Review: SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier

Apr 24, 2012
It took me a few years, before I finally decided to get this product while I was in a mood for "retail therapy" one day. Why not earlier? Okay the reason is simple, I am not a make up person who needs such expensive cleansing oil to remove makeup daily.

But I did tried quite a deluxe sized sample some time back, and was hooked to it immediately. The sample is in purple color bottle which is meant for whitening. This cleansing oil comes in different formulas to suit different skin type. It didn't take me too long to decide which type to get while I was at the counter, right after hearing the key word "Anti-aging" from the sales consultant. I tried to figure out how a cleansing oil (make up remover to be exact) could work on anti-aging then to found out that, this cleansing oil is "empowered with Green Tea and specially selected Gingko Leaf Extract contains flavonoids, recognized in Japan for strong anti-oxidant and micro circulation properties that help to promote transparency and radiance to fatigued skin."

It's pretty easy to use, just like any other cleansing oil. I usually remove my makeup on my eye area (if I do wear any) with normal make up remover, then use this cleansing oil to deep cleanse my entire face. Apply about 2 - 4 pumps on dry face, massage in circular motion and then wet hands and continue massaging (to emulsify the oil - meaning to mix oil with water and the oil will turn milky-ish). Then rinse it thoroughly with water again. I will then clean my face again using my normal cleanser. One thing to mention, I do feel that certain whiteheads around my nose area were "squeezed out" during massaging, which is a plus point for sure.

From my knowledge, the emulsification process is very important while using cleansing oil. If that's not done properly and the oil is not dissolved, it might leave your skin with oily residue that causes breakouts.

Let's talk about the result now. If you are a supporter of double cleansing, this is definitely a product for you. Look at the below pictures. After washing my face, I poured SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion on a cotton pad and wiped my whole face. You can see the difference as the cotton pad turned a bit yellowish in the top picture, because I did not use SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier before my cleanser. I can't describe much about how it feels while using this product, it's just like any other cleansing oil but just look at the result, I am sure you can tell how thorough this product can clean the skin.
I am sure I will repurchase this product but I'm definitely getting the whitening formula instead, as the scent is so much nicer and soothing. My hubby thought it's a giant bottle of hand soap at first due to the floral design on the bottle somehow, it supposed to be limited edition but I just don't know how to appreciate that, the original bottle looks much chic and gorgeous to me. And I have to remind him that the so-called "hand soap" cost me a freaking $155 bucks!!

Rating: 8/10
450ml / SGD$155


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From Los Angeles:

I order this one today too! I am broke now :) ... Thanks for your entry. I read it before I decide to buy it :)

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