Review: Glow from within - Collagen drinks

Apr 5, 2012
Most of us ladies know that Collagen is a common substance in the body and vital for the youthfulness of our skin. But how well will collagen drinks work to make us look younger? I really do not know.

I decided to give Collagen drink a try some where last year because my skin was in super bad condition, oily, dehydrated, dull, uneven tone, big pores, etc.. I wasn't sure about the cause but it could be due to some detoxifying supplements I was taking at that time, which was flushing out the toxins in my body and somehow reflected on my skin.

I've done a little bit of research but honestly speaking, there's nothing much I could find online which tells me exactly which brand is more effective. So I bought these 2 popular brands: FANCL Tense Up Ex and DHC Collagen.I was expecting to see better result from FANCL since it's so popular and I know a lot of Singaporean girls purposely fly to Japan to stock up on this product. But somehow I feel nothing, really nothing at all after consuming 2 boxes.

On the other hand, DHC is really showing promising result. The sales person told me most people will get to see the result only after about 15-30 days unless you are someone who's very sensitive and always notice even slight changes about your skin. Well I happen to be that lucky someone. So after taking only 2 bottles, I could tell for sure it's working on my skin!! It plumps up my pores and I can see some of the "teardrop shaped" pores become "round shaped". What does that mean? Okay some Taiwanese skincare experts categorizes pores into 3 major types.
Round Shaped - Too much excess oil on skin
Oval Shaped - Dehydrated skin
Teardrop Shaped - Saggy, skin lack of elasticity

Besides obvious effects on my pores, I could also notice visible improvement on my fine lines under my eyes, overall my skin brightens up and make up lasts longer.

Taste wise both are too sweet for my liking but I prefer DHC's white grape flavor, and it's better to have it chilled before drinking so the taste is more acceptable. I am sure it's quite heaty though as my whole body feels warmer immediately after drinking and the next morning, I get slight sore throat and needs a lot of water.

Advice given from sales person is to drink continuously for 30 days (3 boxes), and then once every 2-3 days. So after 1st month consumption, it's about 1 box per month which costs around SGD50 and that sounds very reasonable to me as the effect is faster than skincare products applied on the face. Hence I am definitely going to invest on a long-term basis!!

FANCL Tense Up Ex
Rating: not going to rate this as I do not recommend it
Collagen Content: 2600mg / about SGD$55 per box during promotion

DHC Collagen
Rating: 9/10
Collagen Content: 7000mg / about SGD$45 per box during promotion


Anonymous said...

Dear, any experience on Kinohimitsu Diamond?


Mummy Chan said...

Dear Niki, nope I have not tried it and in fact I was eying on Kinohimitsu and Hadatuko, I will post reviews if I try those but for the time being, I am pretty convinced by DHC so I am not sure if I will want to explore other brands soon =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks dear. Just started my first bottle of DHC and came across your review here. :)

How about grape seed extract? Any recommendation?


Mummy Chan said...

For grape seed extract, I do not find it that necessary personally. It's a great antioxidant for sure, but many years back I took some from some random brand, maybe I was too young back then so I do not notice much of a change, but I believe it takes much longer time to see effect, and healthy diet+regular workout probably will achieve the same result ^_^

chole said...

Does it give u break out? I tried the Meiji collagen n it gave me break out the next day ):

Mummy Chan said...

Nope Chole, no breakout at all, but such products can be a little heaty as I experience sore throat in the past when taking the collagen drinks.

Victoria. B said...

There are many collagen drinks available in market which creates lot of confusion in mind. Well, presently I am trying Ashieda collagen drink.

Joanne.c said...

may i noe wher cn i find DHC collagen powder in malaysia?

Mummy Chan said...

Dear Joanne,
I am very sorry that I do not know about where to get it in Malaysia, I know they have the DHC collagen drinks at Waston's stores, which is more effective but more expensive, but I've yet to come across any information about where to find the powder form in Malaysia, you might want to try some online stores instead..

KidbuxBlog said...

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