Review: Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome

Apr 4, 2012
I started off with COSME DECORTE, the most high end brand (aka. most pricey range under KOSE) back in 2005 when I first purchased this Moisture Liposome Essence, as it is their best selling star product. With higher price, of course I have higher expectations. And I must say it's a pretty good buy but I could find better substitute with lower cost for sure. And honestly I still do not understand why so many people including celebrities swear by this bottle!

The milky essence is of very lightweight texture, but it takes me a little bit of time and efforts to massage it over the face and neck, before it finally melts into the skin, leaving a slight sticky after-feel which is the something I really do not enjoy about this product. As for the result, well I couldn't really see much changes on my skin, maybe I do not have much skin problems that this essence targets at and all it does is to make my skin hydrated. I probably could achieve that with many other alternative products.

After using it day and night for many months (well I know for most ladies it doesn't last that long but somehow I am always slow with clearing my skin care stocks), I finished one full bottle and didn't feel like restocking on this product anymore. The reason is simple, I do not see any significant improvement on my skin although it promises many benefits such as long lasting nourishment, restoring damaged skin cells,enhancing the penetrative capability of products applied etc. And compared to SKII's Aqua Physics Serum, this essence is not as value for money in my humble opinion.

Rating: 6.5/10
40ml / SGD$157


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