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Last May, I asked my sister to bring back a whole set for COSME DECORTE AQ basic skincare for me from HongKong, after reading a lot of nice reviews about their products. You know I am a SKII lover but after having baby and entering into early 30's, I feel that my skin is really aging faster than ever, hence I started to target at high end anti-aging products.

The AQ range under COSME DECORTE is very expensive, especially in Singapore which costs around SGD$600+ for a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. So I asked my sister to get the same set for me in HongKong for less than SGD$400. Unfortunately, all my products were dumped into dustbin at the custom as my poor sister put them into hand-carry luggage and totally forgot about the rule on cosmetics products since she didn't have any check-in luggage for her short trip.

Fortunately, she managed to bring back the free gift with purchase for me since they are of much smaller size, and I got to try out the other range under COSME DECORTE, the AQMW(Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder) range!! It turned out to be a "beautiful mistake" as I have the chance to test out this newer range which seems to suit my skin even better than the AQ range I intended to use initially.

The travel sized samples lasted me for a good 20-30 days and I decided to get full sized ones in Singapore right after that. AQMW range has adopted a stylish package design which my husband is totally impressed with. I personally is more impressed with the content inside these beautiful bottles. This prestige line is selling at slightly more affordable price to target a younger generation, and the overall texture is way lighter than their AQ range which is being slowly phased out in Asia market.

I did not get the cleanser from AQMW range as it comes in a soap bar, which I always find a bit unhygienic and difficult to take care, since all my cleansers are usually stored in the bathroom. So I got the Gentle Pure Washing Foam under AQ range instead and it is now my No#1 favorite cleanser.
As for the toner and moisturizer, here's the interesting part. COSME DECORTE is one of the Japanese brands I know of, that has this regime of cleansing face, using cotton pad to apply lotion first then toner. (Another famous brand is of course ALIBON). If you think the moisturizer is like a softener that penetrates into skin first, then you won't find it odd to use it before the toner.

Rating: 8.5/10
It's light in texture and has this wonderful smell with the sandalwood extract added (meant to minimize the stress of daylight on skin). I use normal cotton pad to massage it onto my skin, and lightly dab my skin with hands for better absorption. My skin becomes so soft and supple immediately after applying this emulsion.

Rating: 8.5/10
It has the same sandalwood smell (just not as strong), and I use another piece of cotton pad to apply it right after the Repair Emulsion.

Overall this range is very moisturizing. I just need to apply a sunblock after these 2 products and my skin feels hydrated the whole day. And what I love most is the idea of using moisturizer (they call it emulsion but it's more like a softener to me) before the toner, that makes me feel that every layer of my skin care products applied later on, gets penetrated into my skin more effectively!

They are not whitening products but after a few months of usage, I feel that my skin looks brighter and glowing than before. As for the anti-aging effect, it doesn't work over night like miracle but it does have certain firming effect which takes time to show though.


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