Review: No#1 most effective skincare product

Apr 11, 2012
If you have been following my blog posts, by now you should have figured that most of my skin care products are from Japan. Well basically I've tried different brands from different countries and found Japanese brands work the best on Asian skin. But, so far my No#1 must have Holy Grail item, is from Switzerland, Europe!!!

Valmont Renewing Pack - the only product I tried from this brand and here's a brief introduction on website:
"Rebalancing treatment mask which gives skin an instant beauty boost. Responding to the essential needs of the skin (hydration, oxygenation, nutrition, repair, etc.) and in addition offering a range of solutions adapted to the most delicate areas, such as the area around the eyes, the throat and décolleté, and even the lips and lip contour."
If you are like me, who stays in full blast air-conditioned environment, looks at computer monitor screen for the full day at work, needs to attend to kids at home and does not get enough beauty sleep all the time; but sometimes still needs to look perfect on special occasions like a dinner event or morning meeting with important client, then this product is definitely a "pick me up" mask you must have for your tired skin!!

It could be used daily in the morning, apply a thin layer on whole face, massage and leave it on for about 3 minutes, then wipe off the reminder with cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water or toner. Or it could be used as a mask twice a week, apply a much thicker layer, massage and leave on for 15 minutes or just sleep with it on overnight.

The packaging is so simple that I am sure it's the last item I would give a second look at in my beauty junkie life.. Luckily I do a lot of research before buying a product, or else if I "judge a book by its cover", I would never consider this brand. The texture is creamy but not oily or heavy, and a tiny bit can spread evenly on the whole face so although it's just a 50ml jar, i am sure it could last for a long time. At first there's a slight tingling sensation but after a short while it's gone completely. I usually do very simple massage and just wipe off the reminder if I use it as a mask at night, then I will go to bed with it on. The next morning, I can see immediate result as in my skin is more hydrated, radiant, smooth and firm, and most importantly, less tired!! You will never understand how much I hate it when those not so closed colleagues comment "You look so tired, are you okay?"....

Anyway I do not own a high end camera and I am not good at taking nice pictures. This is what I've taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia front camera (bad resolution of course), but I find the before/after result pretty obvious (to me at least!).
The only reason I am not giving it a 10/10, is because I am not sure if this product works to improve my skin in the long term, or it's really a "secret weapon" for emergency usage.

Rating: 9.5/10
50ml / SGD$230+ from as this brand is not sold in Singapore


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