Review: Luxurious hand creams

Apr 4, 2012
雙手是女人的第二張臉!! I used to spend about $5-10 bucks on any brand of hand cream from Watson's, depending on which brand is having promotion at that month, or which brand has more attractive packaging in my eyes.

Just in recent years, especially after having kids, I noticed that my hands get super dry throughout the day and putting hand cream on my office desk and in my bag becomes a must to me nowadays, and I started doing research and testing out different brands of hand creams to find my Holy Grail hand care product.

At last, I decided to stick to these 2, at least for the time being..

COSME DECORTE Hand Renew Treatment
I chanced upon some good reviews about this product and since I am quite a fan of COSME DECORTE, I bought this product and it being my very first expensive hand cream, didn't disappoint me at all!
It has a light and soothing fragrance, just like most of other products from this brand. I find the packaging simple and luxe. And 100g is really quite a big tube for a hand cream! I think it could last me for a year or so even though I do apply it a few times a day. The texture is more lotion to cream form, quite watery, very easy to spread and absorbs wonderfully into the skin. It's not sticky at all but give enough moisture and protection. The only reason I rated it slightly lower than JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream, is because it takes a little while to set into the skin so before that, there's a slight astringent feel which I do not really like.

Rating: 9/10
100ml / SGD$70+

JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream
It's a bit yellowish in color, the texture is more like gel, or wax, pretty thick but easy enough to apply. The smell is just too strong for my liking but it subside after a while. It's a small tube of 40ml but amazingly lasting. Maybe it's highly concentrated and very rich, hence just need to squeeze out a little bit for both hands.

Both hand creams are extremely good and value for money although they come with hefty price tag. I would definitely re-purchase both, COSME DECORTE for office use as it's not so rich as JURLIQUE's, therefore suits my typing work more. As for JURLIQUE, it's definitely a must have fast remedy for dry hands, especially when being used overnight!

Rating: 9.5/10
40ml / Price unknown as it's a gift from colleague


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