feeling if I only put on a normal moisturizer.

The design of the bottle is an ultimate failure. I am sure I have quite a bit of waste as it's harder to pump the serum out when it's almost finished. But when I open the cover on top, I could see residues inside sticking onto the bottle but I couldn't figure out a smarter way to dig them out =(

Overall I find it a great moisturizing serum but unfortunately, this range has been phased out in Singapore market for some time. I would definitely consider this over Moisture Liposome Essence, and I will add this to my shopping list for my future Taiwan/HongKong trip!

Rating: 7.5/10
40ml / SGD$99


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